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The Election is Finally Here


Although early voting has been going on in certain states since September, the single day where the majority of voters will cast their ballots is here.  Enthusiasm is high as many pictures have been taken of long lines at polling sites.  Whether you are voting for President Obama, Governor Romney, Governor Johnson, or another candidate, it is simply unacceptable that voting has become a test of endurance.  Our country has previously been an example to the rest of the word for handling our elections in a fair way.  It appears, we have entered the one of the first periods  in U.S. history where voting has become more difficult.

President Obama and Mitt Romney have been frantically traveling to many swing states in the last minutes of campaigning.  Even though most people seem to have made up their minds as to who they will be voting for, we decided to highlight some of the candidates below.  For marijuana reformers, this election may not have touched on the key issues you wish to see dealt with, but we will provide any information available about the candidate’s positions.  Below check out a brief description of the candidates and a brief description of their policy positions:


-President Barack Obama (Democratic Party)

Our 44th president was born and raised in Hawaii.  He would eventually move to Chicago and in 2006 he was elected to the United States Senate.  His significant accomplishments as President include ending the War in Iraq, passing the Affordable Health Care Act, and giving the order to Seal Team Six to kill Osama Bin Laden.  Critics have been upset with a stagnant economic recovery and his handling of medical marijuana which includes raids on dispensaries and very little difference in the handling of The War on Drugs.  Many marijuana reform advocates are hoping a second term for Obama would be starkly different for both the War on Drugs and medical marijuana.


-Governor Mitt Romney (Republican Party)

The Republican nominee for president of the United States was born in Michigan.  He also spent significant time in Utah before moving to Massachusetts.  In 1994 he challenge Senator Ted Kennedy but ultimately lost the election.  In 2002, he took over the leadership role for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, which was in dire financial straits.  Mr. Romney is credited with turning the situation around and ensuring that the Olympics would be a success.  He would eventually run successfully for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002.  As Governor, his chief accomplishment was reforming Massachusetts health care program.   After serving one term as Governor, Mr. Romney decided to run for president.  He lost out to John McCain in 2008 but finally received the nomination in 2012.  Mr. Romney has not addressed marijuana often, but did say several months ago that he would fight medical marijuana “tooth and nail”.


-Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)

The former two term Governor of New Mexico was born in North Dakota.  While attending the University of New Mexico, Mr. Johnson paid his way through school by working as a handyman.  He would eventually start Big J Enterprises, and grow his company into one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico.  In 1994 he successfully ran for Governor of New Mexico.  He was re-elected in 1998 and still remains one of the most popular figures in New Mexico politics.  The Governor was previously a Republican but has since fallen from good graces with the party.  Many analysts believe his support for Libertarian causes such as marijuana reform and same sex marriage created a rift between Mr. Johnson and the GOP.  Mr. Johnson is now officially the Libertarian candidate for president and continues to serve as one of the most high profile advocates for marijuana decriminalization and reform.


-Jill Stein (Green Party)

The Green Party’s candidate for the United States Presidency was born in Chicago and raised in Highland Park Illinois.  She graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1979.  Jill Stein has been on the forefront of environmental issues across the country for decades.  She has testified numerous times in front of Government panels.  Ms. Stein has advocated what she calls “ The Green Deal”.  She sees it as a modern version of FDR’s “New Deal”.  In her deal, there would be a 30% reduction in military spending, higher tax rates for the wealthy while directing the additional money toward new age green jobs that would put America back to work while simultaneously working to reduce climate change.  Jill Stein has been a marijuana supporter for a long time and less than two weeks ago said that “marijuana is not dangerous at all” in a recent third party debate. encourages everyone to get out there and vote.    If you see long lines, please do not be discouraged.  We hope you stay engaged and make sure elections are conducted properly in the future.  The candidates are very different from one another so we encourage you to support the candidate you feel most closely represents your interests.  Additionally check back with us as we provide updates on the many ballot initiatives that are on the books.  Three states (Colorado, Washington, and Oregon) have their residents voting on measures that will legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana.  We will be conducting extensive follow up on the election all week.

