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Legal marijuana industry had banner year in 2018

The last year was a 12-month champagne toast for the legal marijuana industry as the global market exploded and cannabis pushed its way further into the financial and cultural mainstream.

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Utah latest state to legalize medical pot, expand Medicaid

Voters in conservative Utah have decided to join the growing number of states legalizing medical marijuana and expanding Medicaid to cover tens of thousands more low-income residents, two issues that had long stalled out with conservative state lawmakers.

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Michigan becomes 10th state to legalize recreational marijuana; other measures pass in Missouri and Utah

In midterm elections that saw Democrats gain control of the House and reaffirmed Republican control of the Senate, more states also voted to legalize marijuana.

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Where marijuana is on the ballot Tuesday – and where it’s most likely to win

It has been a big year for marijuana policy in North America. Mexico’s supreme court overturned pot prohibition last week, while Canada’s recreational marijuana market officially opened its doors in October.

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New Colorado border-town marijuana dispensary concerns Utah Highway Patrol

Utah officials are wary after the first marijuana shop opened in the tiny town of Dinosaur, Colorado, just a few miles from the state line.

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Utah’s Concurrent Resolution 11 Urges United States Congress to Reclassify Marijuana

Bizarre, poignant, and fitting: How apropos would it be if senators from one of the reddest states in the U.S. were the ones that actually cattle prodded Congress into modifying marijuana’s status within the Controlled Substance Act? While a seemingly far-fetched idea for some in the Beehive State, if passed, Utah’s Senate Concurrent Resolution 11 […]

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Utah Lawmakers Consider Two Medical Marijuana Bills As Poll Shows 64% Approval For Medicinal Cannabis

As the newest poll demonstrates, there’s strong support for medical marijuana in the sometimes-regressive state of Utah, which has inspired a sense of vagrant optimism as politicians prepare for a critical vote today. Up for consideration are two competing medical marijuana proposals – including one that was trounced by the Mormon Church the moment it […]

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Dr. Sue Sisley Pitches Medical Marijuana to Utah’s Politicians

Dr. Sue Sisley hit the snow-covered ground in the Bee Hive state last week with two goals in mind, to mingle with LA’s Hollywood set at Robert Redford’s Film Festival in Park City, and to educate as many of Utah’s political heavyweights on the highly controversial topic of providing medical marijuana to vets who suffer […]

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New Poll Shows Elevated Support for Medical Marijuana Among Utah’s Elderly

As the majority of our God-fearing country slowly accepts the scientific fact that marijuana’s cannabinoids are medicine, a new poll conducted by UtahPolicy finds that six of ten Utahns favor legalizing medical marijuana when prescribed by a licensed doctor. While the Beehive State approved limited access to medical marijuana for children with severe forms of […]

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Marijuana Inudstry News August 30, 2013


World Drug Study: Marijuana Most Popular, Opiates Most Fatal…

The first ever global study on substance use was recently completed.  The study included data from surveys conducted around the world in 2010.  The goal was to measure substance use rates for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and others.  Marijuana proved the most popular substance surveyed across the world and opiates proved to be the most fatal.  Men in their 20s had the highest rate of abuse worldwide.  The U.S, Australia, Britain, and Russia were the countries with highest substance abuse rates.  Some of the data was may not be conclusive but “we can say definitely that there are drug problems in most parts of the world,” said Theo Vos, of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, the study’s senior author.


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Mexico City Considers Marijuana Legalization…

Since his departure from the Mexican presidency in 2006, Vicente Fox has been one of the most high profile and outspoken advocates of marijuana legalization. He even has said he would grow cannabis if legalized.  With the human and financial casualties taking a huge toll on Mexico, support for major marijuana reform has been growing steadily.  Now the discussion has escalated even further in Mexico City where legalization could soon be on the way.  Mexican lawmakers have recently been debating legalization of marijuana and other substances in order to regulate and save money.  Half of the marijuana consumed in the U.S. is believed to originate from Mexico.  There are now many seeking to tax and help Mexico’s struggling finances.  Additionally, legalization could help reduce the violence.  Over 100,000 people have either been killed or have gone missing since 2006 because of cartel activity.  Next month a final forum will be held by government leaders in Mexico City.   Though it is not clear that the result will be legalization it seems like more and more of a possibility.

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Utah Mom Seeking Medical Marijuana to Treat Son…

There has been a growing trend of desperate parents who have no choice but to turn to marijuana as their only hope of providing a quality of life to their ailing children.  Recently there was a high profile case in New Jersey where parents pleaded with Governor Christie to allow the use of medical marijuana for their child who struggled with an extreme form of epilepsy known as dravet syndrome.  Governor Christie did change the state law so the child could receive care.  This week we learned of another mother in a similar situation.  Jennifer May is a Mormon from Utah who has run out of treatment options for her 11 year old son.  He too has dravet syndrome.  Ms. May, a self identified republican initially felt that administering marijuana to children was a crazy idea.  Unfortunate Utah has not passed a law permitting medical marijuana.  Jennifer May has now been pushing to change that.  She recently said “We don’t think it’s a cure, we don’t expect it to be a miracle. It just needs to be something we can try for our kids that don’t have anything left.  I want to see if this can even give my child a quality of life for a few years.”  Utah is known as a very conservative state where legal medical marijuana previously seemed like a long shot.  Her story is gaining traction however, and could possibly become a rally point for medical marijuana support in Utah.

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