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While California May Appear to Have Marijuana Figured Out, New Data Shows Major Flaws

To the rest of the world, California seems like a westernized Amsterdam, a half-baked haven for stoners. But is it really as pot-friendly as we think? New data suggests otherwise. Though California blazed the trail for medical marijuana in America back in 1996 and decriminalized possession of under an ounce of the plant in 2010 […] Thanks to

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Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces Medicinal Marijuana in New You are able to


The 2014 Gubernatorial election may be going ahead in New You are able to Condition.  Governor Andrew Cuomo might be obtaining a mind start on building early momentum, especially among ailing patients in New You are able to.  Today Andrew Cuomo introduced a professional order that will resurrect a lengthy forgotten law from 1980, that enables for medicinal marijuana to become distributed.

The 1980 law was named after New You are able to City Council Assemblyman Antonio Olivieri.  Mr. Olivieri experienced from the brain tumor and would be a proponent of marijuana to assist ease his unwanted effects connected with chemotherapy.  What the law states permitted choose hospitals to distribute marijuana joints to sick patients.  Based on a 1982 legislative report, 800 joints were handed to 45 patients overall.  The program been successful at any given time where the us government wasn’t as aggressive in disturbing condition laws and regulations.  Actually, this program was authorized by the U.S. Fda and utilized cannabis in the National Institute on Substance Abuse.  Occasions have certainly transformed.

It’s unclear if this sounds like the final stop for marijuana reform in New You are able to.  Stop and Frisk will still be a warm problem until New york city citizens are confident the practice stop.  Furthermore, we’ve already seen how Governor Andrew Cuomo works previously.  The savvy second generation New You are able to governor includes a practice of taking issues out for political test rides.  Around the campaign trail this year, he was simply against any legalisation or decriminalization of cannabis.  His rigid stance and tone appear to melt this past year because he stated publically “I don’t support medicinal marijuana.  I realize the benefits and drawbacks.  I realize the argument.  We’re searching in internet marketing, but at this time, I don’t support medicinal marijuana.”   Last year he surprised many as he desired to decriminalize possession charges under 15g and connect law enforcement loophole accustomed to arrest youthful teens (extremely Black and Hispanic) under “Stop and Frisk” practices.

Although a lot of Albany congress mocked his intent, it in all probability didn’t elude Mr. Cuomo that there is a lot of support for that idea.  It appears he’s made the decision to bypass the condition legislature, who still might not be prepared for reform, even when condition citizens are.  It’s a certainty he and the experts will know that polls show a massive majority (82%) of recent You are able to citizens support medicinal marijuana.  Gabriel Sayegh, New You are able to Condition Director from the Drug Policy Alliance was pleased Governor Cuomo’s decision.  After being spoke of the program he stated “This is a big level.  Probably the most effective and prominent governors in the united states not just transformed his mind, but has additionally stated he is not likely to hold out for that Senate to do something.Inches

Cuomo could possibly get a jump on which might be the most powerful consensus problem within the condition.  80 2 % of recent Yorkers don’t agree with much, so Governor Cuomo might be building momentum prior to his opponent for that November election is even named.   There know advantages loved through the incumbent, and Andrew Cuomo is exhibiting this conspicuously.

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Ringing in 2012


Everyone knows 2012 can represent intense as well as harmful frat boy like hanging out. It also signifies a new beginning and new hope. Usually at this time around of the year we at marijuana.internet are wishing individuals who require relief will find it which the legal landscape gets to be more friendly to patients. Patients continue to be battling, and there’s a lot of legal work left to become done, however, 2013 observed historic change.  Colorado and Washington organized their plans for leisure marijuana programs.  Other states (Illinois and Nh) passed laws and regulations enabling medicinal marijuana while Nj broadened it’s medicinal marijuana program.  The quantity of states which have passed medical cannabis laws and regulations can be twenty (+Washington D.C.). An area of interest this season was the look that Washington condition may abandon it’s medicinal marijuana program, potentially costing patients lots of money in taxes to gain access to relief.

