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What Related To Recently Empty Jail Sales After Legal Marijuana?

empty jail cell

One of the leading but less outlined roadblocks for marijuana reform originates from the corrections industry.  Incarceration is becoming large business.  Unfortunately for individuals who gain tossing non violent culprits imprisonment and pushing citizen dollars, they might need to re-think their business design.  As marijuana laws and regulations are cool there might be less inmates to fill the 8×8 cells.  Of course government bodies may go after real and harmful crooks, but that’s a lot more difficult than wrestling an 18 years old having a joint lower down.  Huffington Publish lately released a cool and satirical piece leaving comments around the problem.  We at marijuana.internet thought it might be a pleasant change of pace for that holiday week.

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Marijuana Industry News November 1, 2013

washington state

Concerns Rise Over Washington Condition Medicinal Marijuana Program…

Passage of I-502, which legalized leisure marijuana in Washington signified a significant change within the cannabis reform movement.  New tax revenues and also the lengthy past due restoration of private freedom are some of the together with your new law.  Unfortunately, the change toward an income oriented marijuana industry can leave patients forgotten.  Although patients won’t be outright prohibited from acquiring marijuana underneath the new leisure  regulations,  they might be exposed to new and tax rates.  Charging patients exactly the same costs for any necessity instead of someone seeking leisure pleasure appears unfair.  Additionally, many people are not able to operate because of their health conditions.  Steph Sherer, of People in america for Safe Access, authored a great blog entry for that Huffington Publish explaining her take on the whole medicinal marijuana situation in Washington.  She mentions a course targeted at getting patient needs to forefront known as Health Before Happy Hour.

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Federal Judge in Maryland Views Lighter Sentence For Marijuana Smugglers…

Even while the general public progressively requires a more poor take on marijuana, federal government bodies have mostly maintained exactly the same traditional rigid stance.  With marijuana’s schedule I classification, federal convictions typically yield harsh penalties.  Earlier now, U.S. District Judge James K. Breda released a 5 year sentence to Scott Russell Segal on charges of promoting 100s of pounds of marijuana.  Federal recommendations recommended a sentence of 8-11 years.  With sentencing recommendations from sync using what the general public wants cheap marijuana doesn’t produce the safety concerns connected with harder drugs for example heroin, idol judges across the nation have felt the necessity to problem lesser sentences.  “It’s indisputable the offense isn’t regarded as with similar importance it had been 20 or 3 decades ago once the sentencing recommendations … that are still being used, were promulgated,” Bredar stated.

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Study: Marijuana Can Kill Certain Cancer Cells…

Marijuana’s possibility to fight cancer continues to be recorded before.  Many have discovered success with hemp oil remedies and past studies demonstrated the compound within marijuana, CBD, can steer clear of the distributing of cancer.  A new study released within the Anticancer Research Journal analyzed six cannabinoids apart from THC.  Dr. Wai Liu lead the research and located that non-psychoactive cannabinoids “resulted in dramatic cutbacks in cell viability” and “caused a synchronised arrest whatsoever phases from the cell cycle.”

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North Korea Appears to possess Loose Policy on Marijuana

kim jung un

With no to freedom of expression, a completely independent media, and reviews as high as 200,000 political criminals, North Korea isn’t exactly recognized for human privileges.  Surprising to a lot of, it seems marijuana is either legal, or laws and regulations against it aren’t enforced.

Huffington Publish lately reported around the problem, stating multiple tales of people that have either resided in or visited North Korea, claiming use of marijuana is extremely easy.  Darmon Richter, an english freelance author, reported on the recent trip where he could purchase marijuana in a local market.  The author from England presently resides in Bulgaria and was granted an uncommon entrance towards the country legally, having a group.  North Korea is much more likely to grant access through tour groups than people.  Richter stated marijuana smoking was recognized as well as urged and reported smoking in many public facilities without incident.

Based on some, the Kim Jung-Not regime doesn’t view marijuana like a drug.  This really is fortunate because the country is renowned for performing people for minor infractions.  There’s one story of the the mind of the factory being performed to make a phone call to some friend in Columbia.  It had been carried out in a stadium, before a crowd.  Others died throughout a stampede of individuals exiting the stadium.  There are numerous other terrible human privileges tales being released of North Korea.

