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Are California Lawmakers Lost in the Clouds?

lost in the clouds

Although it is often medical marijuana patients and advocates who are accused of hazy judgment, recent legal developments have us wondering how clearly those in power are thinking.  With conflicting decisions and a poor medical marijuana system that was never properly regulated, patient’s safe access has been seriously compromised.

Lawmakers have acted lazy and lethargic when it comes to regulating California’s medical marijuana program.  Instead of basing decisions upon research and information, they never checked on how the program is being run or made changes.  Now that the system is not functioning as they would like, many are trying to dismantle it.  How would Social Security fare if we never monitored or adjusted during its 70 year lifespan?  The difficult task is actually analyzing what works, speaking with law enforcement, legitimate dispensary workers, lawyers, and patients in order to determine the proper course of action.  After 16 years, California is in desperate need of re-reforming its cannabis laws.  Patients are confused as to where they can seek relief.

Despite the guarantees of “Safe Access” outlined in Proposition 215, many municipalities have taken it upon themselves to interpret the legal language as it suits them.  Legal experts have witnessed a series of confusing rulings, with the most recent ruling having been issued approximately a week and a half ago.  The July 2nd ruling by The Second Appellate District Court of Appeals stated that city municipalities do not have the right to outlaw marijuana dispensaries.  The ruling is being applauded by many marijuana advocates and patients.  It appears to have at least delayed some of the pending dispensary bans in places such as Long Beach and San Leandro.  Joe Elford of Americans for Safe Access said “The court of appeal could not have been clearer in expressing that medical marijuana dispensaries are legal under state law, and that municipalities have no right to ban them.”  All eyes will now turn to the California’s Supreme Court as they will be taking up the issue after the new year and will hopefully end the legal guessing game.

The lawsuits and pending court cases could have been avoided had California’s elected officials taken some sort of initiative on this issue.  After Dennis Peron fought for the right for patients to medicate, California became the first state to permit medical marijuana.  Did anyone think that a hands off program for the first legal cannabis state would just govern itself?  It is time for our representation to get their heads out of the clouds and do their job, even if that requires actual work and thinking.

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Happy Holidays: A glance at Individuals within the Spirit


The holiday season is an excellent season in which the spirit of giving leads us altogether.  Many care providers have became a member of within the festivities.  Marijuana.internet want to give mention and because of people devoted toward getting holiday pleasure for individuals in need of assistance.


Caregivers  for example San Francisco’s The Apothecarium, where they’re discount rates for patients giving canned meals, ought to be congratulated.  More particulars around the Apothercarium’s holiday efforts.


We’d like to say The Yerba Buena Collective, who’re hosting a really effective toy drive.  Many children is going to be overcome with pleasure due to Yerba Buena’s efforts.  Get more information at more about how Yerba Buena is assisting.


Furthermore, let’s remember Gran Purps.  For good 6 cans of food contributed, they’re rewarding patients having a free joint.  This food goes to individuals who’re battling at this time, and may really make use of a bit of support along with a smile.  Here’s more about Gran Purps.


Obviously now that we know what people from the community do, but because always it can be every person to help make the holidays special.  If you see someone in need of assistance, or short $ 1, allows demonstrate to them what our community is about.  We’re here to assist, and that’s why the medicinal marijuana community has displayed a lot passion.  There’s a lot more try to be achieved but because your taking pleasure in a warm meal with family members just think about all of the good that’s being carried out.  Think about all of the patients who’ll open the present of relief, who definitely are discomfort free and taking pleasure in the vacation.  Think about all individuals who’re less fortunate and can be getting a better holiday because of the efforts from the community.  Marijuana.internet wishes everybody a really happy and safe holidays.

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The Marijuana Name Game

marijuana name game

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

-William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act 2-Scene 2 (The famous balcony Scene)

As Juliet so poetically stated, what truly is in a name?  What lies under the surface is infinitely more important and while name games can be fun for some, they may not be for serious medical marijuana patients.

The safety of the medical marijuana industry needs to be an important concern.  When someone is seeking relief from MS symptoms or other ailments, what are they to make of strain names such as “purple urkle” or “green crack”.  The famous “Northern Lights” alone has many different variations and dispensaries are not always clear about which one they are selling or including in their hybrid strains.  Another large problem is that many hybrid strains can be considered an Indica or a Sativa.  While to some this is unimportant, there is a clear cut difference between the two.  If one is seeking to alleviate insomnia but instead is given a strain that increases cerebral activity and paranoia, their experience may be less than enjoyable.

The need for a consistent industry is clear.  Many of these concerns can be neutralized with lab testing.  Imagine going to buy Tylenol and not knowing if it will be the same formula as the last time you purchased it for a headache.  FDA regulations and the multi phased clinical trial model help to greatly increase consistency.  Being close or pretty sure of a strains genetic makeup simply is not good enough.  A brother and sister could have over 99% of the same genetics, but are they the same?  Will they react to stimuli in identical fashion?  Additionally, many medical marijuana users are concerned specifically with the chemical makeup of a particular strain.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is a major component of marijuana and has been known to deliver more treatment and relief for medical issues.  While a high level of THC is important for some, patients have other concerns and need to rely on lab testing in order to ensure that their medication is addressing their situation.

Much of this responsibility will have to fall on the collectives/caregivers for now.  In order to serve their patients properly there needs to be a demand for medications to be tested on-site or in laboratories.  In addition to a complete chemical breakdown, labs can also test for mold, insecticides, and other harmful hazards that can potentially be a part of the cultivation process.  Juliet was correct in identifying that there is not much in a name, but ultimately we need to prove her wrong.

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Los Angeles: Crime on the Rise with Closing of Dispensaries


Many critics were fearful when the first U.S. marijuana dispensaries opened during the 1990s. Concerns of out of control cannabis use and street crimes were expected with the legalization of medical marijuana. These critics were correct in their concerns, if they were referring to what would occur after dispensaries were forced to close their doors.

A recent study conducted by the Rand Corporation, actually showed that crime has gone up in certain areas where marijuana caregivers and dispensaries were previously open. On streets with closed dispensaries, the study indicated that crime went up as much as 60% when compared to streets with still operating dispensaries. LAPD detective, Robert Holcomb, disputes these findings and the research methods used. He feels the link makes no sense.

This article will not attack his claim or verify why Rand Corporation found these results. The numbers do not lie, even if the reason for the findings is not yet 100 percent clear. The larger issue is our approach to law enforcement. In many cases, when a product in demand becomes unavailable, crime often ensues. Medication (which is how many view cannabis), food, and other necessities can result in crimes when people are desperately seeking them. There is one fact that has been unchanged since recorded human history. The competition for resources will always produce undesirable side effects.

The United States spends a large portion of its tax revenue on law enforcement. Feeding this machine no longer seems sustainable. A new and progressive approach to law enforcement is needed. Taking away products in demand that people are seeking has not served us well historically. | Los Angeles | LAPD Veteran Study Linking Closed Pot Shops Violence Makes No Sense

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