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Zenabis is one of the largest indoor medical cannabis cultivation footprints in Canada

Zenabis East New Brunswick

Zenabis is a licensed medical cannabis producer with one of the largest indoor medical cannabis cultivation footprints in Canada. They have more than 400,000 square feet of licensed indoor cultivation space, to provide Canadians with safe, high-quality cannabis. In addition to the cultivation and sale of medicinal cannabis, they also actively engage in patient education, […]

Marijuana Industry News August 23, 2013

white house

White House Trying to Create Distance from  Dr. Sanjay Gupta Marijuana

CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, has created many
headlines and conversation since recently announcing he his previous
anti-marijuana stance was incorrect.  Dr. Gupta .  President Obama had
considered Gupta for Surgeon General in 2008.  Dr. Gupta, however did
not want to walk away from his surgical career and did not want to
lose time with his family.  Many have been wondering if Gupta’s
reversal will have policy impact.  So far it has not, but the White
House is answering questions it would rather not.  Deputy Press
Secretary, Josh Earnest was asked if a position flip by a well known
White House ally would have any impact on President Obama’s marijuana
policy.  Earnest said that President Obama ‘does not, at this point,
advocate a change in the law” and “The administration’s position on
this has been clear and consistent for some time now”  There are two
curious phrases in Josh Earnest’s quotes.  For one, they make sure to
say nothing will change “at this point”, perhaps opening the door to
future changes.  Additionally, many would disagree very much so
that President Obama has been “consistent” on his marijuana views.
The administration signaled a much different view on the 2008 campaign
trail and the early days of his first term.  However, a major change
appears to be on the horizon as it is becoming more difficult to
locate someone who will actually defend the current Schedule 1 status
of marijuana.

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City of Washington D.C. May Create Program to Subsidize Poor Medical
Marijuana Patients…

Fiscal conservatives will likely have a field day criticizing a new
proposal by city government officials in D.C.  Others will praise a
proposal aimed at helping struggling patients who may not be able to
afford their medication.  D.C. city officials are considering a
program that would require dispensary operators to put aside 2% of
profits in order to subsidize lower income patients who may not be
able to afford their medication.  While there have been calls in many
municipalities across the nation to address access to the poor, there
has not been any initiative such as this one from any government
entity..  Arizona allows for a reduced registration fee for low income
patients and many dispensaries have taken it upon themselves to offer
discounted meds but there have yet to be significant laws requiring
this.  One issue in the medical marijuana world is that medicine is
often priced at the prohibition street prices.  Allen St. Pierre, of
NORML, said “The rule is totally unprecedented in the medical
marijuana community.”

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National Marijuana Expert Suggests Fed Government Enter into a
Contract with Washington and Colorado on Medical Marijuana…

In an ideal world, the federal government would respect the laws and
wishes of state residents.  For decades many have tried to make this a
reality.  Marijuana reform activists have lobbied the federal
government to rethink their outdated position that marijuana is one of
the most dangerous substances on Earth, even more so than cocaine.  A
leading expert on marijuana law, and professor of public policy, Mark
Kleiman, is seeking to change this.  Mr. Kleinman is the lead
consultant for Washington state on their recently legalized medical
marijuana program.  The professor suggested that the Department of
Justice could enter into a contract with Colorado and Washington which
would have the states do everything in their power to prevent
marijuana from flooding other markets while the federal government
would vow not to prosecute the states who would be in violation of
federal law.  Earlier this week he told reporters “I think that
authorizes the (attorney general) to essentially enter into treaties
with Colorado and Washington… That’s messy, but I think it’s
workable.  It would prevent flooding the country with cheap pot.”  It
would also make it easier for businesses and patients to move forward,
as the battle of state vs. federal law has left everyone in limbo.

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