The U . s . States offers a lot more when it comes to human privileges than North Korea.  That is the reason why a poor marijuana stance there’s surprising. Possibly a rustic jailing people for indicating a dissenting view cannot undertake another social fight against marijuana.  Most people within the U . s . States have most likely i never thought there is much to become envious of in North Korea.  If we obtain out marijuana laws and regulations functional, only then do we can eliminate any temptation of envy and revel in making social and political  commentary without incarceration.

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Federal Authorities Refuse to Admit Marijuana less Dangerous than Alcohol

federal government

Last week, we at were pleased to report on Attorney General Holder’s decision to alter the way federal minimum drug sentences would be handled.  This week we found out it may have been a case of the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.

The momentum for marijuana reform has been rising steady so it was right on cue that federal authorities needed to fight back with false and ridiculous propaganda.  On Monday, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) released a statement that not only calls into question their grasp of the facts,  but also questions whether or not the agency is operating in 2013 and not 1933.  On Monday decision makers at the NIDA thought the following statement was a well thought out idea: “Claiming that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol cannot be substantiated since each possess their own unique set of risks and consequences for a given individual.”  The statement seems to be a response to the group Marijuana Policy Project’s (MPP) recent ads that describe marijuana as less dangerous than alcohol.

Mason Tvert of MPP commented on the odd NIDA statement by telling Huffington Post “Our federal government has been exaggerating the harms of marijuana for decades, but at this point it has gone off the deep end…NIDA’s statement that marijuana can be just as toxic as alcohol would be on par with the FDA announcing sushi is as fattening as fried chicken.”  The Huffington Post article also pointed out that PolitiFact was unable to identify a single marijuana related death in 2010 but found 41,682 linked to alcohol during the same year.

The public trust in federal drug policy has been declining for decades.  However, the feds have learned to smile, dress nice, and say little when questioned on these issues.  NIDA’s mission statement is “to lead the nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction .”  Their actions indicate that perhaps the NIDA does not hold its mission statement in any sort of high regard.  As we said last week with Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s reversal on medical marijuana, how do we trust those who have policy making influence when they are the last to be educated?

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Legal Marijuana Sales Could Bring Economy Into The New Age


The foundation of progress and our consumer based economy is clear to everyone.  It is physically represented by George,  Abraham,  Andrew but those symbols are becoming just that,  symbols.  Money has now become a complex web of online transactions,  Wall Street speculation,  and confusion for the masses.  This transition from simple dollars and sense to complicated finances has been progressing over a long period of time.  It continues today and may have been most noticeable in 2008 during the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression. There was a lesson for many during the dark days of 2008.  The taxpayer,  for reasons not entirely apparent to them, were forced to bail out huge companies,  including AIG,  whose demise could have brought down everything with it.  The only universal clarity to rise from the fiscal ashes was the idea that money had clearly changed and the new world economy required a different approach if we are to sustain ourselves.  Now we are all money conscious and do not seem inclined to continue to watch the federal government continue to throw money at useless pursuits. Creating new revenues has proven to be extremely difficult during this period of super partisanship.  America no longer seems capable of brave and new ideas.  Many financial experts , for years,  have been discussing the huge economic boost legalized marijuana would create.  If our elected leadership decided to expand their horizons, and join us in 2013, we may be able to work together to create the next economic boom. The idea of legal marijuana stands on its own merits and has grown considerably even as the highest levels of government remain an obstacle.   In a recent Huffington Post article, author Caroline Fairchild cites a Medical Marijuana  Business Daily study that predicts legal marijuana sales will rise from 1.5 billion dollars this year to 6 billion dollars by 2018.  With 18 medical marijuana states and counting (Maryland could join this list within days) and two ( with several more considering full legalization) states that will tax and regulate sales of recreational marijuana it is easy to see why financial analysts are predicting tremendous revenues from the future of legalized marijuana. While these numbers are staggering, they may yet still be on the conservative side.  The reform movement has maintained a pace that is quicker than most predicted.  Additionally,  legal marijuana creates so many other jobs in the areas if security,  business lawyers, physicians,  dispensary workers,  delivery employees, construction workers and many more positions.  Income taxes are generated for every job.   Revenues could possibly exceed even the boldest predictions by 2018.  Even if our favorite presidents and paper currency go the electronic route, money will remain a concern, it is time to let legal marijuana take us into the future.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News June 1, 2012

