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Med Marijuana Advocates Rally in Front of Many Obama Campaign Headquarters


With the exception of Paul Ryan’s declaration that marijuana should be a state level issue (which was quickly recanted by Team Romney), marijuana reform has not garnered much attention this race.  Only Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has embraced the issue and vowed to legalize marijuana if elected president.  Unfortunately he is having a hard time breaking through the two party system and his appearance at the debates seems unlikely.  President Obama has certainly disappointed  many medical marijuana patients and activists.  Mitt Romney has vowed to “fight medical marijuana tooth and nail”, leaving patients with few options.  Recent campaign stumbles, including a controversial statement accusing President Obama of “apologizing for American values” immediately following the Libya embassy attacks and a video where Romney claimed he was not targeting 47% of the country in his campaign make it increasingly likely that Barack Obama will remain the president of the United States.  Marijuana activists launched a nation wide protest outside of the President’s campaign offices in 15 states.  Americans for Safe Access have been helping to organize the rallies.  Steph Sherer of the group said “There have been more raids under Obama in three-and-a-half years than eight years of Bush.”  Even if President Obama wins, advocates are hopeful that he would reconsider his positions for a second term.


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