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New Study: Alcohol Fuels Aggression While Marijuana Reduces It

So, why is marijuana illegal again? Tapping the keg of America’s never-ending violence, “intoxicated aggression” spikes precipitously among drinkers, while marijuana snuffs out those same aggressive tendencies. At least that’s the takeaway message from a peer-reviewed study just published in the July 2016 edition of Springer Science. Per the Psychopharmacological Journal, researchers from the European […] Thanks to

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Head of DNC Takes Cash From Booze PACs, Calls Weed Gateway Drug

Demonstrating that she’s beholden to the deep pockets of the alcohol industry, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz conveyed her frenzied opposition over the idea of legalizing marijuana last week to the New York Times — as the industry’s political action committee (PAC) continued to stuff some serious cash into her campaign coffers. Ignoring the pro-pot logic of […]

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Pat Kennedy Claims Legal Marijuana is Finest Threat to American Mental Health

pat kennedy

Leisure marijuana is based on a most of People in america and medicinal marijuana is based on a huge majority of People in america.  Evidence of their benefits and occasional danger are obvious despite almost of century of propaganda and lies from government authorities.  With this being stated, we still expect some remains from the old misleading guard.

What we should tend not to expect, at this time, may be the marijuana misleading in the future from your more “progressive” leaders.  Based on, Patrick Kennedy was as left because they came throughout his amount of time in Congress.  However, on “listen for this guy discuss marijuana”, he scores within the prehistoric category if this involves progression.  Lately, Mr. Kennedy stated marijuana was connected with IQ loss, psychosis, and self-reported dissatisfaction with existence.  Obviously we all know that certain are only able to be dissatisfied with existence when they smoke marijuana, hence why you will find not too many anti-depressants and opiate laced drugs available.  He stated “The science informs the story”, though he didn’t remember to specify which science.  There’s most likely more reliable science inside a Creationism textbook.   Mr. Kennedy also stated marijuana “takes you to definitely the same location as cocaine or heroin.  You just need longer.”  Since Patrick Kennedy sees marijuana because the single finest threat to the society, he wasn’t shy to explain the way we should cope with it.  Also, he ensured to state “Incarceration is really a effective motivator….That’s the level: hearing that judge say treatment or jail.”

For any guy that’s a part of a household who fought against for civil privileges within the sixties, we’re surprised to determine him present this type of cut and dry ultimatum.   You either surrender your to medicate (to enhance your quality of existence like a sick patient) and to take part in responsible leisure behavior, or put forth jail.  This is actually the same guy that has had extreme bouts together with his dependence on cocaine.  In The Year 2006, he crashed his vehicle after being at the top of prescription medications.  Fortunately for him, he’s found help.  Regrettably for that relaxation people, he cannot rehabilitate and cope with his existence without attempting to criticize everybody else.  To Congressman Kennedy we are saying this, simply because you can not handle yourself does not necessarily mean everybody else is going to come unglued.  The comparison of the cocaine and prescription destructive addictions to marijuana is laughable.  Patrick Kennedy crashed his vehicle due to his dependence on anything else apart from marijuana.  Now he decides to choose the little one within the class using the best status and bully him around.

Let’s remember our government has turned into a conduit for energy, fame, and cash.  Based on, Mr. Kennedy feels that “the single greatest threat to America’s mental health is free of charge-market marijuana.”  How about alcohol being offered at ballgames, or their advertisements all around the television?  We didn’t hear much when it comes to his sights on free-market alcohol?   Does which have related to the truth that his family achieved their energy and cash by bootlegging throughout alcohol’s prohibition?  Anybody that discusses the risks of marijuana and fails the apparent comparison to alcohols addictive traits need not say anything further.  Furthermore, within this economic age, if you fail to include an agenda to cover the extra incarcerations you seek, please, there truly isn’t any point getting your opinions towards the table.

