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George Washington

Love is A Complicated Matter

love is complicated

Last week ran a story about President Obama and his roller coaster relationship with cannabis in an article titled “Can Hemp Repair Fractured Relationship Between Obama and Marijuana?”.  In it we detailed a classic American love story that is currently fractured and in pieces.  The president’s re-election campaign was selling scarves made of hemp, so we started to wonder if this was the first step to the president and marijuana getting on speaking terms again.

Similar to most all romantic problems, the issue can get very complex.  Normally does not get into the “she said/he said” but we cannot resist here.  Last week the move appeared to be an attempt to mend the fences but we have found out a new twist.  Critics were upset with President Obama because the hemp used for the scarves has to be imported from China.  Americans are still not allowed to grow industrial hemp despite all of its known uses and quality.  The president has the ability to push to legalize hemp, instead, he choose to keep it in the dark.  This move hurts desperate American farmers who could benefit tremendously from a newly legal hemp market.

The president and other elected officials often say “what kind of message does this send to our children” when describing hemp, medical marijuana, or cannabis legalization.  However we must ask what kind of message does it send to our children that a benign wonder fiber that could jump start the economy has been criminalized?  Even further what kind of message do we send when we say it is ok for China to produce and export hemp to us, but it is not appropriate for the United States to create their own hemp.  What kind of message does it send to ignore our rich hemp history, (which includes an order by none other than General George Washington to grow hemp fiber for the Revolutionary War) especially in Kentucky.  It always seems that the American government looks to other nations when they need their dirty work done.

The White House had to or should have been well aware of the critical reaction to this story.  How could they think they would get away with acknowledging hemp’s usefulness and diverting the profits toward a re-election campaign but keeping it illegal on U.S. soil?  The only theory we have is that the president was trying to antagonize his former love marijuana.  Instead of granting her legal status he decided to take her cousin out on a date.  Being a gentleman is not a prerequisite for the United States presidency, but the leader of the free world should know better.

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A Day To Celebrate Our Independence


Besides Tom Cruise, there is another high profile birthday this week.  While alcohol, red meat, and fireworks are sure to dominate the day for many Americans, July 4th represents our country’s birth.  On this day the Founding Father’s adopted the Declaration of Independence and sent a clear message to the Kingdom of Britain that the original 13 colonies would no longer tolerate existing under such tyranny.

July 4th should remind us of the freedom that was won against all military odds.  However at times it seems this freedom is dissipating a bit.  Patients are not legally allowed under most states and federal law to relieve their medical ailments.  George Washington would not have outlawed marijuana, in fact he did the opposite.  It was mandated that farmers grow hemp, the all purpose wonder fiber which was instrumental in winning the Revolutionary War.

Our victory in the war provided us with freedom but with the turn of the century the political and propaganda machine took over, even though the Constitution was designed to combat this.  Now patients such as Bob Crouse have to break the law to medicate.  With a mounting deficit, several military engagements worldwide, and the often ignored issue of American poverty, why exactly is it imperative that we formulate battle strategies against a plant?

While we do not advocate breaking the law we do want people to feel good.  July 4th is an upbeat holiday and there are people who would not be able to enjoy the days festivities without medicating with cannabis.  Certain barbeque foods may not palatable for patients without nausea relief.  Walks on the beach or hikes may not possible either if it were not for the world’s best naturally growing medication.  Lets enjoy the day and appreciate the great things the United States has to offer.  Our government is certainly off base on this one issue but if we get back to work after enjoying this holiday we may be able to make sure that this is the last July 4th where patients have to secretly improve the quality of their life.

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Hemp… Man’s closest friend

Let&#8217s take some time to check out medicinal marijuana&#8217s dear brother, Hemp.  Aren&#8217t they exactly the same?  To put it simply, Hemp is marijuana that’s lower in the psychoactive chemical THC.  Really you will find 3 types of cannabis there’s sativa, indica, and ruderalis.   In the past, hemp was grown through the colonies (including Presidents Washington and …continue reading through

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A Period to provide Thanks


Hot poultry, stuffing, cranberry sauce, cornbread, pumpkin cake, and lots of other goodies may dominate your Thanksgiving this season, it is a superb day for reflection too.  Marijuana.internet want to take this excellent chance to provide because of individuals who’ve assisted make our industry possible through the years.  Even though it is impossible to incorporate them all-in-one tribute article, we are able to discuss a couple of.

