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Steph Sherer

Marijuana Industry News November 1, 2013

washington state

Concerns Rise Over Washington Condition Medicinal Marijuana Program…

Passage of I-502, which legalized leisure marijuana in Washington signified a significant change within the cannabis reform movement.  New tax revenues and also the lengthy past due restoration of private freedom are some of the together with your new law.  Unfortunately, the change toward an income oriented marijuana industry can leave patients forgotten.  Although patients won’t be outright prohibited from acquiring marijuana underneath the new leisure  regulations,  they might be exposed to new and tax rates.  Charging patients exactly the same costs for any necessity instead of someone seeking leisure pleasure appears unfair.  Additionally, many people are not able to operate because of their health conditions.  Steph Sherer, of People in america for Safe Access, authored a great blog entry for that Huffington Publish explaining her take on the whole medicinal marijuana situation in Washington.  She mentions a course targeted at getting patient needs to forefront known as Health Before Happy Hour.

entire Steph Sherer entry


Federal Judge in Maryland Views Lighter Sentence For Marijuana Smugglers…

Even while the general public progressively requires a more poor take on marijuana, federal government bodies have mostly maintained exactly the same traditional rigid stance.  With marijuana’s schedule I classification, federal convictions typically yield harsh penalties.  Earlier now, U.S. District Judge James K. Breda released a 5 year sentence to Scott Russell Segal on charges of promoting 100s of pounds of marijuana.  Federal recommendations recommended a sentence of 8-11 years.  With sentencing recommendations from sync using what the general public wants cheap marijuana doesn’t produce the safety concerns connected with harder drugs for example heroin, idol judges across the nation have felt the necessity to problem lesser sentences.  “It’s indisputable the offense isn’t regarded as with similar importance it had been 20 or 3 decades ago once the sentencing recommendations … that are still being used, were promulgated,” Bredar stated.

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Study: Marijuana Can Kill Certain Cancer Cells…

Marijuana’s possibility to fight cancer continues to be recorded before.  Many have discovered success with hemp oil remedies and past studies demonstrated the compound within marijuana, CBD, can steer clear of the distributing of cancer.  A new study released within the Anticancer Research Journal analyzed six cannabinoids apart from THC.  Dr. Wai Liu lead the research and located that non-psychoactive cannabinoids “resulted in dramatic cutbacks in cell viability” and “caused a synchronised arrest whatsoever phases from the cell cycle.”

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Med Marijuana Advocates Rally in Front of Many Obama Campaign Headquarters


With the exception of Paul Ryan’s declaration that marijuana should be a state level issue (which was quickly recanted by Team Romney), marijuana reform has not garnered much attention this race.  Only Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has embraced the issue and vowed to legalize marijuana if elected president.  Unfortunately he is having a hard time breaking through the two party system and his appearance at the debates seems unlikely.  President Obama has certainly disappointed  many medical marijuana patients and activists.  Mitt Romney has vowed to “fight medical marijuana tooth and nail”, leaving patients with few options.  Recent campaign stumbles, including a controversial statement accusing President Obama of “apologizing for American values” immediately following the Libya embassy attacks and a video where Romney claimed he was not targeting 47% of the country in his campaign make it increasingly likely that Barack Obama will remain the president of the United States.  Marijuana activists launched a nation wide protest outside of the President’s campaign offices in 15 states.  Americans for Safe Access have been helping to organize the rallies.  Steph Sherer of the group said “There have been more raids under Obama in three-and-a-half years than eight years of Bush.”  Even if President Obama wins, advocates are hopeful that he would reconsider his positions for a second term.


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Developing Stories in California

la city councilFrom a national standpoint, marijuana reform efforts have been achieving a great deal of success as of late.  Voters in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon will actually have the opportunity to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana use this November.  Even though the situation is not as upbeat in California, the state remains the epicenter for American …continue reading

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A Period to provide Thanks


Hot poultry, stuffing, cranberry sauce, cornbread, pumpkin cake, and lots of other goodies may dominate your Thanksgiving this season, it is a superb day for reflection too.  Marijuana.internet want to take this excellent chance to provide because of individuals who’ve assisted make our industry possible through the years.  Even though it is impossible to incorporate them all-in-one tribute article, we are able to discuss a couple of.

For just one, we have to begin with giving because of George Washington for a lot of reasons.  Clearly, he might be the only biggest reason we are able to fly our very own unique beautiful flag and revel in our independence.  George Washington, who couldn’t have recognized it at that time, provided us probably the most credible arguments for marijuana and hemp use still used today.  He would be a known grower and would be a major proponent of hemp’s many uses.  While George Washington is really a tough act to follow along with, you will find many more accountable for enhancing the marijuana industry progress.  Although he didn’t start and win a revolution against an excellent powered tyrant (really he indeed might have), Keith Stroup did begin a worldwide and influential organization.  Could any marijuana advocates make a world without NORML?  Stroup produced NORML decades ago and lots of feel his direct efforts have brought to decriminalization laws and regulations.  The next one we wish to give because of is really a leading heroine within the medicinal marijuana industry.  Steph Sherer produced the audience People in america for Safe Access.  Her organization makes tremendous strides in supplying information and protecting the privileges of patients.  People in america for Safe Access is symbolic of medicinal marijuana and it has acquired worldwide prestige.  Let’s also give because of Dennis Peron.  Without his efforts it’s possible we would  haven’t seen the passage from the famous Proposition 215.  Peron offered the U . s . States within the Vietnam war as well as for decades saw the advantages of marijuana use.  Also, he needed to watch his partner, Jonathan West, are afflicted by complications associated with Helps.  Peron has mentioned that West frequently found relief with cannabis use.

While marijuana reform may apparently be moving in a snail’s pace for many, it’s still vital that you give because of a rustic where might have a wide open dialogue.  This isn’t for everyone as fluff for the federal government, but to really reflect.  Although a lot of patients still suffer, many happen to be capable of finding relief through condition run medicinal marijuana programs.  We have to be grateful we have the various tools to produce change, awareness and then progress in this region.  We ought to give because of ballot initiatives and also to the political figures who really do are a symbol of patient relief as well as for civil privileges.

Thanksgiving is really a unique holiday.  It excludes no religion, no race.  It encourages family and buddies to obtain together, to understand and also to love one another.  Let’s be grateful it’s not the nineteen thirties, but don’t forget forget we have a lengthy road in front of us.  Eventually people like Dennis Peron, or Steph Sherer will no more be around us, however their extreme efforts will not be overlooked. We only hope that lots of more is going to be inspired by their efforts and become willing to get the torch to help keep fighting the great fight.  Because the hot poultry lulls you to definitely sleep, you are able to relax, reflect, and provide thank you for a lot.

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