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Letters: Meeting with the enemy demonstrates hypocrisy; Bad for marijuana business, good for criminals; This land is our land; Agree to disagree (2/20/20)

Meeting with the enemy demonstrates hypocrisy This past weekend, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., secretly met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Murphy justified this meeting by saying, “I think it’s dangerous to not talk to your enemies. Discussions and negotiations are a way to ease tensions and reduce the chances for crisis.” Read the rest […]

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Marijuana industry news September 6, 2013

MPP Football

MPP places pro marijuana ad outside of NFL opener…

Marijuana Policy Project has proved to be invaluable in highlighting the truth about cannabis.  The group made headlines with their recent NASCAR ad and will not stop there. Their next target is the NFL and their policy on testing players for marijuana use.  An ad was placed outside of Denver’s Mile High Stadium that read ” Stop Driving Players to Drink.  A Safer Choice is Now Legal Here.”  NFL players have come under harsh criticism for the high number of DUI arrests among them.  The NFL permits drinking but comes down harsh on players testing positive for marijuana.  Players are suspended, for multiple games with former Miami Dolphin, Ricky Williams, being one if the most high profile examples of the policy.  Mason Tvert of MPP feels the NFL ‘s stance is contradictory and recently said “NFL players are being told that they can go out and get completely drunk, but face no punishment from the league, but if a player gets caught using marijuana, they could be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, forced to sit out games and deemed a troublemaker.”

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Oregon Reveals Plans for Marijuana Dispensaries…

Earlier this year Oregon lawmakers passed House Bill 3460, legislation aimed at creating a registry for medical marijuana providers.  Medical marijuana is already thriving g in Oregon with law enforcement officials estimating that over 100 dispensaries are operating.  So far there is little to no oversight so the implementation of HB3460 is crucial.  A committee to oversee the caregivers has been formed and will convene, for the first time on September 20th.  The committee, formed by  Tom Burns who also oversees the pharmaceutical industry, is made up of police officers, prosecutors, marijuana lobbyists, lawyers, and dispensary operators.  The committee expects to implant their rules by January 31, 2014.

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Justice Department Statement Will Not Immediately Solve IRS Problems For Marijuana Industry…

The statements by the Justice Department, last week, indicating they would respect state laws certainly was a boost for many patients and caregivers.  However, this is only step one.  Another major obstacle  to overcome has to do with finance.  Because of federal pressure, banks will not allow collectives to set up business accounts.  The result, an untraceable cash business that helps neither the Feds (they can’t easily follow an electronic paper trail if a dispensary is operating illegally) or collective operators who have to keep cash and marijuana on hand.  Armed security at dispensaries is also illegal.  This forces collectives to have a bulls eye on their backs.  Another issue for dispensary operators is the fact that they cannot deduct normal business expenses that allow other small businesses to keep their doors open. None of this benefits the patient and since prohibition appears dead the IRS should move quickly.  Of course it is likely they will not.

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Super Bowl Sunday

Superbowl article

Today marks the 46th Super Bowl in National football league history which is much greater than a championship game.  Football, unlike a number of other sports may be the only major professional sport settled by one game.  Baseball, basketball and hockey all finish their seasons with series occasions.  For your reason, the Super Bowl is the grandest of all of them.  People in america think about the day a vacation, though not marked on any calendar.  And bosses everywhere can get low productivity using their employees around the following Monday.  In addition, Super Bowl Sunday may be the second biggest day for food intake in america, after Thanksgiving.  And every year it’s the most viewed television broadcast last year’s Super Bowl came 111 million audiences!  So can you explain that vital that you Marijuana.internet?  Well, as numerous People in america are medicating marijuana patients, many them of will also be football fans.

Super Bowl is really a large day for drink and food.  Whether you are a nick-and-dip crew, or love that nuclear chili that mother cooks before she leaves for any shopping spree, appetite is an extremely important area of the day.  Well, how about individuals people whose appetites happen to be covered up against their will?  The numerous illnesses affecting the intestinal tract don’t take each day off and away to watch the overall game.  Neither towards the drug cocktails that Aids patients use.  Super Bowl is really a day that lots of people love because of its camaraderie.  Which means the audience of buddies and family eat, drink, cheer and cry together (depending how their team does).  Sick or otherwise, if you don’t try the chili or exceptional guacamole that uncle Lou made, you’ll feel cast out.  It can be medicinal marijuana can provide relief.  Individuals patients who require a dose or two to soothe the bugs within their belly to allow them to enjoy that seven-layer dip, shouldn’t need to bother about law enforcement raiding their house. Be cautious though.  This really is no excuse to take part in socially unacceptable behavior no matter the possible lack of legislation, “Double-sinking” is really a social faux pas that’s to not be tolerated.

Desire can usually benefit from some cannabis on Super Bowl? Let us not limit ourselves exclusively to physical disorders.  It’s really a very demanding emotional day too.  Medicinal marijuana also gives strength to a lot of with social anxiety.  It may be very demanding investing four hrs in the home with a lot of screaming testosterone-pumped galoots.  Cousin Charlie does not such as the crowds much, nevertheless its not really a family event without him. So, an edible might help him to unwind and that we remember getting a lot of fun with him.

Possibly the finest requirement for medicinal marijuana for that Super Bowl is going to be on Monday morning.  You will find likely to be plenty of hangovers from alcohol, and horrible belly aches from a lot of wings and jalapeño popcorn poppers.  It’s a great day for celebration, but it’s not really a license to consider each day off.  Bring your meds if required, then grin and bear it as being you mind to operate.

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