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As Convention Politics Dominate It is Important not to Lose Sight of Hemp Developments

rand paul

Rand Paul, the son of the popular marijuana legalization advocate Ron Paul, has secured a passionate following in his own right.  Rand Paul is a U.S. Senator from Kentucky, a state with an extremely rich hemp history.  This week he spoke at the Republican National Convention, of course to no one’s surprise he did not bring up hemp and marijuana reform.  We will not hold Rand Paul accountable for that as the RNC heavily vetted his speech, perhaps worried he would channel some of the ideas the Paul’s that are not in step with the GOP.  However, while August has been a highly national political month as the presidential election kicks into full gear, another issue has gained momentum.  Joining Rand Paul is Kentucky Agricultural Commissioner James Comer who is also seeking to reform outdated an ill advised laws restricting hemp farming.  The two would like to alter Kentucky law before it becomes fashionable for other states to do so.  Kentucky has traditionally been the center of hemp production in the U.S. and the feeling is that economic prosperity could return to Kentucky if they act now.

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CBD in Marijuana found to Treat Schizophrenia with few Side Effects


Within a matter of weeks the United States Supreme Court will issue a ruling on the controversial “Obamacare” program.  In particular, the mandate that requires Americans to carry health insurance has drawn the most scrutiny and is being challenged on its constitutionality.  Combining that with Mitt Romney’s campaign going national after winning the GOP nomination, the healthcare reform battle should be front and center as both Romney and Obama (often considered very similar plans) have enacted sweeping health care changes.

Luckily in the meantime we have less partisan political healthcare updates to lift our spirits.  This week researchers at The University of Cologne in Germany have found that CBD (a cannabinoid found in marijuana) looks to have excellent potential in treating schizophrenia symptoms.  Of the 39 patients who participated in the study, 20 were treated with CBD while the others were treated with amisulpride, a drug not legal in the U.S. but similar to medications used in America.  Daniel Piomelli, co-author of the study was pleased with the results and said “The results were amazing. Not only was CBD as effective as standard antipsychotics, but it was also essentially free of the typical side effects seen with antipsychotic drugs.”

This development builds on many of the recent studies that have linked health and quality of life to marijuana.  Soldiers have often reported that marijuana use has helped with their PTSD symptoms.  Recently, reported on a study that showed cannabis relieved patient’s painful MS symptoms.  Additionally, marijuana has been linked to help patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, Glaucoma, chronic pain, muscular dystrophy, migraines, and of course so many other ailments.  We encourage readers in our comment section to share stories about these or other medical issues marijuana aids.

Schizophrenia has baffled medical professionals for centuries and perhaps even thousands of years.  Egyptians have described ancient ailments over two thousand years ago that sound very much like what we call schizophrenia today.  Treatments in the middle ages included exorcisms and even drilling holes in the head in order to draw out the “evil spirits”.  In the modern times scientists came up with a new method that was not much more sophisticated.  The lobotomy may indeed treat schizophrenia, with a major side effect being that the patient is turned into a zombie.  Let us not forget that shock therapy which is still used today even as scientists have not been able to fully determine why it produces results, or often does not.  These extreme treatments only highlight just how incredible the German discovery is for patients suffering from this long misunderstood condition.

The hope is that research such as this will also be conducted in the United States.  Healthcare is still a prevailing issue in the United States with our country seeming like they are reserved to second class care.  The president’s plan has increased coverage but is not as far reaching as initially thought on the campaign trail.  This may not be his fault entirely as the GOP and economy presented major roadblocks.  Either way, this marijuana research is encouraging and could provide patients with relief immediately with far less economic cost than the typical big pharmaceutical treatments.  As the complexity of the health care arguments plays itself out in the media, let us keep in mind that there is one simple source for so much healing.

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Mitt Romney Secures Enough Votes with Win in Texas to become GOP Nominee

mitt romney

Although thought to be a foregone conclusion, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has secured the GOP nomination for the 2012 presidential election.  The race has been all but official for some time now as other GOP candidates such as Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry had already exited the primaries.  Long time marijuana supporter, Ron Paul has remained in the race.  Romney will accept the party’s nomination at the Republican National Convention, which is to be held in Tampa Florida during late August.

