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Sublime with Rome and WonderBrett Discuss Their New Strain Collaboration

As one of the premier bands in marijuana culture, Sublime with Rome has a strong reputation to uphold. When it came time to find a partner to collaborate with on a signature strain, there was only one name the band could ultimately trust — WonderBrett. This SoCal standout has been wowing connoisseurs for years with […] Thanks to

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An Exclusive Interview with Dustin Barca

Dustin Barca is more than a professional surfer who tackled some of the biggest waves on the planet. He’s more than an MMA fighter clawing his way up the ranks in hopes of reaching the UFC. He’s more than an environmental and agricultural advocate fighting some of the most powerful corporate entities in the world. […] Thanks to

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Edibles Recipe: Frozen Yogurt Bark is Perfect for a Post-Workout Snack

Hi! Keira Fae with Weedmaps here for another devilishly delicious and deceptively easy marijuana-fueled snack: Frozen Greek Yogurt Bark! So I’ve started going to the gym (ugh, right?) in the mornings (double ugh!) and I found myself struggling more and more to get motivated for my workouts. I felt drained and lifeless as I crawled out […] Thanks to

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Edible Recipe: Fresh Baked Cannabis-Infused Mini Fruit Pies

Hi! Keira Fae with Weedmaps here with another marijuana filled dessert: Apple Turnovers! A few years ago I started trying out different recipes using premade dough. I made pizzas, cinnamon rolls, pretzels, but my favorite recipe by far was the Apple Turnover. My affinity to apple pie fueled my love of these tiny, fruit filled […] Thanks to

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Great White Shark Marijuana Strain Review

Shark Weed Week Fans rejoice, with summer heating up, the Discovery Channel’s weeklong attack on our psyche is finally here. As such, will be starting the week looking at a strain named after one of the ocean’s apex predators … Great White Shark (GWS) Great White Shark is an Indica-dominant hybrid whose heavy high and […] Thanks to

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Explore PRIDE Event Launches Foria x Weedmaps at SF Pride

If you’re in the San Francisco area today, you can catch Foria and Weedmaps celebrating the official launch of FORIA Explore. Foria’s “Explore PRIDE” celebration will be taking place from 4-7 p.m. at Sparc, a nonprofit medical cannabis collective in San Francisco.     The in-store event will consist of Foria’s street team discussing the benefits […] Thanks to

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Enigma Concentrates … These Dabs Won’t Leave You Guessing

Enigma’s seemingly mysterious concentrates are a head-spinning trip through the Sativa-dominant world of one of today’s headiest budders. Typically an indica-dominant strain, this Sativa-dominant Enigma budder is saturated with the plant’s powerfully therapeutic cannabinoids and aromatic compounds known as flavonoids, and terpenes – Enigma’s medicinal dabs work well for alleviating upset stomach, chronic pain, soul-crushing depression, out […] Thanks to

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Day of the Dad: Canadian Edition

To all the fathers out there, our day is finally upon us. All too often, men are the butt of parenting jokes that make the modern-day dad appear something of a buffoon. But once a year on Father’s Day, the proud papa gets his importance recognized! Here are some fantastic things across Canada to do […] Thanks to

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Cannabis Indica: The Indian Origins of Kush

Cannabis Indica grows two to six feet tall, is bushy and has more densely packed foliage than Sativa. Indica plants tend to be darker green with stubby, broad leaves, when compared to the long, thin leaves of Sativa. It is thought that the Indica strain originated in the cooler, dry highlands of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India […] Thanks to

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Yoga and Marijuana: The Enlightening Combination

For those of us who have spent the time studying spirituality, meditation, yoga and various other hippy-dippy ways of being content in the moment, you know what these things can do to improve your quality of life considerably. If you also happen to be a marijuana enthusiast, then you are aware that it’s a whole […] Thanks to

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