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Department of Justice

Why Ohio growers may have to break the law to start medical marijuana crops

Ohio will be authorizing 24 companies to grow medical marijuana soon, but how can they legally import the seeds to begin sowing their crops?

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Under pressure, Justice Department creates internal watchdog for asset forfeiture program

A unit will be set up in the Justice Department to oversee a policy that allows police to take cash and property from people suspected of a crime, even if they have not been charged.

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Learn from Colorado’s mistakes, says former cannabis czar

If he had to do it all over again, Colorado’s former marijuana czar Andrew Freedman would approach cannabis legalization by seeking out loads of data.

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Justice Department has “effectively shut down” marijuana research at DEA

The Justice Department has effectively blocked the Drug Enforcement Administration from taking action on 25 requests to grow marijuana to use in research.

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Senators Renew Protections for Medical Marijuana

Great news for marijuana patients and entrepreneurs came down from the nation’s capital this week as the Senate Appropriations Committee voted for language in the federal budget to prevent the Department of Justice from meddling in matters of medical marijuana users and providers. To date, it’s the most telling consensus regarding how the Senators feel […]

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Senate committee, rejecting request from Sessions, keeps protection for medical marijuana states

The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved an amendment to protect state medical marijuana programs from federal interference, despite a written request from Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this year that they not do so.

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Feds hold closed-doors meetings with Colorado officials known to have doubts about weed

Federal Department of Justice and drug policy officials met privately Wednesday with Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, local police and other community leaders who have expressed concern with marijuana.

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A brief history of D.A.R.E., the ’80s anti-drug program Jeff Sessions wants to revive

Jeff Sessions supports the D.A.R.E. anti-drug program, but decades of evidence-based research has shown the program to be ineffective.

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Sessions’ right-hand man, Steven Cook, thinks Holder DOJ was “soft on crime”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has brought Cook into the Justice Department to help undo the criminal justice policies of Obama and former AG Eric Holder Jr.

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Congress Asks Obama to Reschedule Marijuana


The separation of forces was among the best ideas hatched in the American founders.  With the manager, judicial, and congressional branches, the concept is the fact that each would over see certain facets of the federal government.  Unfortunately, the concept wasn’t supposed to have been a game title of hot potato.

However, creating the duty is exactly what we have seen very frequently from D.C. authorities.  The separation of forces wasn’t meant to confuse chosen leaders.  It did appear to complete exactly that as Leader Obama appeared to forget that deleting marijuana, is definitely an concept that would fall to him, and also the executive run Department of Justice.  When asked inside a recent interview, Mr. Obama attempted to change down to deleting marijuana to Congress. The interviewer, getting a clearer knowledge of how our government works, remedied the Leader and tell him that deleting is really a responsibility from the Whitened House.

The Leader attempted for everyone the ball to Congress, but they have came back the volley.  Days ago, 18 people of Congress sent instructions to Leader Obama, requesting him to reschedule marijuana, because the current policy “is not sensibleInch.  The people of congress are attempting to get marijuana separated from cocaine, heroin, along with other substances which have no medicinal value.  According to Yahoo, the letter says “Classifying marijuana as Schedule I in the federal level perpetuates an illegal and irrational system.  Schedule I recognizes no medical use, neglecting both medical evidence and also the laws and regulations of up to 50 % from the claims that have legalized medicinal marijuana.Inches Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), author from the letter stated that reclassifying marijuana “is one step the administration may take to begin to rationalize federal marijuana policy to create it using the advances which are happening in the usa.Inches

Weight loss states legalize both leisure and medicinal marijuana, pressure on Mr. Obama is only going to increase.  It is obvious the huge most of People in america are trying to find a significant change.  The insufficient action by federal government bodies, and today specially the Whitened House, is definitely an absolutely irresponsible act.  Patients and individuals buying leisure marijuana legally under their condition law possess a to be protected, not persecuted by chosen leaders.

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