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New Hampshire

Sununu shifts to back legal pot in Granite State 

Related Articles CONCORD, N.H.– A shift by Gov. Chris Sununu’s to support marijuana legalization has inspired a last-minute push for new legislation. Though several bipartisan bills in support of legalizing recreational marijuana have cleared the House in recent years, Sununu opposed them and they ultimately failed in the Senate. But after the latest defeat earlier […]

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New Hamphire Governor Keeps Campaign Promise and Signs Medicinal Marijuana Law

maggie hassan

Many ambitious promises are created by campaigning political figures.  It appears simple to explore the moment and deliver high offers to huge crowds.  Regrettably, very frequently these promises are damaged once politics as always begins dictating the legislative direction in our chosen authorities.  It might be even simpler to interrupt these promises from behind closed office doorways, without needing to look excited voters within the eyes.

Marijuana activists know all of this too along with a youthful and vibrant (and recorded regular smoker of marijuana) Barack Obama signaled a hands off approach from the us government on marijuana.  Not just was that advertise damaged,  the Obama Whitened House is just about the most aggressive administration in going after condition law abiding care providers.  This Audacity of Hope for brand new laws and regulations,  patient privileges,  as well as an finish towards the unsuccessful Fight against Drugs had converted into government business as always,  and maybe even worse.

Fortunately,  condition and native authorities have recognized they have to make the effort because the futility in Washington continues.  Now Nh grew to become the 19th condition to legalize medicinal marijuana.  Governor  Maggie Hassan guaranteed she’d sign a medicinal marijuana bill into law while on the campaign trail.  ,  we discovered that they did indeed keep her word.

New Hampshire’s medicinal marijuana is going to be strict as patients must be using their physician for 3 months,  attempted other remedies, and will need a being approved illness.  To date,  it appears the being approved illness list is going to be stored to mostly existence threatening conditions.  Patients who qualify is going to be permitted to own as much as 2 oz . of cannabis.  Initially you will see 4 shops permitted,  with every nonprofit only having the ability to develop to 80 plants each.

Governor Hassan said on filling out the bill by saying ‘‘Allowing doctors to supply relief to patients by using properly controlled and distributed medicinal marijuana may be the compassionate and right insurance policy for the condition of Nh, which legislation guarantees that people approach this insurance policy correctly with measures to avoid abuse.”  We at marijuana.internet are content to determine an chosen official keep their word.

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Marijuana Industry News June 21, 2013

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus states Pot Safer Than Alcohol…

Matching the trends from the greater American population, Hollywood continues to be more vocal in support if marijuana reform.  What used to be considered an untouchable problem along with a dangerous new career, has become viewed as siding with nearly all People in america.  Former Hannah Montana star and current tabloid star,Miley Cyrus, defended marijuana lately.  Within the approaching This summer fourth problem of Moving Stone, she stated “you will find much more harmful things” than marijuana, for example liquor.  She continued to state “I believe alcohol is much more harmful than marijuana – people could be mad at me for stating that, however i don’t care…I have seen many people spiral lower with alcohol, but I have never witnessed which happen with weed.”

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Nh Prepared to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana…

We’re very happy to report regularly around the large number of local government authorities either enacting or thinking about reform for their medicinal marijuana laws and regulations.  As federal government bodies still ignore suffering patients,  civil privileges, science, financial aspects, as well as their own unsuccessful guidelines,  it is refreshing to determine other amounts of government do something.  New Hampshire is not far from becoming the latest condition to become listed on the constantly growing listing of medicinal marijuana states.  The 2009 week, an invoice was decided by condition Dems and Republicans and already has got the support of Governor Maggie Hassan.  The Governor lately stated openly that “Permitting doctors to supply relief to patients by using properly controlled and distributed medicinal marijuana may be the compassionate and right insurance policy for the Condition of Nh.”


