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Malia Obama Marijuana Drama Part 3: Malia Mocks the Outrage

Malia Obama pushing the envelope at music festivals is officially a recurring topic. As the national attention was still fixed on leaked footage of the eldest First Daughter puffing a joint at Chicago’s Lollapalooza, the 18-year old slipped away to Philadelphia for Made In America Fest this Labor Day Weekend. Malia went to the fifth […] Thanks to

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Calling All Activists!

tommy Chong

When the 2008 election was still up in the air, Barack Obama was campaigning as a medical marijuana-friendly candidate.  In that time, we have seen numerous states struggle towards legalizing medicinal marijuana, and still others that have already passed their legislation are finding constant resistance in the forms of unconstitutional bans and arbitrary paperwork that continually holds up the process of getting safe medicine to patients.

California has seen more dispensary raids from the IRS and DOJ during Obama’s reign than during all of GW Bush’s eight years.  Why is this happening?   We need to raise our voices, louder and more unified than ever.  America stands at a crossroads, but now more than ever patients and all citizens must stand behind what they believe in. In this modern era of instant communication, our country can have a stronger, more powerful voice, if only we are willing to use it.

For people who care about the laws of our land and the future it endows, there is so much that can be done.  Stand up and make your vote count!  Become active in your community.  Join a protest at city hall, help spread education and awareness about all the benefits of medical marijuana, or maybe even go as far as to head to D.C. and march on the state capital. Show them who we are by making our presence known through peaceful protests.  For those who are less inclined to leave the home, or who simply cannot, there is still much that can be done.  Concerned citizens should call their legislators, write a letter to your congressmen, sign petitions, send emails, start a blog and rile up some additional supporters and encourage them to get involved.

Dispensaries have flourished in recent times and have grown some of the finest medication in the world.  Colorado, California and other states have led by example, but make no mistake,we still have a long road ahead.  The medical marijuana system may not be perfect yet, but it is working in the right direction.  Other states, like New Jersey and Hawaii, have passed laws that allow for programs, yet their laws were poorly constructed and they remain unusable.  In Hawaii you can get a card to allow you to medicate legally, but there contain no provisions for legally procuring medicine.  It is legal to grow and own up to seven plants, but it is still illegal to purchase marijuana plants or seeds to begin a personal grow operation.  Also, many employers utilize zero tolerance drug policies that make no exceptions for people who are otherwise abiding by state laws.  How does a patient grow their own plants if they can’t hold down a job, therefore they have no income for a home to grow in, or even have money to feed themselves?

Americans need to stand up now and tell all the power-hungry naysayers that we will no longer tolerate the abuse of power and stifling of freedoms.  We the people have no more excuses for being lazy.  If you can’t figure out how to get involved, then look no further. will spell it out for you.

Are you in California?  Cypress Hill’s San Bernadino SmokeOut was Saturday March 3rd, and two days earlier was the March on LA’s City Hall to demonstrate unhappiness with how laws are being carried out.  Thank you to those who made it out. There is more for us to do.  Those near San Francisco will also have their opportunity to ensure Safe Access.  March will see several County Board Meetings that need people to help out.

Maryland is another state seeking to pass laws in favor of medical marijuana.  They need help to guarantee it passes. Furthermore, the right law needs to be passed so that Maryland does not become another New Jersey or Hawaii.  Want to help? Check this out.

Michigan is reviewing its current laws and is looking to alter them with several bills that will give its program a chance to grow into something as grand as California, and not stumble where the Golden state has.  Concerned citizens near Lansing are holding a forum on March 4th to coordinate a uniform front as they approach legislators and hope to pass a proper set of laws.

We can’t list what every state is doing right here, but we encourage you to find out and help wherever you are. has been covering developments for some time so please check our archives to find what is relevant.  Here are a few other resources for anyone who wants to help.

Americans for Safe Access

Marijuana Policy Project

Drug Policy Alliance

New Approach Washington

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

One more thing.  For those who find that political activism is the right thing to do, don’t stop with marijuana laws.  This country needs more people to help it be the best it can be.  As more people stand up for what they believe in, America will find itself less dominated by the interests of corporations and power-grabbing politicians.  It is our country, fight for it.

