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Marijuana Like Compound in Brain Shows Fragile X Syndrome May Be Treatable


The federal government has shown an unwillingness to entertain operational changes.  In particular, federal authorities still prefer to suppress the monumental potential of medical marijuana as it is an uncomfortable topic because it may require regulation, rescheduling, and the admission of an almost 100 year mistake.

Medical marijuana breakthroughs are occurring at a frequent rate.  Last week alone, reported on a breakthrough that showed cannabis had the potential to fight epilepsy.  Perhaps even more groundbreaking was a study that showed components of marijuana had the ability to slow the spreading of cancer cells.  Of course this builds on years research that have shown marijuana to be a miracle of sorts, and has demonstrated promise in fighting chronic pain, muscle conditions, MS, complications related to chemotherapy, glaucoma, the spreading of HIV/AIDS, nausea, PTSD etc (it would take too much time to list them all).

Fragile X Syndrome now joins the constantly growing list of medical conditions that may benefit from marijuana research.  This complex condition is associated with autism and mental retardation in men and considered the most common cause of both.  Fragile X syndrome is a mutation of the FMR1 gene in the X chromosome that is passed on by the mother.  This mutation can result in mental disability, hyperactivity, physical disability, and language deficiencies.

The main problem has to do with messages and receptors in the brain.    Researchers have now found that 2-AG, a marijuana like compound and endocannabinoid transmitter is showing considerable promise in reducing fragile x syndrome symptoms.  Daniele Piomelli, a professor at UC Irvine was the lead researcher of the study and recently said “This compound is so important in regulating neural transmission in the brain that it seemed possible that it might be involved in a disease that is so devastating on brain function.”   When the 2-AG signal is boosted, it appears the brain will relay the correct messages, at least in lab mice.  Proffessor Piomelli explained  “We asked, ‘If we boost a little bit of that 2-AG signal, will it be enough to correct the problems that occur in fragile X mice? The answer was a resounding, Yes.  We corrected the physiology, but most importantly, we corrected their behavior.  The animals behaved just like normal animals.  They didn’t have the fears and movement problems of those with fragile X.”

We are only now seeing the tip of the iceberg as decades of potential research have been lost due to senseless marijuana regulations.  However, as groundbreaking discoveries that have eluded modern medicine for decades are coming through marijuana research, how long can we truly afford to look the other way.  As politicians are desperate not to admit mistakes (see Mitt Romney Campaign), there is something admirable about those who stand up, admit fault, and reverse a century long problem.

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The Endocannabinoid System


The Endocannabinoid System

Today we take time to inspect the Endocannabinoid system (ECS).  Whuh? Yes, after many years of research around the Cannabis plant, researchers recognized that the body (really most vertebrates or even a couple of invertebrates too) come with an organs and circulatory system that creates chemicals similar in structure and effect as individuals based in the world’s most versatile plant.  In 1964, ?9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was isolated and thought as the active chemical in marijuana that triggers individuals to get high.  Ever since then, discoveries in chemistry and biology have brought to several breakthroughs about intricacies from the human body and mind.  Actually, you could reason that marijuana itself has spurred a larger knowledge of ourselves.  It works out that endocannabinoids are complex molecules that act at intercellular level on most of the body’s systems.  They’re transmitters that act on receptors in your body, “Endocannabinoid receptors are highly expressed within the brain, and also have been also present in organs and tissue from the body involved with energy homeostasis, for example adipose tissue, liver, intestinal tract, and skeletal muscle.” We began off considering nerve effects also it works out they’re type in energy regulation, body fat storage, memory and discomfort management and can also have an affect on fertility.  You will find several established cannabinoids and scientists are finding brand new ones his or her projects continue.  Although researchers have been studying cannabinoids for several years, the very first endocannabinoid wasn’t discovered and isolated before the early 1990’s,  Anandimide (arachidonoyl ethanolamide, AEA). Another chemical 2-Arachindonoylglycerol (2-AG) was referred to in 1994.

AEA’s effects could be observed in the mind in addition to peripheral systems, whereas 2-AG exists in high levels within the nervous system.  Presently the are three other recognized endogenous cannabinoids 2-arachidonyl glyceryl ether (noladin ether), virodhamine, along with the lately-discovered N-arachidonoyl-dopamine (NADA).  These chemicals float around our physiques, launched as necessary and do something about receptor sites CB1 and CB2.  The body is really a remarkably complex system that relays signals throughout itself using a number of techniques.  Basically, the body is a huge sodium pump that utilizes electrochemical stimulation to effect changes based on stimuli.  Some signals are relayed over nerves, firing electric. Others depend on these chemicals known as chemicals to complete the job.  To be able to keep your chaos low, a number of these chemicals act only in specific sites.  Think about it as being a number of locks and secrets.  To be able to prevent AEA from leading to responses inside your brain and stomach and toes simultaneously, it may only open doorways to particular areas like CB1 and CB2 sites.  The neurochemicals are furnished with some secrets that unlock specific doorways.

