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Whitened House Signals Readiness to go over Marijuana Re-arranging with Congress

The White HouseGlaciers, tortoises, and slugs all appear to maneuver faster than our authorities&#8217s reaction to standing on the incorrect side of marijuana for nearly a hundred years.  While the American public continues to be receptive to the thought of deleting marijuana, our government has fumbled the ball for a long time, not able to even come up with a rational reason …continue reading through

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta Not Only Apologizing For Previous Stance on Marijuana


Marijuana patients and activists have been disappointed regarding the across the country known Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s sights on Cannabis. For a long time he appeared to dismiss the numerous patient recommendations and lots of studies carried out highlighting the advantages of medicinal marijuana.  Dr. Gupta has considerable affect on established medical community, and federal policy (he’s a detailed ally of Leader Obama and it was offered a situation within the Whitened House).

About eight several weeks ago, Dr. Gupta required the initial step to redeeming themself within the medicinal marijuana community.  He accepted he didn’t consider all the details and authored articles entitled “Why I transformed my thoughts on weed.” Dr. Gupta stated he was sorry for adding to “misleading” the general public on marijuana   It had been an excellent gesture and assisted the thought of legitimate medicinal marijuana gain much more traction. Then he dug much deeper on medicinal marijuana in the CNN documentary “Weed”.
Dr. Gupta has taken the redemption farther.  The other day he stated he was “doubling lower on medicinal marijuana.Inch  The phrase grew to become overused throughout 2012 election season, but continues to be encouraging to listen to from Dr. Gupta.  In the brand new article, he discusses the government government’s patent on cannabinoid treatment.  Many of medical marijuana’s detractors have no clue exactly that the us government has acknowledged the effectiveness of cannabis, while still declaring they haven’t.  Confusing, we all know.  Clearly, the final and diminishing group in Congress who keep towards the old speaking points don’t truly understand what their government has acknowledged.
This hypocrisy wasn’t lost on Dr. Gupta.  In his article he said However, this specific problem still bothers me: “Just how can the federal government deny the advantages of medicinal marijuana even while it holds a patent for individuals exact same benefits? People from the Fda rejected my repeated demands to have an interview.”  Although the marijuana community and Dr. Gupta departed to some rough start, it appears he’s seriously interested in as being a reliable ally now.

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Congress Asks Obama to Reschedule Marijuana


The separation of forces was among the best ideas hatched in the American founders.  With the manager, judicial, and congressional branches, the concept is the fact that each would over see certain facets of the federal government.  Unfortunately, the concept wasn’t supposed to have been a game title of hot potato.

However, creating the duty is exactly what we have seen very frequently from D.C. authorities.  The separation of forces wasn’t meant to confuse chosen leaders.  It did appear to complete exactly that as Leader Obama appeared to forget that deleting marijuana, is definitely an concept that would fall to him, and also the executive run Department of Justice.  When asked inside a recent interview, Mr. Obama attempted to change down to deleting marijuana to Congress. The interviewer, getting a clearer knowledge of how our government works, remedied the Leader and tell him that deleting is really a responsibility from the Whitened House.

The Leader attempted for everyone the ball to Congress, but they have came back the volley.  Days ago, 18 people of Congress sent instructions to Leader Obama, requesting him to reschedule marijuana, because the current policy “is not sensibleInch.  The people of congress are attempting to get marijuana separated from cocaine, heroin, along with other substances which have no medicinal value.  According to Yahoo, the letter says “Classifying marijuana as Schedule I in the federal level perpetuates an illegal and irrational system.  Schedule I recognizes no medical use, neglecting both medical evidence and also the laws and regulations of up to 50 % from the claims that have legalized medicinal marijuana.Inches Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), author from the letter stated that reclassifying marijuana “is one step the administration may take to begin to rationalize federal marijuana policy to create it using the advances which are happening in the usa.Inches

Weight loss states legalize both leisure and medicinal marijuana, pressure on Mr. Obama is only going to increase.  It is obvious the huge most of People in america are trying to find a significant change.  The insufficient action by federal government bodies, and today specially the Whitened House, is definitely an absolutely irresponsible act.  Patients and individuals buying leisure marijuana legally under their condition law possess a to be protected, not persecuted by chosen leaders.

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Insufficient Banking Remains Challenge for Legal Marijuana Industry

empty bank vault

A week ago we spoke concerning the fact our Commander in Chief looks like it’s unaware of the separation of forces.  President Obama attempted to assert that he’s powerless to assist reschedule marijuana laws and regulations.  He obviously was remedied through the reporter performing the job interview and informed the Department of Justice works best for the Leader.  Mr.  Obama is extremely wise and it is an old leader from the Harvard Law Review.  This would lead someone to think that his outward naive behavior was intentional, something that’s simply not likely to sit well with reformers and medicinal marijuana patients.

