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North Korea

Letters: Meeting with the enemy demonstrates hypocrisy; Bad for marijuana business, good for criminals; This land is our land; Agree to disagree (2/20/20)

Meeting with the enemy demonstrates hypocrisy This past weekend, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., secretly met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Murphy justified this meeting by saying, “I think it’s dangerous to not talk to your enemies. Discussions and negotiations are a way to ease tensions and reduce the chances for crisis.” Read the rest […]

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North Korea Appears to possess Loose Policy on Marijuana

kim jung un

With no to freedom of expression, a completely independent media, and reviews as high as 200,000 political criminals, North Korea isn’t exactly recognized for human privileges.  Surprising to a lot of, it seems marijuana is either legal, or laws and regulations against it aren’t enforced.

Huffington Publish lately reported around the problem, stating multiple tales of people that have either resided in or visited North Korea, claiming use of marijuana is extremely easy.  Darmon Richter, an english freelance author, reported on the recent trip where he could purchase marijuana in a local market.  The author from England presently resides in Bulgaria and was granted an uncommon entrance towards the country legally, having a group.  North Korea is much more likely to grant access through tour groups than people.  Richter stated marijuana smoking was recognized as well as urged and reported smoking in many public facilities without incident.

Based on some, the Kim Jung-Not regime doesn’t view marijuana like a drug.  This really is fortunate because the country is renowned for performing people for minor infractions.  There’s one story of the the mind of the factory being performed to make a phone call to some friend in Columbia.  It had been carried out in a stadium, before a crowd.  Others died throughout a stampede of individuals exiting the stadium.  There are numerous other terrible human privileges tales being released of North Korea.

The U . s . States offers a lot more when it comes to human privileges than North Korea.  That is the reason why a poor marijuana stance there’s surprising. Possibly a rustic jailing people for indicating a dissenting view cannot undertake another social fight against marijuana.  Most people within the U . s . States have most likely i never thought there is much to become envious of in North Korea.  If we obtain out marijuana laws and regulations functional, only then do we can eliminate any temptation of envy and revel in making social and political  commentary without incarceration.

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