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Pot or not? Busts highlight growing confusion over hemp

The CBD craze might be leaving the war on drugs a bit dazed and confused.

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Colorado raking in record marijuana money again in 2019, but in era of “stabilization” industry leaders look to impact of new legislation

It’s become a predictable pattern in the era of legal recreational pot in Colorado. Every year, the state sets a new record for marijuana sales then, 12 months later –poof — it goes up in smoke and a new record is set.

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Colorado Supreme Court rules police need probable cause before using pot-sniffing dogs to search for drugs

The Colorado Supreme Court greatly diminished the role of police dogs trained to detect marijuana with a ruling Monday that created another divide between how state and federal law enforcement can investigate pot.

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Questions about Denver’s decriminalization of magic mushrooms? We have your answers

Passage has led to national headlines, strong opinions and serious speculation. It has also led to a lot of misunderstandings and questions. Let’s answer those questions now.

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Denver’s 4/20 gathering five years after recreational sales: It’s a party

The annual 4/20 marijuana gathering in Denver’s Civic Center Park is nearly here and this year the message is simple: Come for the party, stay for the party. (P.S. Leave your stash and the kids at home.)

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Nebraska medical marijuana backers file formal papers for campaign

Backers of an effort to legalize medical marijuana in Nebraska have filed formal paperwork for a statewide ballot campaign.

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Feds, local police launch raids on up to 50 black-market marijuana grow houses in Denver area

Scores of agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and local police agencies fanned out early Thursday morning in a coordinated raid of up to 50 suspected black-market marijuana grow houses in the Denver metro area, authorities say.

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Gary Manley Excluded from GOP Debates

Gary Johnson

Whenever a prominent person in the GOP scores well with independent as well as democratic voters, his inclusion within the Republican primary debates is anticipated to become a formality.   Gary Johnson’s scenario is truly baffling.  He is among the most widely used ex governors (two terms in Boise State Broncos) and would supply a high challenge for that Democratic party the coming year.  However, he is not incorporated within the GOP primary debates.

While Manley themself wished it wasn’t the situation, many experts believe his social sights don’t sit well using the Republican establishment.  Manley is recognized as an expense conscious politician with libertarian social sights.  He’s been famous for his focus on New Mexico’s deficit and was recognized to veto investing bills he didn’t accept from both Republicans and Dems.  Johnson’s debate inside the GOP originates from social issues, including his sights on marijuana.  Manley is a very long time medicinal marijuana supporter.  Also, he mentioned publically he would consider pardons for those non violent marijuana culprits.  Johnson’s financially conservative method of regulating is visible clearly in the need to reduce investment property on marijuana police force.

For any party that claims fiscal responsibility and small government, Manley would appear just like a handpicked candidate for that national stage.  With the opportunity of billions each year to become saved on marijuana reform, America can use the additional dollars to release our very tight devices.  World war 2 on drugs has cost the U . s . States more than one trillion dollars since its beginning.  From the political perspective, the GOP appears to become missing a chance to take advantage of taking a greater youth election in addition to independents and fiscal conservatives.  Furthermore, this might also function as their chance to repair our medical system, an problem they attempted to operate with for quite some time.

Evidently this gets in front of ourselves once we are merely asking why his ideas aren’t incorporated within the debates.

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Los Angeles: Crime on the Rise with Closing of Dispensaries


Many critics were fearful when the first U.S. marijuana dispensaries opened during the 1990s. Concerns of out of control cannabis use and street crimes were expected with the legalization of medical marijuana. These critics were correct in their concerns, if they were referring to what would occur after dispensaries were forced to close their doors.

A recent study conducted by the Rand Corporation, actually showed that crime has gone up in certain areas where marijuana caregivers and dispensaries were previously open. On streets with closed dispensaries, the study indicated that crime went up as much as 60% when compared to streets with still operating dispensaries. LAPD detective, Robert Holcomb, disputes these findings and the research methods used. He feels the link makes no sense.

This article will not attack his claim or verify why Rand Corporation found these results. The numbers do not lie, even if the reason for the findings is not yet 100 percent clear. The larger issue is our approach to law enforcement. In many cases, when a product in demand becomes unavailable, crime often ensues. Medication (which is how many view cannabis), food, and other necessities can result in crimes when people are desperately seeking them. There is one fact that has been unchanged since recorded human history. The competition for resources will always produce undesirable side effects.

The United States spends a large portion of its tax revenue on law enforcement. Feeding this machine no longer seems sustainable. A new and progressive approach to law enforcement is needed. Taking away products in demand that people are seeking has not served us well historically. | Los Angeles | LAPD Veteran Study Linking Closed Pot Shops Violence Makes No Sense

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