The Justice Department is shedding the ball again.  They launched a vague statement implying that marijuana collectives will get access to banking.  This has produced confusion among collective operators and it has not alleviated the worries of the bankers.  No one will risk a federal crime within the banking industry (avoid marijuana anyway).  It appears no government agency or official can simply grant us our deserved and needed privileges, father, everything appears to need to be completed in small steps.  Common sense reform only works through itching and moving for each inch, possibly as a means of letting us realize that our privileges can’t ever be easily restored.
U . s . States Attorney General, Eric Holder, lately stated recommendations instructing the banking industry regarding how to handle the accounts of marijuana collectives could be launched “soon.Inch  Unfortunately, with no occur stone law, U.S. prosecutors can ignore a memo from Mr. Holder.  Similar situations have come to light in N.Y. when former NYPD Commissioner, Ray Kelly, sent a memo out for officials to abandon “Stop and Frisk.”  Not every officer was willing to accept advice.  A memo may also be totally irrelevant to another presidential administration.
Take advantage of Rowe, a senior official using the American Bankers Association was wary the DOJ memo might have much impact.  He lately stated “From my conversations with bankers, I do not observe that there’s what you can perform that will provide a bank enhanced comfort they require until Congress changes what the law states.Inch  If the Department of Justice rescheduled marijuana, we’d be prepared to wager that might be an excellent start.  Mr. Obama has lately made head lines by his aggressive risks to make use of executive energy at the appropriate interval.  With a dysfunctional congress, he might need to determine his scope of energy, and make a move to help keep teens from jail and also to allow patients to medicate without anxiety about prosecution.

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Leader Obama’s Recent Marijuana Claims Still Leave Air Hazy


Following Leader Obama’s shifting tone on marijuana continues to be difficult.  The Leader has accepted to smoking marijuana like a teen and authored about  it at length in the 1995 book, “Hopes for My Dad.Inch  While becoming a U.S. Senator he notoriously stated “I breathed in frequently, which was the purposeInch after being questioned in a job interview.  After recommending marijuana enforcement wouldn’t be important from the Justice Department, the Federal Government shocked many because they continued to conduct more raids on shops than previous presidents Clinton and Rose bush combined.

Because the Fight against Drugs has fatigued America. Parents have finished watching their teens be jailed for non-violent crimes, (“crimes” their very own leader has accepted to doing) and lots of happen to be demanding action from Leader Obama.  Regrettably, even while the outdated guidelines ongoing to consider a toll around the economy and families, the leader continued to be quiet around the problem during the last couple of years.  Inside a Reddit session, participants extremely attempted to interact the leader on marijuana reform, simply to be overlooked.  Exactly the same happened having a Whitened House initiative where they guaranteed any subject could be addressed if received enough online votes.  Again there is only crickets.

It seems being more than a year taken off re-election has reminded the leader that we’re awaiting him to repair this problem.  Finally, in The month of january of 2014, Leader Obama’s finally saying what most People in america are planning.  Within an interview with David Remnick from the New Yorker, the leader was requested about his sights on marijuana.  He responded by saying “I don’t believe it is more harmful than alcohol.”  When requested if marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol he stated “in relation to its effect on the person consumer.”  Also, he continued to state “We shouldn’t be securing up kids or individual customers for lengthy stretches of incarceration when a few of the people that are writing individuals laws and regulations have most likely done exactly the same factor.”  That’s a place that people from the marijuana community happen to be losing sleep over for many years.

It is not easy of what to model of the President’s statements.  Colorado and Washington have approved leisure marijuana sales and also the listing of medicinal marijuana states is continuously growing.  The federal government has clearly lost the propaganda war as most People in america want leisure marijuana legalized along with a huge majority want medical and decriminalization laws and regulations.  It’s also interesting to notice the claims through the Department of Justice last August, where they indicated they’d respect condition marijuana laws and regulations. We’ve been misled through the President  before, but with no pending election, we’re hopeful he can uphold his word this time around.

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Marijuana Enters New Age, While Propaganda Remains Stuck in Last Century


Research into marijuana was almost non existent for the 20th century.  In the 21st century, clinical trials are finally being commissioned, trying to make up for decades of lost research time.  Blatant propaganda had previously been a staple for the criminalization crowd, those who wish to see our jails overcrowded with non violent criminals.  However, as positive patient testimonials, the realization that the war on drugs is a colossal failure, and a desire to regain some individual choices take hold on the American public, wreck less propaganda has begun to fade away.