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Super Size Me Star Covers Medicinal Marijuana in First Episode if New Show…

Lots of people know Morgan Spurlock in the broadly popular documentary
“Super Size Me”,  where he reveal the risks of excessive fast good eating and the possible lack of diet in lots of our schools.  Instead of eating McDonalds for thirty days straight and long lasting the complications connected using the diet, Mr. Spurlock makes 8 episodes if your show known as Inside Guy which will air on CNN. To not be mistaken with the Spike Lee movie,  the show may have Morgan “diving deep into pressing issues facing America.”  The first episode will concentrate medicinal marijuana and also the tales of methods everybody is finding relief.  Morgan  remembered his time working in a medicinal marijuana dispensary when talking using the CNN host Piers Morgan and said  “Things I really was intrigued by is the amount of individuals who arrived there, who for a long time have been put up on numerous medication…We reside in a country that medicates everything. Put forth a physician, all of a sudden we are going to provide you with an herbal viagra for regardless of the problem might be.”  Also, he told Piers Morgan that “There have been individuals who were on six, seven different medicines, that when they began visiting the clinic, taking whatever cannabis these were recommended through the physician, all of a sudden they are off all of this medication. Soldiers who have been returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who have been so medicated they could not even function around their loved ones people, could not even interact with them. Now all of a sudden may have a existence back.”


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New Hamphire Set to Overhaul Marijuana Laws

new hampshire

The road to sensible marijuana reform has been long and windy for activists.  Decades of frustration has now given way to frequent victories.  Colorado and Washington may have altered the conversation permanently.  After the 2012 election, decriminalization and legalization are no longer a fringe issues.

Another state appears ready to join the marijuana reform movement.  New Hampshire lawmakers are considering two new marijuana bills.  One bill would legalize medical marijuana while the second bill would decriminalize up to one ounce of marijuana.  New Hampshire would become the 19th state to allow the medical use of cannabis if they pass the bill.  There have been attempts to create a medical marijuana program in New Hampshire over the past few years.

Although previous bills have failed, many in New Hampshire are confident that the political situation is different this time around.  Momentum has shifted across the country as public support for marijuana reform has reached an all-time high.  Matt Simon, of Marijuana Policy Project, is feeling confident that New Hampshire lawmakers are poised to finally pass major marijuana reform laws.  He recently said “There is an increasing appetite in the House for reforms, and I would say that appetite goes beyond therapeutic use.” Republican State Senator, Jeb Bradley, feels less optimistic about a decriminalization bill surviving the political process.  However, Senator Bradley did mention that he thought a medical marijuana was likely to pass.

Even if New Hampshire does not see further reform beyond legalizing medical marijuana at this time, it is starting to seem as if it is only a matter of time.  The public pressure is on as many Americans would like to see an end to unnecessary incarcerations and money wasted on by law enforcement.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News June 22, 2012


Uruguay Looks to Legalize Marijuana In Effort to Reduce Violence and Crime…

Efforts by Central American countries to convince the United States government to reconsider their rigid stance on marijuana has proved unsuccessful.  America’s demand for marijuana has lead to a rise in cartel power and violence all over Central America.  Both President Obama and Vice President Biden have been hammered by criticism from leaders in the region on recent trips.  Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico has been very vocal regarding how United States drug laws are having a devastating impact on Central America.  Leaders in Uruguay are taking the initiative and will not wait for United States to take action at a glacial pace.  Uruguay’s Defense Minister Eleuterio Fernandez Huidobro said this week that prohibition was causing “more problems than the drugs themselves.” Analysts believe this is only a start and that many nations will follow Uruguay’s lead.


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New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana…

Recently New Hampshire lawmakers approved a measure that would permit medical marijuana.  There has been momentum for such a program for several years as a similar measure was passed in 2009 only to be vetoed by Governor Lynch.  He has done so again with the new 2012 bill however advocates and lawmakers are hoping they can gather enough votes to override the Governor’s veto.  The bill passed by a wide margin in both New Hampshire’s House and Senate though it is still unclear if enough legislators would support overriding the governor’s veto.