Mitt Romney now will turn his focus squarely on his run against President Barack Obama.  The road has been long for Romney who attempted a failed candidacy in 2008  only to lose to the popular senator from Arizona, John McCain.  In a statement Romney said “Our party has come together with the goal of putting the failures of the last three and a half years behind us, I have no illusions about the difficulties of the task before us. But whatever challenges lie ahead, we will settle for nothing less than getting America back on the path to full employment and prosperity.” Mitt Romney has and will likely to continue his attacks on the president regarding the economy.

Should he secure the presidency, Americans will hope to see Romney keep his word to fix the the economy.  Although job reports and GDP numbers seem to be improving, the economy is fluctuating and with the impending doom of the Greek economy, and continued reports on the European Debt Crisis, Romney may still have his political opening.

Supporters of marijuana legal reform have their own ideas as to how Mitt Romney can accomplish this. Marijuana and even economic advocates would hope that he would pursues decriminalization and taxation measures that could tremendously boost the economy.  This year’s presidential election is already proving to be monumental and cannabis reform does not appear to be going away.  Judging by the Oregon race for Attorney General, candidates may no longer be able to turn their backs on the issue.  Although the candidates will talk about the important standard issues such as tax rates, immigration reform, maintaining or overturning Roe V. Wade, one issue is emerging as the American consensus issue.  At about 75% approval, medical marijuana is more popular than any living or recently deceased president.  At this point both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama would be happy enough to enjoy the same popularity as legalization of recreational cannabis, which hovers above either candidates approval rating at 56%.

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Gary Johnson Links Border Security to Marijuana Prohibition

border security

Border security has and will likely continue to be a point of debate in this election cycle.  While we hear candidates talk about unrealistic and unaffordable “Great Walls” to separate Mexico and the United States, we hear very little in addressing the root causes of violence along our borders.

Giant security walls have not enjoyed their place in history.  The GOP has taken a very rigid stance on immigration and border control (click here for a breakdown of recent statements made by GOP candidates regarding border security).  However, the Republican modern hero, President Ronald Reagan famously said “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” and then we all know what happened in Berlin shortly after.

Former republican Gary Johnson has actually decided to engage in a conversation on border security that avoids the typical clichés and talking points.  Mr. Johnson, former republican and now libertarian candidate for president, recently told Fox News “It should not be under-emphasized how much the violence on the border has to do with the prohibition of drugs, I think if we legalize marijuana, we will take a huge step toward a rational drug policy.” When asked about building a giant border fence, Gary Johnson responded by saying “It’s a no brainer, don’t build a fence; it’s an incredible waste of money.” The party of supposed fiscal conservatism may have a hard time selling Newt Gingrich’s moon base and extremely costly (approximately 3 million dollars per mile) border projects.

Many Americans truly want to see a new approach to marijuana reform, immigration, and border security.  Supporting marijuana reform would go a long way to appease patients and advocates.  Taking money and power out of cartel hands with new marijuana laws could also enhance the party’s credentials on border security.  Political strategists have identified cannabis supporters and immigrants as vulnerable groups for President Obama as many of them feel he did not live up to expectations on these issues.  However, if the policies of the GOP remain on the current path, those groups will likely (even if reluctantly) throw their support behind Barack Obama.

We have to ask ourselves how effective a giant barrier is going to be dividing the Mexican and US border.  For one, recently ran a story that described the massively complex tunnel system cartel members are using to smuggle in marijuana.  A giant wall will likely result in more cartel resources being directed at the often undetectable tunnels.  In a sense, the fence may drive the problems underground, literally, with security becoming even more of a concern.  Does ignoring a problem and erecting a barrier ever truly deal with any of our problems on either an emotional or physical level?  If we had a problem with our next door neighbor we would not request tax dollars during a troubled economy to separate two homes from view of each other.  Additionally, if we erected such massive wall, what would we do about Canada?  Would criminals and terrorists direct their efforts to the even larger border we share with Canada?  Sooner than later America will set aside all the emotionally charged rhetoric against marijuana and decide to simultaneously improve our security, economic, and healthcare concerns.

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Colorado Residents Will get to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana in November

voting boothe

The 2012 election already was gearing up to be a historic election between the GOP and President Barack Obama.  We also cannot lose sight of the house and senate races which will bombard our televisions. Besides its 9 electoral votes being up for grabs, Colorado figures to be a focal point this November as they were finally able to collect enough signatures to get the legalization effort on the ballot.