We’re hopeful that 2014 is a landmark year for marijuana reform.  California, amongst others, could also join their email list of legal medical states in 2014 and also the Marijuana Policy Project is hopeful about their “28 by 2014” initiative. As this information is being written, farmers and shops are preparing for legal leisure marijuana sales that’ll be legal in only hrs once we welcome in 2012.   Voters both in Colorado and Washington legalized leisure marijuana in November of 2012 but establishing the regulating framework has taken considerable time, debate, and energy.

Colorado has emerged prepared to oversee legal non medicinal marijuana sales and can end up being the initial town on the planet to do this.  While Washington condition and Uruguay have legalized leisure cannabis as well, they’re much farther away from seeing shops open their doorways.  Amsterdam, while loving toward cannabis use, hasn’t really legalized it.  Ethan Nadelmann, from the Drug Policy Alliance was excited when it comes to Colorado blazing the legal trail.  “Colorado is basically the very first.  It is the very first by which this really is clearly legal where marijuana has been grown legally, offered wholesale legally, offered retail legally,” Nadelman stated lately.
This news is definitely an exciting method to introduce 2014.  We offer the individual protections of individuals who would like to enjoy marijuana recreationally, but we hope the requirements of patients isn’t lost within the excitement and also the drive to help make the industry lucrative and taxed.  We should also wish everybody a contented Year and hope you’ve got a wonderful 2014.

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Marijuana Industry News September 15, 2013

Senate Hearing Held This Week to Clarify Gap Between State and FederalMarijuana law… A lot was discussed at this week’s historic Senate marijuana forum.We broke it down into a few sections.  We will start with SenatorLeahy. – Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D-Vt) had been trying to schedule a forum tohelp reconcile the differences between state and …continue reading

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Marijuana Industry News April 26, 2013

tom ammiano

California Condition Set up Committee Passes Medicinal Marijuana Regulation Bill…


The legislative mess that signifies California’s medicinal marijuana law continues to be well recorded.  Since Proposition 215 was passed in 1996, when medicinal marijuana was initially legalized in California,government bodies, patients and collectives have observed a lot of confusion regarding what is allowable underneath the law. The possible lack of proper regulation has permitted illegitimate collectives to thrive while well intentioned institutions have frequently found trouble.  Condition Assemblyman, Tom Ammiano introduced AB 473, an invoice to possess California’s Department of Alcohol Beverage Control oversee a lot of this program.  He walked from an identical bill this past year when congress tried to give a provision to permit cities to prohibit shops.  Now, condition set up committee passed  AB473 the 2009 week.  It’s unclear whether it can survive the whole political process and be law.


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Michigan Congress Introduce Decriminalization Bill…


Michigan has already established probably the most progressive marijuana laws and regulations around the books.  Attorney General Bill Schuette had attempted to battle against medical and native decriminalization laws and regulations despite citizens outwardly supporting reform measures.  It seems his efforts may fail short as state-wide decriminalization bill with bi partisan support continues to be introduced.  Democratic Condition Repetition. Shaun Irwin features an invoice that considerably reduce the seriousness of low-level marijuana possession charges.  For individuals caught with under one ounce, the penalty will be a civil infraction along with a fine.  Presently, individuals with no valid marijuana prescription caught with similar amount could address annually of incarceration along with a misdemeanor charge.  Repetition. Irwin lately stated “Even though we are investing no less than $325 million annually on arresting, trying and incarcerating marijuana customers within this condition, we all know marijuana has not been more available. We all know that police force is not effective at keeping marijuana from the hands of anybody within this condition.” The balance has got the support of some Republican congress within the condition government too, including Repetition. Mike Shirkey.  Mr. Shirkey spoke concerning the bill lately and stated “This is actually the proper time to possess this debate in Michigan.  “We are using lots of money, energy and assets in Michigan and nationwide to complete something we have unsuccessful at.”


