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Jill Stein

Donald Trump: Legalize Drugs?

Will Donald, Hillary, or Bernie legalize it before 2020? What about one of “the other” candidates? It is clear that the GOP has one option: Donald Trump. While many are wondering whether this man will make America great again, there is one looming issue for our community. What will happen to marijuana legislation and policy? […]

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The Election is Finally Here


Although early voting has been going on in certain states since September, the single day where the majority of voters will cast their ballots is here.  Enthusiasm is high as many pictures have been taken of long lines at polling sites.  Whether you are voting for President Obama, Governor Romney, Governor Johnson, or another candidate, it is simply unacceptable that voting has become a test of endurance.  Our country has previously been an example to the rest of the word for handling our elections in a fair way.  It appears, we have entered the one of the first periods  in U.S. history where voting has become more difficult.

President Obama and Mitt Romney have been frantically traveling to many swing states in the last minutes of campaigning.  Even though most people seem to have made up their minds as to who they will be voting for, we decided to highlight some of the candidates below.  For marijuana reformers, this election may not have touched on the key issues you wish to see dealt with, but we will provide any information available about the candidate’s positions.  Below check out a brief description of the candidates and a brief description of their policy positions:


-President Barack Obama (Democratic Party)

Our 44th president was born and raised in Hawaii.  He would eventually move to Chicago and in 2006 he was elected to the United States Senate.  His significant accomplishments as President include ending the War in Iraq, passing the Affordable Health Care Act, and giving the order to Seal Team Six to kill Osama Bin Laden.  Critics have been upset with a stagnant economic recovery and his handling of medical marijuana which includes raids on dispensaries and very little difference in the handling of The War on Drugs.  Many marijuana reform advocates are hoping a second term for Obama would be starkly different for both the War on Drugs and medical marijuana.


-Governor Mitt Romney (Republican Party)

The Republican nominee for president of the United States was born in Michigan.  He also spent significant time in Utah before moving to Massachusetts.  In 1994 he challenge Senator Ted Kennedy but ultimately lost the election.  In 2002, he took over the leadership role for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, which was in dire financial straits.  Mr. Romney is credited with turning the situation around and ensuring that the Olympics would be a success.  He would eventually run successfully for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002.  As Governor, his chief accomplishment was reforming Massachusetts health care program.   After serving one term as Governor, Mr. Romney decided to run for president.  He lost out to John McCain in 2008 but finally received the nomination in 2012.  Mr. Romney has not addressed marijuana often, but did say several months ago that he would fight medical marijuana “tooth and nail”.


-Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)

The former two term Governor of New Mexico was born in North Dakota.  While attending the University of New Mexico, Mr. Johnson paid his way through school by working as a handyman.  He would eventually start Big J Enterprises, and grow his company into one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico.  In 1994 he successfully ran for Governor of New Mexico.  He was re-elected in 1998 and still remains one of the most popular figures in New Mexico politics.  The Governor was previously a Republican but has since fallen from good graces with the party.  Many analysts believe his support for Libertarian causes such as marijuana reform and same sex marriage created a rift between Mr. Johnson and the GOP.  Mr. Johnson is now officially the Libertarian candidate for president and continues to serve as one of the most high profile advocates for marijuana decriminalization and reform.


-Jill Stein (Green Party)

The Green Party’s candidate for the United States Presidency was born in Chicago and raised in Highland Park Illinois.  She graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1979.  Jill Stein has been on the forefront of environmental issues across the country for decades.  She has testified numerous times in front of Government panels.  Ms. Stein has advocated what she calls “ The Green Deal”.  She sees it as a modern version of FDR’s “New Deal”.  In her deal, there would be a 30% reduction in military spending, higher tax rates for the wealthy while directing the additional money toward new age green jobs that would put America back to work while simultaneously working to reduce climate change.  Jill Stein has been a marijuana supporter for a long time and less than two weeks ago said that “marijuana is not dangerous at all” in a recent third party debate. encourages everyone to get out there and vote.    If you see long lines, please do not be discouraged.  We hope you stay engaged and make sure elections are conducted properly in the future.  The candidates are very different from one another so we encourage you to support the candidate you feel most closely represents your interests.  Additionally check back with us as we provide updates on the many ballot initiatives that are on the books.  Three states (Colorado, Washington, and Oregon) have their residents voting on measures that will legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana.  We will be conducting extensive follow up on the election all week.

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Is Roseanne the brand new Marijuana Candidate for Leader?

roseanne barr

At marijuana.internet we attempt good to help keep visitors informed on political developments that may have an affect on patients/advocates.  Periodically we’ve provided updates on Leader Obama and also the GOP candidates competing for that nomination.  Names like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Wealthy Santorum, and Ron Paul have been in existence the block several occasions.  Another title can also be within the race for leader which candidate certainly an experienced of media coverage, but a rookie regarding the political spectrum.

Last August, Roseanne Barr introduced on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that they was planning to operate for leader from the U . s . States.  The storyline has acquired momentum in recent days as she announced she’d legalize marijuana.  To date it appears to become the focal problem of her campaign but she’s also layed out four other primary goals her presidency would aim to accomplish.  Ms. Barr is running underneath the Eco-friendly Party.  She’d also aim to eliminate corporate personhood, to “obliterate” the 2 party system, to institute “Economic Justice”, and also to buy foreign troops and employ the saved funds to assist fund a real single payer health care system for People in america.  Click this link for additional particulars on her behalf political platform.

Lots of people who visit the polls within the U . s . States are single problem voters.  Abortion, foreign wars, and health care have typically been single problems that have motivated voters to create their method to the polls.  With your a sizable consensus of People in america seeking marijuana reform and government investing cutbacks, can marijuana be a new and enormous single voter problem?  Conservatives and liberals are generally motivated by abortion laws and regulations.  Exactly the same could be stated about immigration reform too.  Even while Leader Obama and many running within the Republican primary have sprinted from talking about marijuana , the relaxation of the nation is participating in the conversation.

While marijuana reform might not have the ability to ring within the Roseanne Barr presidency, cannabis clearly has effectively fought its taboo status.  Much talked about people appear to possess increasingly more security in with extreme changes to marijuana laws and regulations.  Many experts feel Roseanne Barr is just attempting to use her public image to bring focus on the eco-friendly party.  Ms. Barr is anticipated to operate against Jill Stein but has formerly been an advocate of Stein.  Because of this many expect Roseanne Barr, ultimately get noticed to Jill Stein and also the Eco-friendly party, especially since obliterating the 2 party product is this type of high priority on her.  What’s obvious, however, is when Roseanne Barr truly wishes to create a serious run for leader, she will have to perform some repairing of her loyal image.  Take a look at Roseanne Barr Singing the nation’s anthem in 1990.

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