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Two House Representatives Refuse to Let DEA Official Avoid Answering Marijuana Questions

Jared Polis (D-CO) is one of the nation’s most recognized marijuana supporters in Congress.  Along with Barney Frank and Ron Paul (R-TX) Mr. Polis has certainly fought hard for marijuana patients.  This week he grilled Michele Leonhart of the Drug Enforcement Administration during a Congressional hearing.  As Ms. Leonhart was asked questions regarding marijuana, she seemed unwilling to elaborate as to why the federal government has marijuana classified as a schedule 1 drug.  Steve Cohen (D-TN) also demanded straight forward answers from Leonhart  Below you can find an excerpt of the exchange between Polis and Leonhardt:

POLIS: Is crack worse for a person than marijuana?

LEONHART: I believe all the illegal drug  are bad.

POLIS: Is methamphetamine worse for somebody’s health than marijuana?

LEONHART: I don’t think any illegal drug is good.

POLIS: Is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana?

LEONHART: Again, all the drugs –

POLIS: I mean, either yes, no, or I don’t know. I mean, if you don’t know, you can look this up you should know this as the chief administrator for the Drug Enforcement Agency. I’m asking you a very straightforward question. Is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana?

LEONHART: All the illegal drugs are bad.

POLIS: Does this mean you don’t know?

LEONHART: Heroin causes an addiction that causes many problems that’s very hard to kick.

POLIS: Does that mean that the health impact is worse than marijuana, is that what you’re telling me?

LEONHART: I think that you are asking a subjective question. Will Be Attending the High Times Cannabis Cup In San Francisco this weekend…

There is no rest for the weary as will be taking the excitement from San Jose’s Hempcon with us to San Francisco and the 2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup.  If you are in the Bay Area come check us out on Saturday, Sunday, or both days.  We will continue with our popular raffles and we encourage patients to learn more about which medication is right for them with a free one on one session with our strain master .  We’ll also be showing off our comprehensive strain library and be providing education on the newest marijuana reform developments.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News June 8, 2012

dean skelos

Dean Skelos and NY Republicans Oppose Governor’s Decriminalization Plan

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo made national headlines earlier this week when he announced that he was seeking to amend New York’s marijuana laws.  Though marijuana was decriminalized in the 1970s, possession of less than 25g is still a misdemeanor crime if it is in plain sight.  Police officers  often exploit a loophole by demanding that that people empty their pockets, then say the marijuana is in plain site, eliminating the possibility of the lighter civil citation ticket that would be issued.  Many New Yorkers have been outraged at the tactics that seem to target the Black and Hispanic communities.  Cuomo has expressed a desire to change the eliminate the plain sight provision and now only smoking marijuana in public would be considered a misdemeanor offense.  State Senate Majority leader Dean Skelos was joined by other New York Republicans in opposition to Cuomo’s proposal.  The Senator issued a well thought out statement and said “Being able to just walk around with 10 joints in each ear, and it only be a violation, I think that’s wrong.”  John Vlasto, Governor Cuomo’s spokesperson responded by saying “Carrying 10 joints in each ear would require some set of ears.”  Mr. Skelos did say that those keeping small amounts of marijuana should not be penalized just because they were following a policeman’s orders.


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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Prescription Drug Abuse has become an Epidemic…

Though opiates are legal through pharmaceuticals pills, they pose a major addiction problem.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently stated that opiate addiction has become an epidemic in the United States.  Additionally, many feel that painkiller addiction is so high that a recent crackdown in opiate pills has pushed addicts to seek out illegal heroin because it contains the similar opiates found in products such as Vicodin and Oxycontin.  While this may be news to some, marijuana advocates and patients have long been aware of the dangers that many legal medications possess.


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New Hampshire Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill…

New Hampshire lawmakers are attempting to make their state become the 18th state to permit medical marijuana.  This week they passed a bill that would make that happen, but many feel Governor John Lynch will not sign the bill due to fears of how it will be distributed.  In 2009 a similar scenario occurred where lawmakers passed a bill only to be vetoed by the Governor.  An override of the veto fell two votes short and state legislators fear that could happen again.  Evalyn Merrick, a state representative who attributes marijuana with helping her personal fight with cancer said “Over the years, we have convinced many legislators to support this critical reform, With support either from Gov. Lynch or from two additional senators, this bill can finally pass and patients will finally have legal access to medical marijuana.”