CB1 receptors are based in the brain, adipose (fatty tissue), liver, muscles, GI tract and pancreas.  Studies have proven that it’s integral to energy management and food and calorie consumption.  It accounts for impacting on hunger and appetite urges (munchies) and hunger satiety and palatability.  So, the activation of CB1 can trigger individuals urges for sweets while intoxicated by marijuana.  Additionally, it may incite hunger in patients whose illnesses cause appetite loss, or it may negate hunger and assist with weight reduction.  Focusing on how these chemicals operate in our physiques can result in doctors dealing with an array of illnesses from weight problems, anorexia, diabetes, and help chemotherapy patients.  New research has says adipose tissue is integral to energy management and putting on weight/loss.  Future remedies may benefit individuals with (or who’re vulnerable to) diabetes and weight problems.

CB2 receptor sites are located in high concentration within the brain and peripheral nervous systems, intestinal and natureal defenses.  By learning cannabinoids trigger reactions within scalping strategies we’ll have the ability to treat many troublesome illnesses.  Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are a couple of very debilitating GI illnesses which have basis in immune response.  To put it simply, your body responds adversely to a lot of stimuli and attacks itself, leading to massive inflammation and attacking your personal organs.  By unleashing the strategies of these chemicals doctors will have the ability to treat these awful conditions and return quality of existence to suffering patients.

Case a newbie as to the science can perform once we gain further knowledge of these chemicals and our physiques.  It’s amazing to consider that many of these fields of research were opened up up through the cannabis plant.  The majority of it’s because of the efforts from the medicinal marijuana movement.  1000’s of doctors, researchers and scientists have devoted themselves to growing our understanding. With the aid of countless active supporters pushing for brand new laws and regulations and grants or loans we are able to continue this effort.  You never know what enlightenment is going to be based in the a long time?

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Medicinal Marijuana Study Shows Benefits for Aids and Helps Patients

aids study

This past year would be a very productive one for scientists analyzing medical marijuana’s potential.  One of many benefits they found incorporated Post traumatic stress disorder treatment and discomfort relief for individuals in chemotherapy treatment.  This youthful year has already been shaping as much as contain more medical updates as new research implies that marijuana works well in assisting patients with Aids/Helps.

Lately, research was carried out in the College of California in North Park which demonstrated marijuana to work in stimulating appetite for patients struggling with Aids/Helps.  Although a lot of already assumed the bond between THC and appetite, this research directly examined and demonstrated the hyperlink between THC and also the body’s the body’s hormones that create hunger.  Online, People in america for Safe Access showcase most of the previous Aids/Helps marijuana studies.  Also incorporated would be the conclusions by most of the world’s most exclusive medical organizations.  The Institute of drugs have formerly mentioned their position on medicinal marijuana for Aids/Helps patients by saying “For patients for example individuals with Helps or who’re going through chemotherapy and who are suffering concurrently from severe discomfort, nausea, and appetite loss, cannabinoid drugs might offer broad-spectrum relief not present in every other single medication.”

Supplying regular updates about this existence threatening disease is essential.  Aids/Helps continues to be effecting millions even while it appears we here less about this when it required our media and a focus by storm within the late 80’s and 90’s.  Based on, this year there have been 34 million people coping with Aids/Helps and 1.8 million deaths connected using the disease.  In 1990, under ten million were infected.

Any positive news on strategy to Aids and Helps is encouraging.  For roughly 3 decades the amount of recorded cases continues to be climbing.  Although it was not understood and ignored by many people as only having the ability to effect homosexuals, Aids/Helps has proven its endurance.  Together with cancer, it signifies our greatest failures in medicine.  Many doctors have moved course from getting a cure to stretching the lifespan of individuals infected.  One significant problem using the philosophy change is the fact that many all over the world do not need treatment and medicine.  However, a current New You are able to Occasions article does highlight the reason why we are able to still expect a remedy.  Meanwhile, marijuana seems a lot more than in a position to provide relief for patients because they wait for a cure.