silvestre reyes

Anti- Marijuana Stance may have caused Congressman his Job…

The Huffington Post’s website recently posted an article that describes a congressional election that may have been won and lost because of medical marijuana.  What has marijuana advocates even more excited is this did not occur in California, Washington, or Colorado, but in Texas.  El Paso Democrats decided to let Rep. Silvestre Reyes exit office in favor of Beto O’Rourke.  While the race was for the primary, the mostly Democratic district is expected to choose O’Rourke, the winner of this race.  Over the years,  Reyes has been very adamant in his opposition to marijuana reform.  The election seems to have highlighted El Paso voters concern with the growing violence along the Mexican border.  Beto O’Rourke helped to push a 2009 legalization resolution in response to the growing problems along the border.  Reyes, who maintains very close ties with President Obama and former President Clinton opposed and said that the district risked losing federal funding even if they simply discussed and debated the issue.  Residents did not find the explanation of his opposition satisfactory and have moved on.  Activists nationally are showing their political muscle as the Attorney General race in Oregon also may have been determined by the candidate’s position on marijuana.


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Poll: California Residents overwhelmingly support medical marijuana but split on total legalization…

As the Los Angeles City Council is considering a ban on all dispensaries in the city, California residents should make them think twice.  A new poll shows that an absolute vast majority of residents in the state support medical marijuana.  Apparently, the growth of medical cannabis has not caused residents to want an end to the program.  Today, the City Council may choose to shut down all of the dispensaries while allowing patients to grown their own medication.  Activists say that could compromise “safe access” as many patients do not have the means or knowledge to grow safe medicine.  Another plan will also be discussed that would limit the amount of legal dispensaries to 100.  All of this is a temporary fix until the state supreme court issues a ruling which is expected next year.  The poll also shows that Californians are mixed on recreational legalization and only 46% favored it.  Interestingly enough, the rest of the country may support legalization even more than residents in California as a recent poll showed 56% of Americans were in favor.  With such strong support from the people on medical marijuana but still opposition from lawmakers, an eventful year is expected.


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White House Ignores Returning Soldiers Pleas for Medical Marijuana…

It is not secret that for generations American soldiers have returned home only to fight a new internal struggle.  While marijuana has showed great promise in treating PTSD symptoms, the federal government has refused to alter their position.  Thousands of veterans banded together and sent in a petition requesting that the White House reconsider its stance on medical marijuana.  Unfortunately they have been rejected.  PTSD is a serious and often underrepresented condition.  Statistics actually show that suicides are far more of a risk for military personnel as they outnumber combat deaths by a staggering 25-1 margin.  Al Byrne, co-founder of the Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA) said in response,  “Vets have used cannabis for PTSD since the Revolutionary War, we know what we need and to be told by our President, the Commander in Chief, that he does not care about those he has sent to war by denying medicine to the wounded is unconscionable.”


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Strange News: Denny’s Customer tries to pay for meal with Marijuana…

Although is pleased with the progress the marijuana reform has made, the following story shows us why educating is so important.  We encourage readers to check out our legal section and to verify the marijuana laws in your state.  However, even education may not have been enough for a man in Niagara, NY.  The man tried to pay for his burger and fries at a local Denny’s (approximately $10) with one dollar of acceptable United States currency, and the rest with marijuana.  When employees did not accept the well thought out proposal, the man bolted for the nearby woods.  Reports indicate that employees informed police of where the man lived.  It is unclear as to what charges may be brought if he is caught because he did not eat any of the food and New York has decriminalized marijuana possession for amounts under 25 grams.  The penalty is a civil citation carrying a maximum of a $100 fine.  It is unclear if authorities will view the action more severely considering he attempted to use the marijuana in a transaction.


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