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Sublime with Rome and WonderBrett Discuss Their New Strain Collaboration

As one of the premier bands in marijuana culture, Sublime with Rome has a strong reputation to uphold. When it came time to find a partner to collaborate with on a signature strain, there was only one name the band could ultimately trust — WonderBrett. This SoCal standout has been wowing connoisseurs for years with […] Thanks to

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Cannabis Indica: The Indian Origins of Kush

Cannabis Indica grows two to six feet tall, is bushy and has more densely packed foliage than Sativa. Indica plants tend to be darker green with stubby, broad leaves, when compared to the long, thin leaves of Sativa. It is thought that the Indica strain originated in the cooler, dry highlands of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India […] Thanks to

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highTunes: Perfect Weed Pairings for Chance the Rapper, Radiohead, and Ricky Hil

Chance the Rapper’s highly anticipated third project begins with a sound very familiar to his fiercely loyal fans — a blaring trumpet. The resounding, joyous, chest-puffed-out sound is standard Chance, symbolic of his superhero-like persona. Kanye West and the Chicago Children’s Choir join Chano on the intro “All We Got,” a fusion of gospel and […] Thanks to

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High THC Strains From California

As we make strides towards legalization, the social acceptance of marijuana isn’t the only thing soaring. The techniques and technology used in cultivation have progressed to a point where we’re constantly seeing new potency benchmarks set in the field of high-grade cannabis. While it’s difficult to track potency based solely on strain designation, with so […]

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Segerblom Haze: The Nevada State Senator’s Strain

Nevada has few namesakes to honor their politicians. There’s the airport named after Pat McCarran, and the Harry Reid Center located on the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a research center that is involved in various projects on campus. But not many can say they’ve had a strain of medical marijuana named in their honor. […]

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Confidential Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: A Reserva Privada special and another LA Confidential offspring (merged with Exodus Cheese), Confidential Cheese may be a relative newcomer to the SoCal scene, but it’s quickly gaining a reputation as possessing some connoisseur grade genetics.  The combination of Skunkiness, Cheese, and an OG aura makes it a sinfully delicious strain, both by […]

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Cannalope Haze Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: Born and bred in Amsterdam by DNA Genetics, Cannalope Haze is a fruity hybrid that mashes up some rather unique cannabinoids, flavonoids, and medical uses; providing an intriguing and uplifting blend of Haze Brothers and a Mexican landrace. While it’s yet to actually catch fire in the countless medical marijuana dispensaries across this great country, Cannalope Haze is the go-to strain in many Amsterdam coffee shops… becoming the modern Haze of choice.

The Result: Like a swift kick to the side of the head from Holly Holm, Cannalope Haze hits you hard and fast. Then, on the backside of the initial head spin, Cannalope Haze lifts your spirit like a double shot of espresso – making this a creative strain that’s great for energizing those end of the day doldrums (think 4:20 pm).

Type: Hybrid ( almost 100% Sativa )

Genetics: Haze Brothers x Mexico

Origin: Amsterdam

How Stoned Will You Get: 8.5

Average THC: 18-22%

Average Price Per ?: $45

Awards: 2nd place at the 2005 IC420 Growers Cup

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Strain Profile: Cannalope Haze is an almost pure sativa made from crossing Haze Brothers and a Mexican landrace strain. Born and bred in Amsterdam by the DNA Genetics Team.

Appearance: Cannalope Haze has round , melon green nugs. These buds are covered in a layer of frosting, as the crystals are just caked on. Red and orange hairs curl around the emerald green bud like a vine around a tree. These colas are long and round, resembling a large pinecone shape. The calyxes on these buds are round, and drenched in crystals that glisten in the light.

Consistency: Cannalope Haze will not only have your fingers stuck together, it will feel as though they are cemented in place. This bud produces massive amounts of crystals that ooze from the bud, making for a sticky disaster if a grinder isnt available. Nearly impossible to break apart with your fingers, Cannalope Haze bud’s stick to each other, they are that sticky.

Scent: Freshly chopped fruit fills the nostrils with a sweet scent. The sweet  aroma of melon and cantaloupe emanate from this herb, as your mouth salivates and stomach growls. A funky musk follows this fresh fruit scent, and fills the nostrils with its pungent sandalwood scent. One small bud left out will reek a room up for hours, as this bud is not for those trying to be discreet.

Taste: The sweet melon flavor is the first to hit the tongue, causing a flavor explosion in your mouth. This bud makes the mouth water as its fruity blend cleanses the palate and makes room for the hazey funk that is about to take over. The musky flavor of an old school haze hits the mouth and is bliss for lovers of this old school variety. The earthy sandalwood taste is mellow on the inhale, but is intense on the exhale. This sandalwood flavor stays on the tongue for hours and goes great with this amazing fruity flavor. The inhale is straight melon funk, while the exhale is that frankincense haze flavor we all know and love.

Effect: The effects can be felt behind the eyes and in the temples as you soar into the clouds. Great for wake n bake and smoking all day long, Cannalope Haze leaves you super medicated, but able to function at the same time. A must try for all sativa lovers, as this bud gets you into space for a good 3 hours!

Strain Background: Cannalope Haze is a tasty selection prevalent on the Amsterdam Coffee shop circuit. This haze was created by the DNA Genetics Team in Amsterdam, and has built quite a following in the past couple of years. This pure sativa will blow the socks off of the most seasoned veterans.

Growth and Seed Info: Cannalope Haze grows tall like a normal haze, except this bud doesn’t need to go 12 weeks. The Cannalope Haze finishes in up to 9 weeks, and produces huge bountiful yields of gorgeous bud.

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Current Breeder: DNA Genetics

Known Phenotypes:

Seed Bank of Choice: Seedmine

Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days

Flowering Type: SCROG

Growth Height: 5 to 6 ft

Expected Yield: 1.75 to 2 lbs / 1000 w

Garden Skill Level:  Intermediate

Breeder Quote/Advice: Top her early and often to promote canopy growth. Clean her bottoms up so she can focus on her top most important buds.

Medical Uses: Aches and pains, stress, appetite

Verdict: A pleasure for all smokers, Cannalope Haze lifts you high into the clouds and keeps you there. This bud has it all, the bag appeal, smell and taste to make it one of the top Hybrids in the game. A homage to the classic old school haze, Cannalope Haze will bring flashbacks to those 90’s stoners out there and sure to please even the most seasoned vet with its unrivaled taste.

Related Strains: Mexican Landrace , Haze Brothers

Family: Fruits, Hazes

(Photo Courtesy of Gil Mota)

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Twas the Evening Before…

santa an reindeer








Twas the evening before Christmas, when throughout the house

Not really a creature was stirring, not really a mouse

The tights were hung through the chimney carefully,

Hoping that strawberry kush would soon be there


The Patients were situated all snug within their beds,

While visions of skywalker danced within their heads

And Mamma together with her afpak, and that i with snowcap

Had just settled our minds for any lengthy winter’s nap


When on the lawn there came about this type of flavor

I sprang from my mattress to locate A-Train to relish

Off to your window I travelled with Jack Expensive

Tore open the wooden shutters and located a brand new stash


The moon around the breast from the new-fallen snow

Gave the luster of mid-day to my buds below

When things to my watering eyes should appear

But a miniature sleigh and eight small reindeer.


After some old driver handing me sputnik

I understood in just a minute it should be St. Nick

Having a jolly smile and gifts he known as my title,

His sleigh lifting away shedding chocolate stick brain.

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