There has been a push (lead by the group Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol) in Colorado to collect enough signatures and get the marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot.  Initially, almost double the required 86,105 signatures were submitted.  State officials rejected many of the signatures on the basis that they were invalid.  The initiative fell just short by about 2,400 signatures but over 12,000 were submitted just before the deadline.  Yesterday, the Colorado Secretary of State’s office announced that enough signatures were collected and that the initiative will be placed on the ballots for voters to decide.  Colorado voters had a similar opportunity in 2006 to legalize marijuana but chose not to.  California also rejected similar measures in 2010, but advocates are hopeful that the current initiative is a better plan and polls show much more support around the country for legalization.

Colorado will not be the only state where recreational marijuana could be legalized.  Through the efforts of New Approach Washington and their high profile team of U.S. attorneys, Judges, and law enforcement members, enough signatures were collected to place the issue on the ballots.  The Washington plan calls for a system of regulation similar to alcohol.  Other states may be poised to make serious changes to marijuana laws as well.  Michigan and Missouri are among several other states where ballot initiatives are underway to legalize cannabis.  There are also 17 other states with pending legislation to legalize medical marijuana and likely a few more on the way.

Calendar year 2012 already has the ingredients to make even more history than a normal presidential election year.  This truly may be the year where we have one or more states that have totally legalized marijuana.  While this may not provide any additional protection from the federal government, raids are harder to conduct when marijuana is permitted and available throughout a state and not just in easily identifiable store fronts.  The federal government may be forced to consider reclassification earlier than they would like, unless they plan on storming the back yards of residents.

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Updates on New Laws and regulations and former Governor Gary Manley

gary johnson

Using the tremendous success from the High Occasions Medical Cannabis Cup in La over the past weekend and Love Day moving in, there’s been a lot to discuss.  While we are talking about more highlights in the cup soon, we’re really looking forward to a few of the new political/legal developments regarding marijuana.

Gary Manley, that has been formerly been known to as “The Marijuana Candidate”, made head lines lately.  Mr. Manley was part of the GOP, but increased frustrated with numerous issues, including his former party’s disinclination to discuss marijuana reform and being excluded in the Republican primary debates.  Gary Manley continues to be running for leader but he’s now part of the Libertarian party.  Obviously that happened in the finish of 2011, but more lately he won a hay poll in Florida.  A hay poll occured including 5 other libertarian candidates, but Gary Manley won 70% from the election.  The fiscal conservative but socially moderate Manley stated, “The country’s in really deep trouble” and “Our country isn’t safe from financial collapse.” Manley can also be in support of a progressive national florida sales tax, also called a “Fair Tax”.  Although Gary Manley might not have the ability to win the U . s . States presidency, the ex-governor could provide a lot of exposure for marijuana reform.

Patients can also be very happy to hear that another condition has suggested new legislation that will bring serious modifications to existing marijuana laws and regulations.  In Maryland, you will find really three plans which have been suggested.  Two plans are extremely similar based on Serta Morhaim, an area 11 Democrat from Baltimore County.  He mentioned the 2 plans “overlap about 90 %.Inch  The 3rd plan differs substantially and it has provisions that will permit patients to develop their very own medication.  Advocates believe that enabling patient growing can offer the most affordable method to medicate.  The plans, or a mix of what the law states, may stand a high probability of passage as there’s already momentum for alternation in Maryland.  This past year, legislation was passed that decriminalized utilization of marijuana for patients who could demonstrate they needed marijuana for “therapeutic or palliative relief.”

The city is standing strong and could have previously suffered its pitch-dark days.  While Gary Manley has supported marijuana reform for a while, other political figures are actually prepared to advance and demand change as marijuana sheds its taboo status.  Maryland is just one illustration of this as a lot of other states have either legalized medicinal marijuana or are thinking about measures to do this.  With marijuana reform no more becoming an act of political suicide, a lot more will stand beside our community.

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Victory for Romney in Florida, But could it be a Victory for Patients?

mitt romney

The GOP primaries have experienced intense debate and battles from the candidates.  Prior to the process even started, Mitt Romney was considered both your hands lower front runner.  When the process was going ahead the press was treated with a unforeseen surprises. First,  Bachmann Wanted won the very first official event from the election campaign, the Ames Iowa Hay Poll.  After that we had the fall and rise of Ron Perry and Herman Cain (due largely for their promoted mistakes).

