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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online in Colorado

Getting or renewing a medical marijuana card in Colorado has never been easier. The advent of the internet has made almost anything possible, including getting your hands on an application (or renewal application) for your medical marijuana card! Long gone are the days of having to schedule a consultation in person with your doctor! The […]

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How to Get a Medical Card in Arkansas

Getting a medical marijuana card in Arkansas can be a simple process. Arkansas has broad patient requirements and all you need is to meet with a doctor and submit the proper forms to the Arkansas Department of Health. Read on for more details about the Arkansas medical marijuana program. Can I Get a Medical Marijuana […]

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Zenabis is one of the largest indoor medical cannabis cultivation footprints in Canada

Zenabis East New Brunswick

Zenabis is a licensed medical cannabis producer with one of the largest indoor medical cannabis cultivation footprints in Canada. They have more than 400,000 square feet of licensed indoor cultivation space, to provide Canadians with safe, high-quality cannabis. In addition to the cultivation and sale of medicinal cannabis, they also actively engage in patient education, […]

Is Cannabis Harm Reduction?

We know that cannabis is a less harmful substance than those in favor of the Drug War would have you believe. Even in recreational use, cannabis does substantially less damage than alcohol. Even in states with recreational marijuana laws, cannabis is still handled differently than alcohol. When it comes to medical cannabis, not only is it less harmful […]

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New Medical Cannabis System in Michigan to Garner up to $63 Million a Year in Taxes, Many Patients Unhappy

Last month Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a package of bills explicitly legalizing the distribution of medical cannabis through a regulated system of dispensaries and cultivation centers, including establishing a 3% excise tax on dispensaries’ gross sales. According to a new report from Crain’s Detroit Business, the Senate Fiscal Agency estimates it will results in tens […]

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Australia Moves to Legalize Cultivation of Medical Marijuana Down Under

On Saturday, the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia publicized its plan to allow medical marijuana to be legally cultivated for medicinal and scientific research purposes.

Currently under Australian law, cannabis is still classified as an illegal narcotic, and while penalties differ from state to state, those who cultivate, consume, carry or distribute it can be fined and sent to prison.

According to ABC Online:

“Health Minister Sussan Ley said the Government wants to give people suffering from debilitating illnesses access to the most effective medical treatments.”

More Australian Marijuana News

By amending the 1967 Narcotics Drugs Act, Australia’s politicians hope to legalize the local cultivation of medical marijuana without violating the country’s international commitment to the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Fired up for medical marijuana

With more than 246,000 people signing a petition on to decriminalize the plant and its potent cannabinoids for medical purposes, supporters of the Australian plan have long felt the current laws were prejudicial towards patients who relied on the plants flower to alleviate their pain.

While a serious victory for the sick and suffering Down Under, Ley noted, “Cannabis will remain classified as an illegal narcotic in Australia for recreational use.”

In the below video, Australia’s Senator Leyonhjelm makes the case for legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana in Australia.

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Hemp… Man’s closest friend

Let&#8217s take some time to check out medicinal marijuana&#8217s dear brother, Hemp.  Aren&#8217t they exactly the same?  To put it simply, Hemp is marijuana that’s lower in the psychoactive chemical THC.  Really you will find 3 types of cannabis there’s sativa, indica, and ruderalis.   In the past, hemp was grown through the colonies (including Presidents Washington and …continue reading through

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Colorado Dispensary Employees Join Labor Union

UFCW Union

Fair labor practices happen to be instrumental in assisting America be a great nation.  Organizations such as the historic Knights in combat at work, expected worker privileges and stimulated the development of the American middle-class.  Labor unions might help shield you for workers, who otherwise could be in an infinitely more vulnerable position.

Lately, Colorado dispensary employees happen to be beginning to become listed on UFCW Local 7, a union that signifies grocery, pharmacy, agriculture employees, food processors, meat blades, textile employees, and healthcare employees.  Between Wyoming and Colorado, you will find about 25,000 people in local UFCW Local 7.  Marijuana employees may now assistance to bolster these amounts.  The move may create dispensary employees in other states.  Medicinal marijuana employees in California, Washington, and Michigan are apparently seeking union representation too.

The move ended to supply protection for an very vulnerable industry.  With recent federal raids in California, employees are wishing a union will a minimum of provide some satisfaction.  While this doesn’t guarantee defense against raids, the us government might not wish to hinder employees with with each other bargained privileges.  Unions are usually coveted by political figures and clearly much more within an election year.

The move by UFCW might help to bring more regulation in the market.  Worker safety factors are likely likely to be an issue, because it is down to labor unions to regularly inspect work conditions.  Furthermore, this primary step also solves which kind of union the initial marijuana employees would join.  People from the medical cannabis industry likely made the prudent move by joining a previously established union instead of beginning their very own.  New developments about this story is going to be reported on.

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Legalized Marijuana Customers: 1Million, Growing, & Formally an industry Segment


Many companies have notoriously marketed the number of clients they’ve had, especially after striking the a million plateau. Another barometer accustomed to gauge business success is annual revenue. For medicines, any product with exceedingly low unwanted effects after greater than a decade available on the market will often be described as a success. published a current article titled “America’s A Million Legalized Marijuana Users”. The content clearly has its own primary point upfront within the title. However, additionally, it stops working just how much medical cannabis people in every condition can buy. According to all the specific legal possession laws and regulations, medicinal marijuana can yield between 2.3 and 6.2 billion dollars yearly. That’s already an astounding number, however the future holds much more potential because it is expected more states will enact professional medicinal marijuana legislation. Clearly with revenue within the billions, the possibility taxes collected could high. Furthermore, security companies, shops, doctors, and smoke shops could all benefit and expand, resulting in job growth. Any questionable industry is going to be met by doubters. Ironically, the medicinal marijuana industry hasn’t triggered the security issues that lots of it’s competitors initially stated it might. For example, Or is going through it’s cheapest rate of place of work deaths and accidents. Colorado continues to be happy with it’s decade low ratio of motorists versus. fatal crashes. This isn’t to state that medicinal marijuana is exclusively accountable for these statistics. However, it’s obvious the medical cannabis industry didn’t result in a increasing of fatal accidents. Furthermore, it might not be outlandish to point out a correlation between medical cannabis which decreasing amounts, although research would likely need to be carried out before such conclusions might be arrived at. Exactly what is a fact, however, are how big the usa enacting medicinal marijuana. When the 2012 election were held today (other states might have medicinal marijuana by this time around), these states would represent 162 electoral votes. To win the united states presidency, an applicant must achieve 270 votes with the electoral process. A leader won’t simply win by promoting medicinal marijuana, however it demonstrates what size the city keeps growing. With lots of the usa permitting medical cannabis getting a sizable share from the electorate, this problem can’t be overlooked by anybody. &nbsp

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