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Costa Mesa California Police Want to Make it a Federal Case

Attorneys representing the Costa Mesa Police Department filed a motion on Monday to have a pending lawsuit moved from state to federal court. The lawsuit claims the Costa Mesa P.D. overstepped the lawful authority of their inspection warrant during a January raid of the now-closed Costa Mesa Collective marijuana dispensary. Building code inspection warrants, the type CMPD Chief […] Thanks to

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Free Neighborhood Hotbox After UK House Catches Fire

Marijuana prices keep sliding stateside, but Americans still aren’t getting their bud for as cheap as one neighborhood in the UK, who caught a bake of epic proportions Tuesday night — for free. Imagine being in your cottage on a regular Tuesday night, probably eating tolerating meat pie and arguing about what to watch on […] Thanks to

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Why is the US Banning Canadians Who Admit to Trying Weed?

As if the United States border crossing experience wasn’t unsettling enough, apparently answering a simple marijuana-related question incorrectly can get you banned from the “land of the free” for life. How could such baseless oppression be possible in 2016, when more than half of our states have some form of legalized marijuana? Allow Canadian music […] Thanks to

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While California May Appear to Have Marijuana Figured Out, New Data Shows Major Flaws

To the rest of the world, California seems like a westernized Amsterdam, a half-baked haven for stoners. But is it really as pot-friendly as we think? New data suggests otherwise. Though California blazed the trail for medical marijuana in America back in 1996 and decriminalized possession of under an ounce of the plant in 2010 […] Thanks to

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Two Lawyers From Texas Release New Song of the Summer, “Don’t Eat Your Weed”

With some of the toughest weed laws in the country, it’s no wonder many touring musicians and other passerby get tangled up in petty possession charges on their way through the Lone Star State. A pair of Texas attorneys are trying to alleviate the issue somewhat and help prevent misdemeanors from becoming felonies. Will Hutson […] Thanks to

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Enjoy Your 4:20 With This Story About a Weed Bust Giving Us Chance the Rapper

Last night Chance the Rapper blessed us with his highly-anticipated third project, Coloring Book, and you can hear it for free. I’m listening to it while writing this, and so far Chance has another classic on his hands. He and Kanye West continue their “Ultralight Beam” momentum with CB‘s opener “All We Got,” accompanied by […]

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Revolution and Evolution with Dana Larsen

In the battlefield that is the legalization of marijuana around the world, there are those of us who support it by going to rallies, writing about it on the internet, and doing whatever we can to normalize Mary Jane for the general population. Then there are the mavericks, the ones who take chances, the men […]

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