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A Letter to Santa

santa letter

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas what I want the most won’t fit in a stocking.  You see, things down here, south of the pole, are a little bit out of sorts.  We have a lot of sick people who are having problems obtaining their medication.  Some of us have found that nothing helps our ailments like marijuana.  But it’s illegal to buy, own, and sell it in most of the country.  California’s been nice enough to allow dispensaries for medical marijuana, but even the Golden State seems to be confused about what they want.  In other states they have really strict drug laws and someone can go to jail just for having their meds on-hand for when they need them.

There are countless instances where this is a major problem.  We have ill grandmothers out there in poor health, waiting for some relief.  Do we need people with arthritis and bad hips turning to street vendors?.  We have situations where these people have to seek treatment illegally.  Sometimes they have to depend on loved ones to for access to their medication.  Santa, what an unfair situation this is to put people in.  We do not want to break the law, but we are not heartless and do not want to watch those close to us suffer.

Could you figure a way to drop a bill into the stockings of all the senators and representatives in congress?  I’m not good at lawyer-speak  but could you write up some new legislation for marijuana in America?  I think it needs to be reclassified into a schedule 2 substance because of its medical properties so doctors can prescribe it.  Also, I guess we need to find additional ways to tax it on both a federal and state level.  This way it can help to reduce the nation’s deficit.  Look, I’m not just asking for me.  This could help a lot of people.  It could keep young kids from ruining their lives and can put money into the hands of government officials instead of criminal cartels.  And it can help make lots of people who are sick to feel better and cope with harsh treatments.

I know its asking a lot, but do you think you can do it?  If you can’t, I understand.  You have elves in your workshop and I don’t think any of them went to Harvard Law.  If this doesn’t work out, my back up wish is for our stockings to be full of that Northern Lights (is that what you grow up there?) so many patients eyes will fill with joy!

Thank you Santa,

From all the patients in our community.

P.S. still holding out for peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind.

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Congressman Bilbray’s Daughter Leader In Medicinal Marijuana Fight


Parents frequently come with an uncomfortable time once they discover their kids hold contrasting viewpoints to their personal.  Unlike Congressman John Bilbray’s situation, these variations typically don’t play their way to avoid it in media.

John Bilbray is really a U . s . States person in the House of Reps serving California’s 50th district. He offered the 49th district from 1995-2001 and it has been at his present position within the 50th district since 2006.  Lately, he’s been discussing the press spotlight together with his daughter Briana Bilbray.  Briana is really a cancer survivor, getting pressed her Stage 3 melanoma into remission in August.  Briana has stated “You seem like you want to die,” and “I didn’t even wish to breathe, I had been so tired” when explaining her encounters.  In This summer she made the decision to talk out in support of using medicinal marijuana to deal with cancer and chemotherapy unwanted effects.  Briana was trying to convince Imperial Beach City Hall to reconsider enacting their halt on marijuana shops.  Although not successful directly, she’s directed considerable media and political focus on her situation and medical cannabis use.

John Bilbray has had a tough stance against medicinal marijuana (congressman Bilbray’s voting record) previously.  Bilbray presently appears to become waiting his position on medicinal marijuana but mentioned “If this is actually the advantage that Briana thinks, we ought to have the ability to scientifically prove it making it available not only to California, however the relaxation of the nation too. But it ought to be according to science this is not on political pressure or slogans.”  Many would reason that a lot of scientific evidence in support of marijuana has already been mounting.  Bilbray doesn’t appear locked right into a position even while Republican strategists may worry that the situation similar to this weakens the party’s overall stance on medicinal marijuana.  He was cited as saying “The truth is I had been a parent before I had been a congressman, with God’s help I’ll be a parent lengthy after I’m a congressman. And anybody that thinks that the political position is much more important than transpires with the kids clearly is detached from reality.”

Experts can discuss issues ad nauseam but frequently it takes a lot more than details to motivate change.  The general public usually must link a face towards the title.  Media surrounds us constantly and also the 24/7 news cycle delivers faster information than in the past but we are typically in will need a more personal connection.  Lots of people support medical causes after a relative or public figure catches our attention.  Possibly Briana Bilbray could be a catalyst for making congress interact and drive impotent federal law into remission.

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Marijuana Found to Reduce Pain After Chemotherapy


A recent study indicated that a marijuana extract named cannabidiol could help to reduce excruciating neuropathy symptoms for those using paclitaxel. Paclitaxel is commonly used after treatments for ovarian and breast cancer, but can damage nerves causing severe pain. This study used cannabidiol after paclitaxel on lab mice. The effects of the cannabidiol were seen to be permanent and did not disappear after its use was ceased.

For more information on this study, see: | Marijuana cuts nerve pain post chemotherapy

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