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A Letter to Santa

santa letter

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas what I want the most won’t fit in a stocking.  You see, things down here, south of the pole, are a little bit out of sorts.  We have a lot of sick people who are having problems obtaining their medication.  Some of us have found that nothing helps our ailments like marijuana.  But it’s illegal to buy, own, and sell it in most of the country.  California’s been nice enough to allow dispensaries for medical marijuana, but even the Golden State seems to be confused about what they want.  In other states they have really strict drug laws and someone can go to jail just for having their meds on-hand for when they need them.

There are countless instances where this is a major problem.  We have ill grandmothers out there in poor health, waiting for some relief.  Do we need people with arthritis and bad hips turning to street vendors?.  We have situations where these people have to seek treatment illegally.  Sometimes they have to depend on loved ones to for access to their medication.  Santa, what an unfair situation this is to put people in.  We do not want to break the law, but we are not heartless and do not want to watch those close to us suffer.

Could you figure a way to drop a bill into the stockings of all the senators and representatives in congress?  I’m not good at lawyer-speak  but could you write up some new legislation for marijuana in America?  I think it needs to be reclassified into a schedule 2 substance because of its medical properties so doctors can prescribe it.  Also, I guess we need to find additional ways to tax it on both a federal and state level.  This way it can help to reduce the nation’s deficit.  Look, I’m not just asking for me.  This could help a lot of people.  It could keep young kids from ruining their lives and can put money into the hands of government officials instead of criminal cartels.  And it can help make lots of people who are sick to feel better and cope with harsh treatments.

I know its asking a lot, but do you think you can do it?  If you can’t, I understand.  You have elves in your workshop and I don’t think any of them went to Harvard Law.  If this doesn’t work out, my back up wish is for our stockings to be full of that Northern Lights (is that what you grow up there?) so many patients eyes will fill with joy!

Thank you Santa,

From all the patients in our community.

P.S. still holding out for peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind.

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