The self righteous criminalization crowd now realizes they have to be more covert when trying to mislead.  They may troll the internet for vulnerable comment sections on blogs, or share exaggerated or factually incorrect articles on social media.  It came as a huge surprise to us to see vintage propaganda prominently featured on the Kansas City Star’s webpage.  Proving that so much deception could not be successfully crafted by one person, both Ravikumar Chockalingam and Dragan Svrakic needed to collaborate to complete a recent article titled “The risks of marijuana are many”.

The article starts with the following:

Imagine the public outrage if a toxic drug was approved without any regulation for “recreational” use in adults and children that suppresses the immune system, causes schizophrenia, mental illness, brain and lung disease including cancer and death. Also, many long-term and frequent users of this toxic drug have lowered IQs, impaired memory, poor judgment and diminished driving ability.


It does not exactly improve from there. The authors go on to cite marijuana as a “toxic drug” while ignoring obvious comparisons to legal opiates and alcohol’s “toxic” effect.  Even stranger, they try and scare readers regarding a fictional “nightmare health scenario” that other states outside of Kansas and Missouri are experiencing.  Driving and marijuana is actually a discussion that needs to occur, but there is conflicting evidence to suggest that it causes more accidents.  In fact, in certain states where medical marijuana is legal, DWIs and fatal crashes have actually gone down. The authors also claim there is no medical evidence to support marijuana’s medical efficacy.  That is incorrect as even the U.S. government has commissioned studies that highlight marijuana’s wide array of medical uses, including the potential to fight cancer.


Of course the article also uses the standard condescension, where patient testimonials are irrelevant and we should not trust people when they tell us about their improved quality of life and reduction in pain, nausea, PTSD, seizures… the list goes on.  Patients from different walks of life, politically, financially, and ethnically, all have gotten together during times where their health has deteriorated, to fake marijuana’s benefits.  At least this is what the article in the Kansas City Star implying.


While (psychiatry resident) and Dragan Svrakic (associate professor) are both part of the Washington University School of Medicine, they seem to be lagging behind the medical leaders in our country.  Even Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN contributor and President Obama’s choice for Surgeon General (Dr. Gupta turned down the offer) has reversed his opposition to medical marijuana, and admitted he was wrong.  When leading physicians, clinical trials, and patients all report the benefits of medical marijuana, we can only hope the two authors of the article will take notice.  We at noticed an unusual amount of blanket statements and a lack of evidence provided for these outrageous claims.  The American public does not seem to be buying the scare tactics of last century as the vast majority (85% according to a Fox News Poll) of residents here support medical marijuana.  It may be time for Ravikumar Chockalingam and Dragan Svrakic to abandon the propaganda, or at least utilize more subtle and modern techniques.









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Senator Patrick Leahy Organizes Federal Conference on Marijuana Policy

patrick leahy

Marijuana Industry News This summer 26,2013

california democrats

California Democratic Party Formally Requires Alternation in Federal Marijuana Law…

The American medicinal marijuana movement began in California when citizens passed Proposition 215, an invoice that found be due in large parts towards the efforts of Dennis Peron.  However,  legislators have sent mixed messages and also have unsuccessful to institute a good and sensible group of laws and regulations to supervise the medicinal marijuana program.  Without any strong condition rules, there’s considerable legal confusion as shops are allowed in a few cities and never others.  The legal mess has caused  federal government bodies to salivate as they  have regularly carried out raids on shops.  The California Democratic Party has become trying to change that.  In the party’s executive board meeting days ago,  the party passed two resolutions and also have adopted the positions to their official platform.  Here are the resolutions passed:

“The first resolution known as on Leader Obama to (1) respect the voters of Colorado and Washington and also to not allow any federal interference within the enactment of the marijuana legalisation initiatives, (2) finish the government raids on patients and companies in medicinal marijuana states and (3) appoint a commission to consider the reform in our nation’s marijuana laws and regulations.

“The second resolution calls on our condition legislature to enact state-wide recommendations for medicinal marijuana distribution that respects the privileges of local cities to manage and license but probably provide marijuana ‘to all patients in most regions of California, rural in addition to urban.’


For more about this story click the link


Answer Page:Marijuana May be Best Strategy to Migraines…

The fight to find the best migraine reliever choose to go on for many years.  Which brand is better?  Tylenol?Advil,? Or possibly sour diesel?  Dating back to 1892, Dr. Mister William Osler stated in “The Concepts and exercise of Medicine” that “Cannabis indica is most likely probably the most acceptable fix for migraines.”  The, an academic website operated by earliest American medical society still around, The Massachusetts Medical Society, has made the decision to get where Dr. Osler left off.  The answerpage really has courses on medicinal marijuana created for health care professionals.  While complex, additionally they offer Q&ampA periods for individuals who might not be too experienced because the health care professionals in medicinal marijuana.  Answerpage does well in distributing the term one of the health care industry.  NYU resident physician, Sunil K. Aggarwal, MD, PhD, appreciated the efforts of answerpage and lately stated “Most medical schools are lagging in teaching the scientific details concerning the medicinal utilization of cannabis.  It’s great that doctors are now able to get excellent and rapid CME training on medicinal marijuana at TheAnswerPage.”   


