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In newly-legalized states, marijuana is the “it” gift of the season

Gift-giving has long been a part of marijuana culture, and the drug’s newly legal status is a source of Yuletide celebration in four states.

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Wanting A Merry Christmas


Marijuana.internet want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  We hope it’s a time if pleasure for those.  While many might be unwrapping pills or computer systems, many are just wishing to feel well, to consume and become merry using their families.  Others are wishing to become discomfort free enough to look at their kids open gifts.  Patients will always be within the minds and hearts people at marijuana.internet, even though a number of days are difficult, hopefully you discover the present if relief.

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Developing Marijuana Stories During the Holiday Season

happy holidays

We at hope that everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful time and we also wish you a fun and safe New Year.  Most of the news is related to the approaching “Fiscal Cliff”, and Congress’ inability to serve their function and run the country.  The news out of Washington is a little depressing so check out the links below to some interesting stories related to marijuana.


–  Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Finally Receive Approval to Open in Washington D.C.


–  New Jersey Woman Makes Her First Medical Marijuana Purchase and Finds Relief


–  Activists Seek Medical Marijuana in Georgia

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Happy Holidays: A glance at Individuals within the Spirit


The holiday season is an excellent season in which the spirit of giving leads us altogether.  Many care providers have became a member of within the festivities.  Marijuana.internet want to give mention and because of people devoted toward getting holiday pleasure for individuals in need of assistance.


Caregivers  for example San Francisco’s The Apothecarium, where they’re discount rates for patients giving canned meals, ought to be congratulated.  More particulars around the Apothercarium’s holiday efforts.


We’d like to say The Yerba Buena Collective, who’re hosting a really effective toy drive.  Many children is going to be overcome with pleasure due to Yerba Buena’s efforts.  Get more information at more about how Yerba Buena is assisting.


Furthermore, let’s remember Gran Purps.  For good 6 cans of food contributed, they’re rewarding patients having a free joint.  This food goes to individuals who’re battling at this time, and may really make use of a bit of support along with a smile.  Here’s more about Gran Purps.


Obviously now that we know what people from the community do, but because always it can be every person to help make the holidays special.  If you see someone in need of assistance, or short $ 1, allows demonstrate to them what our community is about.  We’re here to assist, and that’s why the medicinal marijuana community has displayed a lot passion.  There’s a lot more try to be achieved but because your taking pleasure in a warm meal with family members just think about all of the good that’s being carried out.  Think about all of the patients who’ll open the present of relief, who definitely are discomfort free and taking pleasure in the vacation.  Think about all individuals who’re less fortunate and can be getting a better holiday because of the efforts from the community.  Marijuana.internet wishes everybody a really happy and safe holidays.

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Twas the Evening Before…

santa an reindeer








Twas the evening before Christmas, when throughout the house

Not really a creature was stirring, not really a mouse

The tights were hung through the chimney carefully,

Hoping that strawberry kush would soon be there


The Patients were situated all snug within their beds,

While visions of skywalker danced within their heads

And Mamma together with her afpak, and that i with snowcap

Had just settled our minds for any lengthy winter’s nap


When on the lawn there came about this type of flavor

I sprang from my mattress to locate A-Train to relish

Off to your window I travelled with Jack Expensive

Tore open the wooden shutters and located a brand new stash


The moon around the breast from the new-fallen snow

Gave the luster of mid-day to my buds below

When things to my watering eyes should appear

But a miniature sleigh and eight small reindeer.


After some old driver handing me sputnik

I understood in just a minute it should be St. Nick

Having a jolly smile and gifts he known as my title,

His sleigh lifting away shedding chocolate stick brain.

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A Letter to Santa

santa letter

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas what I want the most won’t fit in a stocking.  You see, things down here, south of the pole, are a little bit out of sorts.  We have a lot of sick people who are having problems obtaining their medication.  Some of us have found that nothing helps our ailments like marijuana.  But it’s illegal to buy, own, and sell it in most of the country.  California’s been nice enough to allow dispensaries for medical marijuana, but even the Golden State seems to be confused about what they want.  In other states they have really strict drug laws and someone can go to jail just for having their meds on-hand for when they need them.

There are countless instances where this is a major problem.  We have ill grandmothers out there in poor health, waiting for some relief.  Do we need people with arthritis and bad hips turning to street vendors?.  We have situations where these people have to seek treatment illegally.  Sometimes they have to depend on loved ones to for access to their medication.  Santa, what an unfair situation this is to put people in.  We do not want to break the law, but we are not heartless and do not want to watch those close to us suffer.

Could you figure a way to drop a bill into the stockings of all the senators and representatives in congress?  I’m not good at lawyer-speak  but could you write up some new legislation for marijuana in America?  I think it needs to be reclassified into a schedule 2 substance because of its medical properties so doctors can prescribe it.  Also, I guess we need to find additional ways to tax it on both a federal and state level.  This way it can help to reduce the nation’s deficit.  Look, I’m not just asking for me.  This could help a lot of people.  It could keep young kids from ruining their lives and can put money into the hands of government officials instead of criminal cartels.  And it can help make lots of people who are sick to feel better and cope with harsh treatments.

I know its asking a lot, but do you think you can do it?  If you can’t, I understand.  You have elves in your workshop and I don’t think any of them went to Harvard Law.  If this doesn’t work out, my back up wish is for our stockings to be full of that Northern Lights (is that what you grow up there?) so many patients eyes will fill with joy!

Thank you Santa,

From all the patients in our community.

P.S. still holding out for peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind.

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