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New Study Says There Is No Scientific Basis For Current Marijuana DUI Laws

Currently, six of the states that have legalized marijuana in some fashion use threshold-based blood tests to determine whether or not a driver is under the influence. Blood tests are these states’ primary tool in prosecuting marijuana-related DUI charges. The American Automobile Association, better known as AAA, just released findings from a new study. Researchers […]

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Cannabis Cocktails by Modern Martini Rx Launches the World’s First Infused Adult Beverage

Modern Martini

Modern Martini Rx offers the original cannabis cocktail today. The company is considered as the first company that introduce the original cannabis cocktail that is now widely available online and in the market. The ultimate goal of Modern Martini Rx is to serve perfectly blended first class quality cannabis cocktail.  

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Hemp… Man’s closest friend

Let&#8217s take some time to check out medicinal marijuana&#8217s dear brother, Hemp.  Aren&#8217t they exactly the same?  To put it simply, Hemp is marijuana that’s lower in the psychoactive chemical THC.  Really you will find 3 types of cannabis there’s sativa, indica, and ruderalis.   In the past, hemp was grown through the colonies (including Presidents Washington and …continue reading through

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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News Week of August 22, 2011 Logo for 260x120 Ad Space

Cannabis Science, Corporation. (Ticker Symbol CBIS) estimations the purchase of medicinal marijuana in america will achieve $1.9 billion this year.  Located in Colorado, Colorado, Cannabis Science is really a developer and output of medical cannabis items. * * * As the US media is frequently unwilling to set of the pricey fight against drugs, foreign reporters don’t have any such fear.  Aljazeera British has a number of in-depth shows around the ongoing war and it is mounting costs.    Highlight:  Mexican government bodies estimate which more than 35,000 ordinary people happen to be wiped out within the 5 years because the attack on cartels started.   And also the violence is distributing. * * * Hempcon returns to La.  For that 2nd time this season, the convention center located the medicinal marijuana trade event.  Popular features of the show incorporated workshops on:  how you can open and operate a dispensary, cooking with cannabis, and Hollywood and marijuana.  Although marijuana wasn’t offered at the show, patients might be examined with a professional for his or her certificate.  For a lot of, the highlight from the show was meeting medicinal marijuana pioneer Richard W. Eastman. &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News This summer 25, 2011

Week of This summer 25, 2011 Scientists in the College of Melbourne have came to the conclusion that you will find NO negative effects on cognitive performance consequently of smoking marijuana.  The research checked out greater than 2,000 subjects over an 8 year period.  Half the topics consumed marijuana regularly and half never smoked cannabis.  …continue reading through

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