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Newest Marijuana Initiative Polls

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Political junkies or those working in campaigns have been spending a considerable amount of time analyzing polls recently.  Even those who are not as enthusiastic about the election probably cannot escape the constant updates on polling.  Yesterday spoke about a polls showing that Colorado voters seem to be heavily leaning toward enacting a measure that would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana.

Today, we thought maybe we would talk about some polls on marijuana initiatives in other states.  Colorado is not the only state with a major marijuana legislative overhaul law that will be voted on by the people in November.  Arkansas, Montana, Massachusetts, Washington State and Oregon will leave the future of marijuana reform in the hands of voters in November.  These polls are gauging the public’s interest in bills they will be voting on.  However, there is also pending legislation in other states to legalize medical marijuana or decriminalize.

The news for activists has been in mostly in their favor.  As mentioned yesterday, polls showed a strong majority of Colorado residents favoring the legalization of marijuana.  Similar results were found in Washington State as 57% supported legalization with 34% opposed.  In Massachusetts 58% of those polled signaled their support to legalize medical marijuana with only 27% opposing the measure.    Additionally, a majority of Montana voters do not support the state setting up additional limits on the state’s medical marijuana program.  Oregon voters were much more on the fence when it comes to legalizing marijuana with a slight majority disapproving of the measure (46%-43%).  There has not been polling data on residents of Arkansas, where they will vote on bring medical marijuana to the south.

The likelihood of at least one state passing a legalized marijuana bill seems extremely high.  Additionally it seems at one or more states may soon be joining the growing list of 17 states (and Washington D.C.) that have medical marijuana programs.  While many of us have grown weary from polling and statistics being directed our way, we thought many marijuana activists would be pleased to see their efforts are winning over the people.

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