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Marijuana Advocate and Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Appears on the Daily Show…

Getting your fair share of the political spotlight is not always easy if you are a third party candidate.  However, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has been doing well in getting his libertarian message out there.  Johnson is known for supporting progressive social issues such as same sex marriage and marijuana legalization.  This week he appeared on “The Daily Show” to talk about his approach to fixing America.  He has also been featured several times on “The Colbert Report”.  As always he was not shy about calling for an end to the failed war on drugs and continues to be an advocate of small government.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News May 4, 2012

Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi Challenges Federal Government Over Marijuana Raids… As the federal raids continue against marijuana dispensaries, President Obama has had to deal with comments from all over the world.  Perhaps he was surprised to hear that his newest critic is one of his closest political allies, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  …continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Industry News March 9, 2012



Study on Endocannabinoids Reveals Potential for Marijuana Weight Loss Pill


Several months ago researchers discovered that marijuana users were less likely to be obese.  A variety of reasons including many lifestyle factors such as exercise and diet were suspected.  In a newer study, scientists were able to alter the endocannabinoid levels in mice, and alter their weight.  Mice lost weight without changing any diet or exercise habits. Study researcher and professor at University of California Daniele Piomelli said “We discovered that these mice were resistant to obesity because they burned fat calories much more efficiently than normal mice do.”


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New Hampshire House Approves Marijuana Decriminalization by Slim Margin, but Bill faces additional Challenges


New Hampshire legislators approved a measure to decriminalize marijuana by a razor thin margin.  House members in New Hampshire voted 162-161 in favor of less harsh penalties for marijuana possession.  Currently the law allows for fines as high as $2000 and one year in prison.  The amended law would carry a maximum fine of $250 on first offense and $500 on the second offense.  The New Hampshire senate still has to vote on the bill but Governor John Lynch has promised to veto the bill if it crosses his desk.


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Border Patrol Agents Seize 1300 Pounds of Marijuana from Abandoned Vehicle


Critics have been loud lately in their opposition to the United States current marijuana laws.  Joe Biden received an earful from Central American leaders at a meeting in Honduras earlier this week where they urged the United States to reconsider its stance on marijuana policy.  The leaders believe cartel violence could be reduced dramatically with a different approach.  The cartel has also developed a sophisticated tunnel system which has also threatened security.  Border patrol agents found another disturbing sign of the dangerous marijuana smuggling industry.  An abandoned vehicle was discovered by agents and had 1300 pounds of marijuana in it.  Smuggling marijuana is a lucrative industry as agents say the 1300 pounds would was worth $680,500.  Often violence can accompany the smuggling activities.    Advocates for marijuana reform site these instances as yet another reason marijuana should be legalized.


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“Giant” Victory for Patients


Like the New You are able to Titans last evening, marijuana advocates happen to be performing their strategy perfectly.  Both Nh and Washington Condition have suggested legislation to create major switch to the usa marijuana laws and regulations.

Nh has yet to pass through any laws and regulations enabling medicinal marijuana.  Several attempts within the condition government have unsuccessful to outlive the legislative process.  A brand new bill to decriminalize marijuana continues to be suggested by condition authorities.  House Bill 1526 would change marijuana possession from the Class A criminal offence to some breach offense supported with a $100 fine.The is through targeted at lowering the financial burden of busts and incarceration associated with cannabis.  Patient access could be made certain, a minimum of on the state-wide level.  Barring a fast change of mind in Washington D.C, the dispute between federal and condition law would remain.  It remains unclear if legislators in Nh will pass the balance.