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NY Condition Set up Committee Passes bill to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana…


Despite the fact that most of New You are able to citizens have supported medicinal marijuana for quite some time,  there continues to be little movement around the problem.  Recently, however,  NY political figures appear to become conditioning their stance.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has began to guide electric power charge toward reform and it has notoriously adopted stop and frisk.  Now a committee in the condition set up has transpired a medicinal marijuana bill.  The election was almost unanimous and went by a margin of 21-4.  New You are able to congress have battled to obtain previous medicinal marijuana bills off the floor.  However, Gabriel Sayegh, director of recent York’s Drug Policy Alliance feels things may change soon.  He told news shops “I believe it is becoming progressively obvious that regarding medicinal marijuana, New You are able to is actually behind the occasions.”  He continued to state “We still heavily criminalize it, yet we’re encircled by states which are permitting medicinal marijuana.”  There’s been lots of movement recently within the northeast also it appears only dependent on time before NY joins the growing listing of states enabling using medicinal marijuana


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Marijuana may be used to treat addiction in Columbia

marijuana bud

Marijuana’s reputation was relentlessly attacked for decades.  We at have spoken in great length about the propaganda our government has utilized to attack a plant.  Movies such as “Reefer Madness” were used to scare much of the general population, while the War on Drugs has worn out everything from morale to finances.  Propaganda movies and failed politics appear to be on the way out.

While the new marijuana reform movement and medical research has helped to change the perception of cannabis considerably,  we have just learned of a new development that is groundbreaking.  It appears that Columbia’s capital city,  Bogota,  is considering a new approach to combating the issue of serious drug use.  In this case marijuana is not the villain, but may in fact be the savior.  The mayor of Bogota in the city may administer a program that would have basuco users (a cocaine derivative often compared to crack) use marijuana to help combat their physical addiction.

Basuco is considered to be one of the least pure forms of cocaine and there is widespread concern over its health implications.  Experts estimate that there are over7000 problem users (those who take 15-20 hits per day).  There are likely many other users in need of help who use slightly less.

It will be interesting to see if such a program ever makes its way to the united states.  Amanda Reiman of The Drug Policy Alliance does not think it will be anytime soon as she recently told ABC news “Unfortunately, universities rely on grants from the federal government for research, so most of what they do is what the feds want done.  As you can probably guess, the feds are not too interested in beneficial uses for marijuana, and even less interested in how to help people who are addicted to substances, so most of the research in this area occurs outside the U.S. or through private funding.”  If the program is successful in Colombia us authorities may have no choice.  Support for medical marijuana is growing rapidly, and research is regularly revealing new ways in which cannabis can aid patients.

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NY Governor Cuomo Using Spotlight to Highlight State Marijuana Reform


It has been a busy few months for New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo.  The Obama ally maintained a high profile during the election (he seems to be poised to make his own run for the White House) and campaigned for the president.  Governor Cuomo has also been vocal in his criticism during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy which includes attempting to break up LIPA’s energy monopoly and has demanded that Congress appropriates money to the region to help rebuild.  He has also gotten out in front of the gun debate and is seeking to make pass one of the country’s toughest assault weapon ban.

However, Governor Cuomo has also taken on another important issue.  When Mr. Cuomo first ran for governor he maintained a traditional skepticism to marijuana reform.  He even sounded harshly against any progressive legislation in this area.  Over the course of the past two years his public comments have softened considerably.  Last spring, the governor informed the public that he was seeking to eliminate New York’s controversial “Stop and Frisk” policy.  This loophole, goes against the spirit New York’s marijuana decriminalization laws that were passed in the 1970s.  Possession of under 25g (concealed) is supposed to result in a civil citation ticket.  However, if marijuana is in “plain sight”, then the charges escalate to a much more severe misdemeanor.

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo re-affirmed his stance.  On Wednesday, in a public speech he said “The legislature finds that arrests, criminal prosecutions, and criminal penalties are inappropriate for people who possess small quantities of marihuana for personal use. Every year, this process needlessly scars thousands of lives and wastes millions of dollars in law enforcement resources, while detracting from the prosecution of serious crime.”  He also said marijuana arrests that “stigmatize and criminalize must end now.”

Advocates for marijuana reform have been pleased to see Governor Cuomo trying to fix the controversial loophole.  “Stop and Frisk” is used primarily within New York City’s jurisdiction and unevenly targets Blacks and Hispanics, many of whom are teens.  Gabriel Sayegh, New York state director for the Drug Policy Alliance, said “We cannot have the same laws applied differently to different groups of people when the dividing line is race.”  While New York City is known as a progressive haven, the rest of the state has been resistant to making any changes to marijuana laws.  However, with mounting debt and new financial priorities after Hurricane Sandy, New York can no longer afford to lock up so many people who pose no public threat.  Many residents are angry over their tax dollars being used to fill up jails with teens.  We are glad to see the Governor take initiative and if the second generation governor (his father is former NY Governor Mario Cuomo) with obvious presidential aspirations feels he can get this done without political turmoil, then it is obvious that the reform movement has turned a major corner.

