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20 things to do in Denver during All-Star weekend

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Three houses on Tennyson Street were turned into immersive, colorful and temporary art

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Sublime with Rome and WonderBrett Discuss Their New Strain Collaboration

As one of the premier bands in marijuana culture, Sublime with Rome has a strong reputation to uphold. When it came time to find a partner to collaborate with on a signature strain, there was only one name the band could ultimately trust — WonderBrett. This SoCal standout has been wowing connoisseurs for years with […] Thanks to

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Who or What Made This Mothership Crop Circle?

Mothership Glass is famous for creating some of the most expensive glass pieces in the world, but do they also make crop circles? This astonishing crop circle popped up in the UK countryside a few days ago. Astonishing because, well, it’s nearly an exact replica of the Mothership Glass logo. Could this be a stamp […] Thanks to

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Makeshift High: Wiffleball Bat Steamroller

What you’ll need: 1 wiffleball bat (preferably fat at one end) 1 pair of scissors 1 joint 1 lighter Courtesy of Ryan Kyles   What this steamroller lacks in complexity, it makes up for in functionality. If you’re looking to get the most efficiency from your joint, this is the way to go. First, we’ll […] Thanks to

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Printabowl: Bringing Water-Pipes into the 21st Century

The art of glass pipes dates as early as 3000 B.C. The first glass pipes originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia through a process that used molten sand to mold glass. These early glass pieces took such unprecedented skill to make that they were considered as valuable as jewels. Thousands of years later, around 30 B.C., […]

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Brazilian Artists Substitutes Paint With Marijuana Smoke

marijuana artist

Marijuana and art have enjoyed a successful union for decades in the United States, and perhaps for even thousands of years in other regions. has been proud to report on stories that highlight artists inspired by marijuana.  However, a new story has come to our attention that takes the marriage of art and cannabis to a new level.

While most artists have a preferred medium, Brazilian painter Fernando de la Rocque’s palette is particularly unique.  This artist utilizes marijuana to craft his paintings.  Fernando de la Rocque actually smokes and then exhales cannabis through a stencil and onto paper.  The results are actually beautiful works that have a golden tint to them.  Though it may seem like a lazy way to create his drawings, the finished product actually requires him to blow up to five joints through the stencil per day for about a week.  There may be a translation issue with the title of his new collection as Fernando is calling it “Blow Job”.  All jokes about the title aside, Fernando de la Rocque was very serious in describing his work.  He recently said “more important than freedom to smoke marijuana is the freedom to think about it and make art with it.”

Fernando de la Rocque’s work is showing just how much marijuana acceptance is growing.  His work will even be included in the La Cucaracha Gallery in Rio de Janeiro.  Obviously his work will not be relegated to a fringe audience as a mainstream gallery feels it deserves floor space.  The pictures typically are sold for approximately $2,500 each.  While that may seem expensive to some (though work from other artists can be sold for much more money) Fernando del Rocque’s medium costs considerably more than pastels or water paints.

Fans of his work may also appreciate his dedication to his craft.  As is the case in most countries, marijuana is illegal in Brazil so there is risk in the art Fernando creates.  Artists have been depicting images for thousands of years that could get them in trouble, though this may be one of the first instances where it is the medium itself that cause the controversy.

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