As formerly included in marijuana.internet, Washington Condition can also be thinking about dramatic changes for their cannabis laws and regulations.  Several several weeks ago, Governor Chris Gregoire together with Governor Lincoln subsequently Chafee of Rhode Island, formally asked for reclassification of marijuana from the us government.  With momentum in the ballot initiative brought by New Approach Washington, marijuana legalisation appears much more likely than ever before.  Because enough signatures were collected, people from the condition government will election around the measure.  If they don’t pass the balance, the citizens of Washington Condition may have their chance to enact what the law states in November.  Building upon the ballot initiative, condition legislators have finally adopted the Governor’s lead and also have also formally sent the DEA a request to reclassify marijuana.

Clearly, both citizens and political figures have proven tremendous support to have an overhaul on cannabis law.  While Nh might not check this out bill pass, a minimum of you will find now consistent efforts within the condition to attain reform, and sooner or later patients and advocates could see a user friendly atmosphere toward medicinal marijuana.  Washington, however, appears poised to march onto victory and produce home probably the most sensible approach toward marijuana.

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Santorum Surges at Iowa Caucus then Stalls with Marijuana Claims


Apparently from nowhere, presidential hopeful Ron Santorum has increased and set a scare a week ago into Mitt Romney together with his close second place finish in the Iowa Caucus.  Mr. Santorum lost to Romney with a razor thin 8 votes as marijuana privileges supporter Ron Paul finished 3rd.  Although Santorum will come up with his surprise surge sustainable with just as much media presence because he can, he found his distance to this news to have an altogether different reason.

Despite the fact that Santorum has formerly accepted to smoking marijuana attending college, he is a longtime opponent associated with a legalisation.  He’s even known as for any pause and tuition aid for individuals who’ve smoked marijuana.  However, Ron Santorum finds comments he earned a few days ago all around the news in a campaign visit the College Convention 2012 forum, organized by Colonial College.  Inside a question and answer session having a Nh college crowd Santorum was booed heavily for many questionable solutions.  One answer that didn’t sit well using the youthful crowd was Santorum’s reason why same sex marriage shouldn’t be permitted because he stated “If reason states that if you feel it’s Suitable for two, then you’ve to distinguish beside me why it isn’t Suitable for three.”  Everyone else was equally displeased as you individual requested Santorum why the GOP supports condition privileges with the exception of the situation of medicinal marijuana.  Santorum responded by saying “I have no idea my medicinal marijuana laws and regulations perfectly.”  Everyone else wasn’t pleased with his answer and known as for any more in depth articulation of his point of view.  Regrettably Mr. Santorum accompanied his statement with “I form that opinion from my very own existence encounters and getting encounters. I visited college, too,” apparently reluctant to elaborate further.

The campaign stop will certainly ‘t be a highlight for that Santorum campaign.  However, his campaign shouldn’t to become taken gently.  Some experts believe that Mitt Romney may ultimately secure the nomination, Santorum’s surge comes at any given time where conservatives happen to be very vocal regarding their displeasure with Mitt Romney like a conservative.  Santorum has effectively colored themself like a obvious alternative for conservatives.  Newt Gingrich attempted to make use of this method in the small rally too, but Santorum comes with an infinitely more powerful status if this involves conservative bread and butter issues for example family values.

By tonight the outcomes from the Nh primary will begin to trickle in.  Although Santorum can always be considered a lengthy shot to win the 2012 Republican nomination, he will certainly make the floor slippery for Mitt Romney’s unsure footing towards the top of the hill.  In 2008 Mitt Romney seemed to be the first favorite until John McCain increased and switched round his entire campaign.  While Ron Santorum might not have the nation’s support that John McCain loved, he is able to certainly be considered a thorn within the side of Romney through the relaxation from the primaries.  We ought to hear a great deal on condition privileges because this process plays out, just like the situation was using the Nh university students, we’re awaiting our political figures to develop a reason concerning the current condition of marijuana enforcement.  That’s obviously unless of course you’re pleased with Mr. Santorum’s “I have no idea my medicinal marijuana laws and regulations perfectly,” statement.


Please Be Aware: Lately the votes were recalculated and Ron Santorum has become considered the Champion from the Iowa Caucus.

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