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Herman Cain Shares His Sights on Medicinal Marijuana


The best political prize is available in under twelve months.  The 2012 election already appears to become under way despite the fact that the GOP primary nomination won’t be formally provided to any candidate prior to the Republican National Convention, that is set to occur on August 27, 2012 in Polk, Florida.

Lately, Herman Cain mentioned his take on medicinal marijuana.  Cain feels medicinal marijuana is definitely an problem that needs to be left as much as the usa “Because certainly one of my overriding methods to searching whatsoever of those issues — many of them belong in the condition, because whenever you make a move government … you attempt to pressure one-size-fits-all.”  These comments were  made in a campaign stay in Urbandale, Iowa.  Some political experts were surprised to determine Cain condition his sights on the problem.  Formerly, while campaigning within the summer time he’d completely declined to reply to queries about medicinal marijuana.  Cain has already established a dreadful month which change obviously might be viewed as politically motivated.  After taking pleasure in a short lead within the polls, he’s been heavily considered lower by accusations of sexual harassment that go as far back to his days as leader from the National Restaurant Association.  To increase his worries, he’s had some shaky public miscues when responding to policy related questions.  Within an interview he appeared to attract an empty when requested about Libya and when leader Obama was correct in the handling from the situation.  Furthermore, Cain wasn’t conscious that China has already established nuclear abilities for many decades.  Also, he appears to defer to his potential future cabinet frequently and it has made claims showing he need not know “everything” and can depend heavily on experts.

Cain have a difficult time protecting that his readiness to discuss medicinal marijuana isn’t politically motivated.  Within an interview with Outdoors magazine Cain stated medicinal marijuana customers are “the biggest untrained voting block in the united states,Inch as well as continued to say polls that indicated People in america were seeking legalized marijuana.  These claims represent an infinitely more direct stance than his previous strategy, that was to speak leave behind reporters.  Whatever his rationale to make these claims, they shouldn’t be ignored.  Medicinal marijuana has got the overwhelming support in the American public.  Furthermore, there’s an increasing sentiment within the GOP (a celebration formerly noted for its anti marijuana position) that it ought to be a condition problem.  Ron Perry has additionally made similar claims regarding how he’d handle medical cannabis.  Departing the problem of medicinal marijuana towards the states is a way of saying it ought to be left to folks.  The general public can gather signatures for ballot initiatives either to begin or finish existing medicinal marijuana programs.

This election has the feel of a prizefight which will go all the way.  Presently, the competitors continue to be trailing as well as with Cain’s terrible month, other candidates haven’t opened up up an impossible lead.  Ron Perry also offers had some public gaffes, especially his debate performance where he was not able to recall which branches of presidency he desired to eliminate.  Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich might be leading in polls but neither is invulnerable.  Romney includes a status for altering positions and might be a tough sell in Ohio, where he stated to become “110%” behind laws and regulations that eliminate collective negotiating privileges.  Newt Gingrich may be the familiar face and could possess the best experience to achieve the presidency, but he is a polarizing estimate American politics within the last two decades.  The primaries still have the means to go and also the candidate/contender who’ll undertake leader Obama continues to have enough time to refine their strategy in search of the U . s . States Presidency.

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Whitened House Responds to Online Petition

white house

Several days ago the Federal government setup online applications for people to provide any problem they wanted addressed through the Whitened House.  Applications with 5,000 or even more votes received an answer.  Marijuana reform brought with more than 75,000 votes.  The Whitened House, however, did respond and indicated they’d no aim of legalizing marijuana.     Clearly it was not the solution supporters were seeking but it’s unlikely their vigor will dissipate.  Individuals who signed the petition were seeking legalisation of marijuana but for the authorities to prevent disturbing condition laws and regulations. Among other conditions also receiving enough votes would be a “fair tax” policy and getting rid of “In God We Trust” from your currency, each of which the Whitened House indicated they weren’t in support of.

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