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Two Colorado cannabis companies unionize, setting precedent for CBD workers

Workers at two Longmont cannabis companies unionized this week, a move the labor organization hopes sets a precedent as the first-ever national union contract for CBD workers.

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Big labor wants to unionize California cannabis workers

Unions have sighted a rare opportunity to organize a whole new set of workers as recreational marijuana becomes legal in California.

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Colorado Dispensary Employees Join Labor Union

UFCW Union

Fair labor practices happen to be instrumental in assisting America be a great nation.  Organizations such as the historic Knights in combat at work, expected worker privileges and stimulated the development of the American middle-class.  Labor unions might help shield you for workers, who otherwise could be in an infinitely more vulnerable position.

Lately, Colorado dispensary employees happen to be beginning to become listed on UFCW Local 7, a union that signifies grocery, pharmacy, agriculture employees, food processors, meat blades, textile employees, and healthcare employees.  Between Wyoming and Colorado, you will find about 25,000 people in local UFCW Local 7.  Marijuana employees may now assistance to bolster these amounts.  The move may create dispensary employees in other states.  Medicinal marijuana employees in California, Washington, and Michigan are apparently seeking union representation too.

The move ended to supply protection for an very vulnerable industry.  With recent federal raids in California, employees are wishing a union will a minimum of provide some satisfaction.  While this doesn’t guarantee defense against raids, the us government might not wish to hinder employees with with each other bargained privileges.  Unions are usually coveted by political figures and clearly much more within an election year.

The move by UFCW might help to bring more regulation in the market.  Worker safety factors are likely likely to be an issue, because it is down to labor unions to regularly inspect work conditions.  Furthermore, this primary step also solves which kind of union the initial marijuana employees would join.  People from the medical cannabis industry likely made the prudent move by joining a previously established union instead of beginning their very own.  New developments about this story is going to be reported on.

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