For just one, we have to begin with giving because of George Washington for a lot of reasons.  Clearly, he might be the only biggest reason we are able to fly our very own unique beautiful flag and revel in our independence.  George Washington, who couldn’t have recognized it at that time, provided us probably the most credible arguments for marijuana and hemp use still used today.  He would be a known grower and would be a major proponent of hemp’s many uses.  While George Washington is really a tough act to follow along with, you will find many more accountable for enhancing the marijuana industry progress.  Although he didn’t start and win a revolution against an excellent powered tyrant (really he indeed might have), Keith Stroup did begin a worldwide and influential organization.  Could any marijuana advocates make a world without NORML?  Stroup produced NORML decades ago and lots of feel his direct efforts have brought to decriminalization laws and regulations.  The next one we wish to give because of is really a leading heroine within the medicinal marijuana industry.  Steph Sherer produced the audience People in america for Safe Access.  Her organization makes tremendous strides in supplying information and protecting the privileges of patients.  People in america for Safe Access is symbolic of medicinal marijuana and it has acquired worldwide prestige.  Let’s also give because of Dennis Peron.  Without his efforts it’s possible we would  haven’t seen the passage from the famous Proposition 215.  Peron offered the U . s . States within the Vietnam war as well as for decades saw the advantages of marijuana use.  Also, he needed to watch his partner, Jonathan West, are afflicted by complications associated with Helps.  Peron has mentioned that West frequently found relief with cannabis use.

While marijuana reform may apparently be moving in a snail’s pace for many, it’s still vital that you give because of a rustic where might have a wide open dialogue.  This isn’t for everyone as fluff for the federal government, but to really reflect.  Although a lot of patients still suffer, many happen to be capable of finding relief through condition run medicinal marijuana programs.  We have to be grateful we have the various tools to produce change, awareness and then progress in this region.  We ought to give because of ballot initiatives and also to the political figures who really do are a symbol of patient relief as well as for civil privileges.

Thanksgiving is really a unique holiday.  It excludes no religion, no race.  It encourages family and buddies to obtain together, to understand and also to love one another.  Let’s be grateful it’s not the nineteen thirties, but don’t forget forget we have a lengthy road in front of us.  Eventually people like Dennis Peron, or Steph Sherer will no more be around us, however their extreme efforts will not be overlooked. We only hope that lots of more is going to be inspired by their efforts and become willing to get the torch to help keep fighting the great fight.  Because the hot poultry lulls you to definitely sleep, you are able to relax, reflect, and provide thank you for a lot.

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Medical Marvel

Cannabis Extract

Marijuana includes a health background that spans almost 5000 years. It’s possibly been used before that, but Chinese emperor Shen Nung’s documents in 2737 B.C. supply the earliest known written text explaining its medicinal value. Other cultures throughout history used marijuana for medical and leisure reasons. Cannabis ExtractEven just in the U . s . States marijuana wasn’t initially seen as anything difficult. Colonial settlers towards the “” New World “” were needed to develop hemp and George Washington established fact for growing hemp themself. However, sentiments toward marijuana certainly moved significantly using the turn from the twentieth century. By this time around marijuana rules began to look. Throughout the nineteen thirties, marijuana was outlawed altogether within the U . s . States. Marijuana finds itself in the center of numerous social, political and lawsuits within the last century. Legally, the decades to follow along with weren’t any kinder to marijuana along with a large social divide regarding this was most obvious throughout the sixties. Throughout the seventies there have been some claims that passed measures to decriminalize marijuana. However, within the the nineteen nineties, clearly a brand new social sentiment was establishing itself. California grew to become the very first condition in the usa to pass through legislation enabling medicinal marijuana use. Across the country, there is a great deal of debate relating towards the ethics of the items California was doing. Federal raids happened under both Clinton and G.W. Rose bush administrations. These difficulties didn’t deter other states from implementing laws and regulations to legalize medicinal marijuana use. When we go forward to 2011, 15 states (AK,AZ,CA,CO,HI,ME,MI,MT,NV,NJ,NM,OR,RI,VT) and Washington D.C. are in possession of laws and regulations permitting for medicinal marijuana. The growing quantity of claims that allow medicinal marijuana isn’t surprising when considering what polls around the problem have indicated. In 1997, polls reported that 69% of People in america supported medicinal marijuana use. It was already an increase from the previous polling. This Year, data put together around the problem established that 80% of People in america are actually in support of medicinal marijuana. Throughout very divided and partisan occasions, it’s rare to determine the American public share such unified opinions. If these amounts plateau or rise, don’t be surprised to determine a level bigger quantity of states enact medicinal marijuana legislation. Among the earliest medications ever appears poised to become probably the most generally used later on. Article By Danny Reed

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