Even while lately like a couple of days ago, Newt Gingrich might have been considered the leader for that GOP nomination, but his comments on The spanish language being “the word what from the ghetto” considered him lower in a condition having a large Hispanic population.  Furthermore, Gingrich was without his best debate performances prior to the Florida election.  He was removed message and elevated eye brows together with his comments regarding his desire to have a moon base.  Although Gingrich still obtained well with individuals who connect themselves as “very conservative”, many voters were worried about the perception that he’s not really a viable candidate for any national election.

With Tuesday’s victory, Mitt Romney has clearly established themself because the leader.  Mitt Romney cruised to victory by winning 46% from the election instead of Gingrich’s 32% (Ron Santorum finished 3rd with 13% and Ron Paul trailed within the 4th position with 7%) .  Following a reduction in Sc lately, team Romney was charged with being too soft and experts predicted the former Governor will have to intensify his attacks on Newt Gingrich.  This is just what happened as Romney considerably outspent the previous Speaker of the home through campaign contributions as well as with the aid of Super Pacs.

With patients already being disenfranchised with how Leader Obama has handled medicinal marijuana, many were wishing for any GOP candidate who’d enact true reform.  While Ron Paul might be that candidate, his performances within the primaries appear to become losing momentum with every passing condition primary (a number of this really is because of his supposed racist news letters).  Although an advocate of medicinal marijuana throughout the eighties, Newt Gingrich lately made very aggressive comments against medicinal marijuana as well as went so far as adoring Singapore’s criminal justice system (Singapore is renowned for its very violent and harsh legislation).

Mitt Romney has lengthy mentioned his opposition to medicinal marijuana.  Reviews have resurfaced about him leaving without responding to questions from the motorized wheel chair bound patient struggling with muscular dystrophy who found relief with cannabis.  Furthermore, battling patients won’t find encouragement using the statement Mitt Romney made yesterday.  Within an interview with CNN’s Soledad O’brien, Mitt Romney mentioned he “was not worried about the poor.”  He stated his focus was around the middle-class since the weakest within our nation “have a security net”.  Many experts and patients question precisely what back-up he’s mentioning too.  He clearly doesn’t have aim of marketing cheaper alternative treatment which may give a true back-up for America’s poor.

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Ron Paul looking for U.S. Presidency and Reform

ron paul

Using the Iowa Caucuses looking for in a few days, many begin to see the race for that Republican nomination like a two equine race.  However, as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich fight for that 2012 nomination, Ron Paul has silently been climbing within the polls.  This frequently occur in primaries and without party support it appears likely Ron Paul will find it difficult to from the gap that separates him and also the two heavy players within the party.

Ron Paul likes his great amount of grassroots support, due actually largely to his fearlessness when confronted with tough issues.  Mr. Paul has damaged away frequently using the rank and file of his party and the recent comments around the Fight against Medicine is exactly the same.  Around the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Mr. Paul referred to his sights on U.S. drug policy.  Particularly he stated “The role of the us government would be to safeguard our protections. Which means they ought to safeguard our religious protections to complete what we should want our intellectual liberty, it should safeguard our to do in order to the body what we should want, you realize, what we should take into our physiques.”  Leno responded by asking “even if it is dangerous?”  Paul was by his comments and mentioned that government cannot safeguard us from ourselves.  Many may go through the claims are extremely strong, it isn’t frequently we learn about a prominent lawmaker talking about how you can return privileges to folks.

The longtime supporter of medicinal marijuana and patient privileges might have newly found allies because the guy Ron Paul needs to operate against the coming year has had heavy critique from marijuana advocates.  Ron Paul has loved a stable increase in the polls recently and lots of are predicting him either to have a very good showing or outright win tomorrow’s Iowa caucus.  Regrettably for Mr. Paul the storyline of his old news letters has resurfaced.  For political lovers, fundamental essentials same claims that dogged him in the past elections, including his not successful 2008 presidential campaign.  One famous statement composed under his title was at reaction to the la rioting throughout the Rodney King incident.  Paul or whomever made the claims under referred to the riots by saying “Order was just restored in L.A. if this came here we are at the shades of black to get their welfare inspections.”  That’s a powerful statement and would prevent any candidate from winning a national election.  Ron Paul cannot run out of this problem if he really wants to convince voters he didn’t result in the comments.

