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Aurora couple first to go to prison in connection with large-scale Colorado black market marijuana ring

An Aurora couple was sentenced in federal court this week for their role in a large-scale black market marijuana grow operation, the first people to be sent to prison as part of a massive Denver-area drug take-down announced last year.

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FBI, DEA orchestrate massive raid of suspected illegal marijuana grow operations across Denver metro area

Drug Enforcement Administration and FBI agents joined state and local agencies in a massive, coordinated raid of more than a dozen suspected illegal marijuana growing operations across the Denver metro area Thursday morning, federal officials say.

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After sounding alarm about increased crime, Sessions credits Trump with crime rate drop in first half of 2017

Sessions is making the case Trump administration anti-crime policies are working, even though the trend already was apparent when he repeatedly warned that crime was out of control.

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How the War on Drugs crushed California’s greenhouses and cannabis legalization is bringing them back

A trade agreement with South American countries is largely blamed for the failure of greenhouse nurseries along the California coast. Now the vacant flower greenhouses are getting snapped up in a cannabis land boom.

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Trump worried Americans might be clobbered by “sacks of drugs” thrown over border wall

President Donald Trump said his proposed border wall would have to be “transparent” to prevent Americans from being killed by 60-pound sacks of drugs tossed over from the Mexican side.

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Former acting AG Sally Yates: Sessions’ drug policy unjust, dangerous

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates says Sessions is out of touch with broad bipartisan consensus regarding the harm of mandatory minimum drug sentences.

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IRS trawling state-run pot database to block Colorado marijuana companies from claiming tax deductions

The industry says the IRS is conducting an unauthorized criminal investigation using seed-to-sale database and overreaching its authority.

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DEA raids illegal marijuana grow near Colorado elementary school

Drug enforcement agents raided suspected illegal marijuana-growing operation across the street from an elementary school in Monument Friday morning.

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Sessions’ right-hand man, Steven Cook, thinks Holder DOJ was “soft on crime”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has brought Cook into the Justice Department to help undo the criminal justice policies of Obama and former AG Eric Holder Jr.

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