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Calling All Activists!

tommy Chong

When the 2008 election was still up in the air, Barack Obama was campaigning as a medical marijuana-friendly candidate.  In that time, we have seen numerous states struggle towards legalizing medicinal marijuana, and still others that have already passed their legislation are finding constant resistance in the forms of unconstitutional bans and arbitrary paperwork that continually holds up the process of getting safe medicine to patients.

California has seen more dispensary raids from the IRS and DOJ during Obama’s reign than during all of GW Bush’s eight years.  Why is this happening?   We need to raise our voices, louder and more unified than ever.  America stands at a crossroads, but now more than ever patients and all citizens must stand behind what they believe in. In this modern era of instant communication, our country can have a stronger, more powerful voice, if only we are willing to use it.

For people who care about the laws of our land and the future it endows, there is so much that can be done.  Stand up and make your vote count!  Become active in your community.  Join a protest at city hall, help spread education and awareness about all the benefits of medical marijuana, or maybe even go as far as to head to D.C. and march on the state capital. Show them who we are by making our presence known through peaceful protests.  For those who are less inclined to leave the home, or who simply cannot, there is still much that can be done.  Concerned citizens should call their legislators, write a letter to your congressmen, sign petitions, send emails, start a blog and rile up some additional supporters and encourage them to get involved.

Dispensaries have flourished in recent times and have grown some of the finest medication in the world.  Colorado, California and other states have led by example, but make no mistake,we still have a long road ahead.  The medical marijuana system may not be perfect yet, but it is working in the right direction.  Other states, like New Jersey and Hawaii, have passed laws that allow for programs, yet their laws were poorly constructed and they remain unusable.  In Hawaii you can get a card to allow you to medicate legally, but there contain no provisions for legally procuring medicine.  It is legal to grow and own up to seven plants, but it is still illegal to purchase marijuana plants or seeds to begin a personal grow operation.  Also, many employers utilize zero tolerance drug policies that make no exceptions for people who are otherwise abiding by state laws.  How does a patient grow their own plants if they can’t hold down a job, therefore they have no income for a home to grow in, or even have money to feed themselves?

Americans need to stand up now and tell all the power-hungry naysayers that we will no longer tolerate the abuse of power and stifling of freedoms.  We the people have no more excuses for being lazy.  If you can’t figure out how to get involved, then look no further. will spell it out for you.

Are you in California?  Cypress Hill’s San Bernadino SmokeOut was Saturday March 3rd, and two days earlier was the March on LA’s City Hall to demonstrate unhappiness with how laws are being carried out.  Thank you to those who made it out. There is more for us to do.  Those near San Francisco will also have their opportunity to ensure Safe Access.  March will see several County Board Meetings that need people to help out.

Maryland is another state seeking to pass laws in favor of medical marijuana.  They need help to guarantee it passes. Furthermore, the right law needs to be passed so that Maryland does not become another New Jersey or Hawaii.  Want to help? Check this out.

Michigan is reviewing its current laws and is looking to alter them with several bills that will give its program a chance to grow into something as grand as California, and not stumble where the Golden state has.  Concerned citizens near Lansing are holding a forum on March 4th to coordinate a uniform front as they approach legislators and hope to pass a proper set of laws.

We can’t list what every state is doing right here, but we encourage you to find out and help wherever you are. has been covering developments for some time so please check our archives to find what is relevant.  Here are a few other resources for anyone who wants to help.

Americans for Safe Access

Marijuana Policy Project

Drug Policy Alliance

New Approach Washington

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

One more thing.  For those who find that political activism is the right thing to do, don’t stop with marijuana laws.  This country needs more people to help it be the best it can be.  As more people stand up for what they believe in, America will find itself less dominated by the interests of corporations and power-grabbing politicians.  It is our country, fight for it.

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