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Army Bans Alaska-Based Soldiers from Attending Marijuana Events

Alaska has had legal marijuana for almost two years, but the seriously flawed program just took another major hit on Thursday. In a statement addressed to the roughly 11,000 Alaska-based members of the U.S. Army, Major General Bryan Owens made the Army’s stance on marijuana very clear, and even issued a freedom-stifling new mandate to […] Thanks to

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Why is the US Banning Canadians Who Admit to Trying Weed?

As if the United States border crossing experience wasn’t unsettling enough, apparently answering a simple marijuana-related question incorrectly can get you banned from the “land of the free” for life. How could such baseless oppression be possible in 2016, when more than half of our states have some form of legalized marijuana? Allow Canadian music […] Thanks to

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Santa Rosa Planning Commission Snuffs Out Ban On Commercial Pot Cultivation

The mood was foul as the Santa Rosa Planning Commission pondered the fate of a proposed temporary ban on commercial cultivation of medical marijuana in the fifth most populous city in the Bay Area. Fortunately for all, the proposed ban was shot down in flames Thursday night by the Santa Rosa Planning Commission. Citing righteous […]

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