For additional about this story click the link


U.S.  Congressman Looks to supply Bank Use of Marijuana Shops…

Competitors of marijuana reform have frequently mentioned their concern for a boost in crime.  However, current marijuana laws and regulations prevent financial transparency as shops are avoided from opening accounts.  When banks do let dispensary operators open accounts, they’re then threatened by the us government to shut the accounts.  This leads to considerable cash available, and places a target for crooks squarely being worn by shops.  It’s wideley known that dispensary employees cannot possess guns while at the office.  Crooks are extremely conscious of this and frequently possess the chance to focus on a business with cash available and never method of protecting themselves.  U.S. Repetition. Erectile dysfunction Perlmutter (D-CO) needs to rectify this case.   “This isn’t about whether you agree or disagree or support using marijuana,” stated Leslie Oliver, Perlmutter’s communications director. “It’s about making certain public safety which companies which are legal can perform the other legal companies can perform.Inches


For additional about this story click the link

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Federal Data Shows Blacks Arrested in Much Higher Numbers for Marijuana

It has been a few difficult weeks for the Commander in Chief.  The IRS and justice department scandals have weighed heavily on the perception if the president.  The news does not seem to be getting much better.  As they say,  when it rains it pours. Recently released federal data shows that black Americans were arrested …continue reading

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After Historic President Obama May Be Ready to Examine Marijuana Reform


Often a politician’s true feelings are not decipherable until after they no longer face the prospect of re-election.  While President Obama’s 2008 campaign included a progressive tone to the war on drugs and marijuana reform, his first term drifted away from those sentiments.  Federal raids on dispensaries have been at an all time high under President Obama, more so than the Clinton and Bush years combined.

While normally an elected official could risk paying a high price such misleading political statements, marijuana advocates were left with little choice as Republican challenger Mitt Romney stated that he would medical marijuana “tooth and nail”.  One year ago, sensible marijuana reform and all the hard work for 15 years seemed to seriously be at jeopardy.  Raids were underway in California and Newt Gingrich (who vowed to increase government efforts on the failed war on drugs) was the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.  While the atmosphere was starting to appear toxic, activists remained undeterred.  Groups such as Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (Colorado) and New Approach Washington were able expand awareness and help collect enough signatures to get legalization to the ballots.  The legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado seems to be a game changer

Elections clearly have winners, losers, and consequences.  The international community, especially our neighbors to the south have been calling on the United States to alter its approach to the War On Drugs.  The Obama administration seemed unmoved by the international pressure.  President Obama even sidestepped online forum questions on marijuana several times.  Through all of this many kept their fingers crossed that President Obama would take on a softer tone as he likely will never be running for public office again.  The second term is here and marijuana activists were thrown a bone recently.

Even as the media coverage is narrowly focused on the so called “fiscal cliff”, the president must have taken notice of what happened in the two now legal marijuana states as he felt compelled to comment on the issue last week.  He recently told Barbara Walters that “We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” Mr Obama said in a nationally televised interview. “It would not make sense for us to see a top priority as going after recreational users in states that have determined that it’s legal.”  He also went on to say that the Justice Department is researching how they can reconcile the differences between federal and state law.  The president does not even have to draft his own legislation as The Respect States’ and Citizens’ Rights Act of 2012 has already been introduced to congress.  The bill, which is sponsored by Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette, would amend the US Controlled Substances Act and prevent federal law from taking precedence over state law.

It remains to be seen what exactly President Obama will do in regards to marijuana reform.  Unlike previous politicians, President Obama has previously professed his love for marijuana in print.  In his 1995 memoir “Dreams from My Father,” the president stated that he smoked marijuana like Dr. Suess wrote about Green Eggs and Ham.  Here, there everywhere.  Other reports suggest he was part of a pot smoking group named “The Chrom Gang”.   This is not to say that he must be forever tied to his actions as a teen and college student.  However, for a president that had a personal love for marijuana, and now has first hand experience in the failings of the drug war, it should be expected that he try his very best to fix this mess.  While the future is unclear, it is encouraging that marijuana would even get any airtime as fiscal cliff coverage, the aftermath of the Newtown shooting, and a re-energized conversation on gun control is dominating the airwaves.

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