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Archaeologists Uncover the Cannabis Shaman of Silk Road-Era China

It turns out the Silk Road was a haven for cannabis culture far earlier than we thought — about 2,500 years prior, according to a recent discovery in China. The scholarly journal Economic Botany reported that archaeologists on a dig in Turpan’s Jiayi cemetery discovered a burial site between 2,500 and 2,800 years old with […] Thanks to

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Cannabis Reform is Spreading Across The Caribbean

As if the Caribbean couldn’t get any better, it’s now a hotbed of marijuana reform. Jamaica finally decided to put a ring on it and allow for citizens and tourists to carry up to 2 ounces. The Cayman Islands are legalizing a bill as we speak for cannabis oil to treat cancer. Antigua is debating […] Thanks to

Cayman Islands Government Unanimously Votes Yes For Cannabis Oil

The second reading of a historical bill that allows for cannabis oil to be prescribed in the Cayman Islands has made its way through the Legislative Assembly with a unanimous vote from all members of Parliament. Last year, a resident of the Caribbean nation named Dennie Warren Jr., pleaded with the Cayman government to amend […] Thanks to


UK Recognizes Medicinal Value of CBD and Stops Sales

Less than one month ago, reported that the push for medical cannabis in the UK was gaining momentum. The UK Government, in what is being called a legislative U-turn, now recognizes the medicinal value of cannabidiol (CBD).  This marks the very beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition in one of the largest democracies on the planet. It’s […] Thanks to


Albanian Police Have Destroyed $3.3B Worth of Cannabis Since June

Shocking news out of Albania this morning as the Albanian Police claim to have seized and destroyed 2.4 million ganja trees since June of 2016. Let me repeat that to let it soak in — 2.4 million cannabis plants. Three years ago, Albanian government made fighting black-market cannabis a priority, but in 2016 the police […] Thanks to

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1,600 New Reasons to Celebrate Medical Marijuana in Italy

At long last, domestic Italian cannabis is here for the medical community; which is, as they say, fantastico! Colonel Antonio Medica completed the first portion of a very special mission: growing medical marijuana for the country. Army officials announced that the first shipment of 1,600 5-gram jars is ready for shipment to Italian hospitals and pharmacies in need. Italy passed […] Thanks to

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Ontario Political Leaders Want Legalization Now

In an extraordinary act of unity, the leaders of the three major parties in Ontario have come together to demand some sort of direction from the Trudeau government on its foggy cannabis legalization plans. Despite the gestures of announcing legislation by spring of 2017, enacting a task force, and creating an online portal for Canadians […] Thanks to

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UK Politicians Join the Fight for Medical Cannabis

Although it may seem hard to believe, the world’s first modern-day democracy does not have legal medical cannabis.  However, a group of cross-party politicians, activists, scientists, and professors are dead set on changing that as soon as possible. A group known as the APPG for Drug Policy Reform recently released the findings of an inquiry […] Thanks to


Free Neighborhood Hotbox After UK House Catches Fire

Marijuana prices keep sliding stateside, but Americans still aren’t getting their bud for as cheap as one neighborhood in the UK, who caught a bake of epic proportions Tuesday night — for free. Imagine being in your cottage on a regular Tuesday night, probably eating tolerating meat pie and arguing about what to watch on […] Thanks to

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Why is the US Banning Canadians Who Admit to Trying Weed?

As if the United States border crossing experience wasn’t unsettling enough, apparently answering a simple marijuana-related question incorrectly can get you banned from the “land of the free” for life. How could such baseless oppression be possible in 2016, when more than half of our states have some form of legalized marijuana? Allow Canadian music […] Thanks to

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