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The Marijuana Name Game

marijuana name game

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

-William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act 2-Scene 2 (The famous balcony Scene)

As Juliet so poetically stated, what truly is in a name?  What lies under the surface is infinitely more important and while name games can be fun for some, they may not be for serious medical marijuana patients.

The safety of the medical marijuana industry needs to be an important concern.  When someone is seeking relief from MS symptoms or other ailments, what are they to make of strain names such as “purple urkle” or “green crack”.  The famous “Northern Lights” alone has many different variations and dispensaries are not always clear about which one they are selling or including in their hybrid strains.  Another large problem is that many hybrid strains can be considered an Indica or a Sativa.  While to some this is unimportant, there is a clear cut difference between the two.  If one is seeking to alleviate insomnia but instead is given a strain that increases cerebral activity and paranoia, their experience may be less than enjoyable.

The need for a consistent industry is clear.  Many of these concerns can be neutralized with lab testing.  Imagine going to buy Tylenol and not knowing if it will be the same formula as the last time you purchased it for a headache.  FDA regulations and the multi phased clinical trial model help to greatly increase consistency.  Being close or pretty sure of a strains genetic makeup simply is not good enough.  A brother and sister could have over 99% of the same genetics, but are they the same?  Will they react to stimuli in identical fashion?  Additionally, many medical marijuana users are concerned specifically with the chemical makeup of a particular strain.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is a major component of marijuana and has been known to deliver more treatment and relief for medical issues.  While a high level of THC is important for some, patients have other concerns and need to rely on lab testing in order to ensure that their medication is addressing their situation.

Much of this responsibility will have to fall on the collectives/caregivers for now.  In order to serve their patients properly there needs to be a demand for medications to be tested on-site or in laboratories.  In addition to a complete chemical breakdown, labs can also test for mold, insecticides, and other harmful hazards that can potentially be a part of the cultivation process.  Juliet was correct in identifying that there is not much in a name, but ultimately we need to prove her wrong.

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Proteus 420 Software Targeted at Helping Medicinal Marijuana Business


When new mega industries are produced, the ripple effects provide many business and employment possibilities. The medicinal marijuana industry has assisted numerous industries including security, doctors, lawyers, and today even software designers. Proteus 420,produces one-stop software to assist streamline business tasks for that medicinal marijuana industry.

On June 1, 2011, the organization revealed Module Mogul, advanced software monitoring inventory, sales, and current marijuana laws and regulations. It will help to trace shipping for patients, supplying current particulars on sales transactions. Patients may even receive texts telling them associated with a changes or updates for their sales. Proteus has software and items customized toward store uses too.

While the us government really wants to revert to an not regulated system by pushing marijuana back underneath the table, Proteus 420 is going after a far more open industry. Their software enables for those transactions and finances to become accessible, instead of the choice of street suppliers and all sorts of cash companies. Because the evidence develops and highlights medical marijuana’s benefits, patient demand will stay or perhaps increase. There’s pointless to think this market is going anywhere so more progressive approaches like Proteus 420’s are essential.

Proteus 420 is a illustration of the number of other companies possibilities arise in the medical cannabis industry. Security companies, doctors, lawyers, and smoke shops were already recognized to benefit and find out a rise in available jobs. Proteus 420 has become showing that software companies also are in position to see an upward trend in employment amounts.

To learn more, visit: Proteus420™ Implements Store and Delivery Infrastructure Software for Medicinal Marijuana Facilities


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Miracle Grow Planting Fertilizer within the Medicinal Marijuana Industry


A stagnant economy has numerous corporate think tanks turning to unconventional business methods. Lately, the effective Scotts Miracle Grow company introduced intends to concentrate on the medicinal marijuana industry. Scotts feels there’s lots of money to make within this recently flourishing industry and they’re attempting to be in front of the curve.

Authenticity can simply be dependent on investment appeal. Scotts isn’t exactly a small-time company creating a couple of plants. This can be a massive company that may add credibility towards the industry and blaze a trail for other companies to follow along with. The end result may well be more jobs, which are usually difficult to create throughout a sluggish economic period. Furthermore, equipment and manure from the company rich in qc are only able to assist the safety of medicinal marijuana.

Getting experience in American clients are fundamental to growth and survival. Had the main loan companies recognized, earlier, the devastating impact adjustable rates might have around the mortgage market, the economical free fall might have been averted or softened. The very first company to effectively harness solar power in ways that’s affordable and easy to the typical consumer stands to reap tremendous dollars. Likewise, the very first large company searching to explore a previously established multi-big medicinal marijuana industry must do well. This happens to be a rustic where courage running a business changes the path of financial aspects. The cotton gin, horseless carriage, plane, and internet have drastically changed the road from the U . s . States.

One company, however, doesn’t totally signal a general change in direction. Scotts decision is extremely exciting having a huge potential upside for medicinal marijuana. The actual test is to find out if they standalone or maybe other people follows suit. The ladder appears very probable being an industry in the infancy offers growth potential that’s massive.

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