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Growing Marijuana Helps Save Families Across the World

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While much of our news coverage focuses on domestic issues and our own western culture, it is important that we do not lose sight of the marijuana movement worldwide.  In recent months we have had encouraging news in Central and South America as Columbia, Mexico, Uruguay and other countries have now seriously discussed decriminalization and legalization plans.

Moving toward the rest of the world, we can see that the recession has an even greater impact on struggling countries.  With no industry and help in sight, villagers in trouble have turned to a new way to make ends meet and feed their families.  Several months ago many news outlets reported that Rasquera, a small village in Spain was considering renting out their fields to help pay off a large debt owed to the European Union.   The small village has been growing concerned that its younger population is moving out, seeking jobs in larger metropolitan areas.  Though the village voted to enact the plan, an official from the Spanish government said there was virtually no way this program would ever get started.  Officials in Spain may be forced to think outside of the box as Spain is suffering from 23% unemployment (unemployment is considered a huge problem in the U.S. and is currently at 8.3%) with economists predicting another upcoming and prolonged recession.

While the Spanish government may be dragging their feet and standing in the way of villagers taking their own initiative, the New York Times recently reported on a grandmother in Swaziland who has become a cannabis grower as a way to support her 11 grandchildren.  Khathazile, (she only provided her middle name to the Times reporter) has lost her 3 daughters who all died young and is growing the famous “Swazi Gold” strain as a way to take care of her motherless grandchildren.  Marijuana was not necessarily her first choice to grow but traditional crops do not provide enough for the large family to survive.  As Khathazile says “If you grow corn or cabbages, the baboons steal them.”  Another local woman, Sibongile Nkosi, started to grow marijuana before her daughter died and was impressed with the ease of the grow.  She described her first attempt by saying “I put the seeds in the ground, watered them, and it grew.  I was able to feed my children.”

While these stories may seem controversial to some, it is easy to criticize the idea from more economically vibrant regions of the world, where we may not be faced with having to break the law in order to clothe and feed our children.  HIV/AIDS has ravaged much of Africa with so many children becoming orphans at a young age.  We can no longer afford ignorance, and the luxury of fear mongering and propaganda.  Simply put, marijuana saves and improves lives both medically and economically.  As men in pressed suits try to put their expensive western education to work and try to create elaborate economic recovery plans, Khathazile already has a sustainable low cost plan for pulling the world out of this recession.

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Small Village in Spain Considers Growing Marijuana to Pay Off Debt

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The United States is not the only country to struggle financially over the past several years.  Many feel that the European debt crisis may be on the verge of a financial catastrophe.  New age economic issues are not always fully understood by elected officials, and as always, people have to rely on their own creativity.

A small village in Spain has proposed an idea appropriate for the new financial age.  The residents of Rasquera recently voted on a measure that would allow land to be leased to marijuana growers.  The village is weighed down heavily with debt and the money generated from leasing the land would be directed toward climbing out of debt.  In February, Rasquera was planning to move forward with the plan but delayed due to many voicing their opposition.  As a result the plan was put to a vote by residents.  The measure passed with 56% in favor but fell well short of the required 75% that was required to move forward.  It is unclear what will happen and if a new plan will be created.  In the meantime, the people of Rasquera are desperate for economic relief and new jobs.

With little help from world leaders, as always, it will be up to the people to try and better their own situations.  Rasquera is one of countless areas in the world that has to consider alternative ideas to generating economic success.  Will the government’s of the world accept a new approach, or will they place a higher value on being “right” and continue a century of fighting a plant that will continue to grow naturally.  At this point, marijuana advocates are not asking for help, rather, they just want the world’s governments to step aside and stay out of the way of progression.

Rasquera may not currently be in a position to start leasing their land to marijuana cultivators, but the story has garnered worldwide attention.  Surely another village, city, or country will take a long hard look at the idea.  All it will take is one municipality willing to utilize a progressive approach toward marijuana regulation.  Cannabis may be the most financially secure crop in the world to grow with corn and tomatoes not being enough to usher in a new age of financial prosperity.

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