The storyline concerning the e-newsletter comes at any given time where Ron Paul was searching to get major momentum.  However, his insufficient support in the GOP hierarchy could eventually end up being a level bigger hurdle.  Additionally, there’ve previous those who win from the Iowa Caucuses who have been not able to take advantage of the momentum and win their party’s nomination.  Mike Huckabee won the Iowa caucus in 2008, but never was truly seen as an serious contender for that U.S. presidency.  Other famous those who win from the caucus who ultimately didn’t receive party nomination include dems Dick Gephardt (1988) and Tom Harkin (who in 1992 would eventually miss out to Bill Clinton).  Regardless of what happens Ron Paul will probably maintain his recognition inside the medicinal marijuana community.

Get more information at conservative systems copy from the Ron Paul News letters

Get more information at National Alemo’s copy from the Ron Paul News letters

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Herman Cain Shares His Sights on Medicinal Marijuana


The best political prize is available in under twelve months.  The 2012 election already appears to become under way despite the fact that the GOP primary nomination won’t be formally provided to any candidate prior to the Republican National Convention, that is set to occur on August 27, 2012 in Polk, Florida.

Lately, Herman Cain mentioned his take on medicinal marijuana.  Cain feels medicinal marijuana is definitely an problem that needs to be left as much as the usa “Because certainly one of my overriding methods to searching whatsoever of those issues — many of them belong in the condition, because whenever you make a move government … you attempt to pressure one-size-fits-all.”  These comments were  made in a campaign stay in Urbandale, Iowa.  Some political experts were surprised to determine Cain condition his sights on the problem.  Formerly, while campaigning within the summer time he’d completely declined to reply to queries about medicinal marijuana.  Cain has already established a dreadful month which change obviously might be viewed as politically motivated.  After taking pleasure in a short lead within the polls, he’s been heavily considered lower by accusations of sexual harassment that go as far back to his days as leader from the National Restaurant Association.  To increase his worries, he’s had some shaky public miscues when responding to policy related questions.  Within an interview he appeared to attract an empty when requested about Libya and when leader Obama was correct in the handling from the situation.  Furthermore, Cain wasn’t conscious that China has already established nuclear abilities for many decades.  Also, he appears to defer to his potential future cabinet frequently and it has made claims showing he need not know “everything” and can depend heavily on experts.

Cain have a difficult time protecting that his readiness to discuss medicinal marijuana isn’t politically motivated.  Within an interview with Outdoors magazine Cain stated medicinal marijuana customers are “the biggest untrained voting block in the united states,Inch as well as continued to say polls that indicated People in america were seeking legalized marijuana.  These claims represent an infinitely more direct stance than his previous strategy, that was to speak leave behind reporters.  Whatever his rationale to make these claims, they shouldn’t be ignored.  Medicinal marijuana has got the overwhelming support in the American public.  Furthermore, there’s an increasing sentiment within the GOP (a celebration formerly noted for its anti marijuana position) that it ought to be a condition problem.  Ron Perry has additionally made similar claims regarding how he’d handle medical cannabis.  Departing the problem of medicinal marijuana towards the states is a way of saying it ought to be left to folks.  The general public can gather signatures for ballot initiatives either to begin or finish existing medicinal marijuana programs.

This election has the feel of a prizefight which will go all the way.  Presently, the competitors continue to be trailing as well as with Cain’s terrible month, other candidates haven’t opened up up an impossible lead.  Ron Perry also offers had some public gaffes, especially his debate performance where he was not able to recall which branches of presidency he desired to eliminate.  Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich might be leading in polls but neither is invulnerable.  Romney includes a status for altering positions and might be a tough sell in Ohio, where he stated to become “110%” behind laws and regulations that eliminate collective negotiating privileges.  Newt Gingrich may be the familiar face and could possess the best experience to achieve the presidency, but he is a polarizing estimate American politics within the last two decades.  The primaries still have the means to go and also the candidate/contender who’ll undertake leader Obama continues to have enough time to refine their strategy in search of the U . s . States Presidency.

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