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Buddha’s Sister Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Overview The Scoop: This Amsterdam classic and true Hybrid developed from a skunky, hazed out Reclining Buddha, and a tropically-flavored Afghani Hawaiian to become the famous coffeeshop classic, Buddha’s Sister. Providing an elevated mindset and a zen-like perspective, Buddha’s Sister is great for relieving stress caused by those daily activities, otherwise known as existing in the modern world. The […] Thanks to

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Super Glue Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Overview The Scoop: Frosty, potent, and loaded with trichomes, Super Glue is a heady hybrid cross between the ever-popular Afghani and old-school favorite Northern Lights. Like a warm day on the beach in late fall, this Indica-dominant hybrid relaxes the conscious mind and soothes the restless soul. The Result: Palatable and appealing, the woodsy earth tones […] Thanks to

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Great White Shark Marijuana Strain Review

Shark Weed Week Fans rejoice, with summer heating up, the Discovery Channel’s weeklong attack on our psyche is finally here. As such, will be starting the week looking at a strain named after one of the ocean’s apex predators … Great White Shark (GWS) Great White Shark is an Indica-dominant hybrid whose heavy high and […] Thanks to

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Will The Real Girl Scout Cookies Please Stand Up

With thousands of cultivators germinating and crossbreeding seeds from coast-to-coast, supposedly containing the genetic makeup for Girl Scout Cookies, it occurred to me the other day . . . how do I know for certain that my dispensary’s version of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is the real McCoy? Ask to see the test results…because terpenes […]

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Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Review

Potent, tasty, and always popular: Delivering a flavorful load of THC straight to the stressed-out cranium, Blue Dream’s phenotypes at full maturation take on an Indica-like appearance, while at the same time borrowing some of the best traits a Sativa has to offer. The Result: Instilling a sense of overwhelming creativity and painless bliss, patients […]

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707 Headband Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: 707 Headband is a Hybrid boasting an insane MVP genetic lineage of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, backcrossed with either Master Kush or OG Kush, depending on the cut. Likewise, reports of the proportions are mixed. Some claim Indica-dominant; others, Sativa-dominant. We’ve even seen a 50-50 mix reported, but one thing’s for sure: […]

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Death Star Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: An uncommon, almost pure Sativa courtesy of Ohio Breeders, Death Star brings together a traditional frosty strain, Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, an East coast strain known for it’s potency and enticing aroma. The Result: Death Star maintains a serious potency with a large and complex terpene profile. She’s a perfect smoke anytime of […]

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Snowcap Marijuana Strain Review

“The Scoop”: Snowcap is the perfect strain for our hectic holiday season, providing that uplifting buzz for Santa’s helpers, Snowcap leaves the consumer feeling warm and relaxed – yet able to function. The Result: Inspiring creativity and empathy, Snowcap provides a euphoric state of bliss, particularly handy for those early morning Christmas chores. Type: Sativa-Dominant […]

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Blue Sky Marijuana Strain Review

“The Scoop”: These colors are intense. Look at all of the sweet and vibrant colors. Unfortunately, Blue Sky is more of a looker than anything else. Well, perhaps a looker, smeller, and taster – if you know what I mean. While the bag appeal on this strain is certainly up there with some of the […]

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Confidential Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: A Reserva Privada special and another LA Confidential offspring (merged with Exodus Cheese), Confidential Cheese may be a relative newcomer to the SoCal scene, but it’s quickly gaining a reputation as possessing some connoisseur grade genetics.  The combination of Skunkiness, Cheese, and an OG aura makes it a sinfully delicious strain, both by […]

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