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Colorado Governor Accused of Gang Mentality

john hickenlooper

The gang mentality of protecting your turf and merchandise is not a new concept, it may even be one of our oldest social norms.  The idea has been well represented in movies and shows such as The Godfather, Goodfellas, New Jack City, The Wire, and Boardwalk Empire.  Corporations in the real world, use lobbyists and economic leverage to accomplish similar goals.  However, even if this sounds naïve, we are supposed to expect that our elected officials would refrain from these types of turf wars.

Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado has actually been accused of operating like a “Drug Dealer Protecting his Turf” in an article appearing on  The Governor recently made statements against Colorado voters possibly legalizing marijuana in November.  Despite a solid majority support for legalization in the polls, he recently said “detracting from efforts to make Colorado the healthiest state” and for “sending the wrong message to kids.”  The statement is odd for several reasons.  For one, while politicians are not accustomed too (by the looks of how many ballot initiatives are out there they would be well served to get used to it quickly) the people’s voices being accounted for, it may be unwise to lecture and condescend to the electorate.  Children are always put in the middle by those defending failed marijuana policy, but does the Governor truly think the majority of his state are terrible and selfish parents who never took their children into consideration?  Second, Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has addressed this for months by making concerned parents a significant part of their message.  However, these parents actually WANT a regulated system so they can ensure it stays out of their children’s hands.  The current and illegal/unregulated street vendor system can offer such protection.

Another reason why Governor Hickenlooper’s statements are out of place have to do simply with his choice of drugs.  The Heraldnet article makes the “Drug Dealer” comparison because Mr. Hickenlooper is an avid brewer of beer.  In fact he proudly has said “I’m the first brewer who’s ever been a governor.” When talking about tasty hops and barley the Governor seemed to have no issue with children’s health even as alcohol results in far more fatal car crashes, weight gain, and addiction.  Additionally, we have to ask ourselves exactly how try to keep alcohol out of children’s hands.  Instead of ignoring it, we as a nation have decided it would be a better idea to regulate, check identification to purchase, and even tax alcohol sales.  However, if the Governor does not agree, is he merely protecting himself, and his turf as the facts betray his statements?

Politicians should have seen the writing on the wall and come up with new talking points years ago.  The will of the people trumps any political rhetoric the Governor may recite.  Challenging the people on a consensus issue seems to be a very nearsighted action.  We truly live in a republic, so when the people get to participate in legislation directly, it is the most pure form of democracy offered in The United States, easily nullifying the contradictory statements of one lone Governor.

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Lil Wayne smoking again. (PICS!)

Lil Wanyne Smokin!

Lil Wayne is still on probation, but now, a photo showing Lil Wayne smoking what may be marijuana is online for all the world (and his probation officer) to see. Uh oh. Could this be big trouble? Let’s not forget, he’s still on probation for several more years. The idea here is to stay clean! […]

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New Teen Marijuana Study Shows Need for Regulation


As the Republican National Convention concludes tonight with a speech from Mitt Romney and the Democratic Convention kicks off next week, the election season is officially shifting into high gear. Polling and coverage of the upcoming 2012 presidential election, and the three previous held in 2008, 2004, and 2000 show an extremely divided country.  On most issues one side of the other is quick to jump on any information that can make their stance seem like the singularly correct position.  However, often this can be much more of a matter of inflating one’s ego then laying out helpful advice for the future of our nation.

Medical marijuana has been a topic with strong support, and of course strong opposition.  However, polls show Americans have quickly shifted their attitude toward medical marijuana (approximately 75% of Americans support a physician’s right to prescribe marijuana to patients), the failed war on drugs, and useless incarcerations of non violent offenders.  Research and patient testimony is starting to build a rather concrete case that marijuana does in fact offer substantial medical usefulness.

However, opponents of any cause ignore overwhelming evidence on one side only to embrace any fact that strengthens their own argument, usually through exaggeration or distortion.  This week, a study conducted at Duke University was released that indicated that frequent use of marijuana (4x per week) in teens could possibly lead to lower IQs later in life.  Study researcher Madeline Meier said “The findings are consistent with speculation that cannabis use in adolescence, when the brain is undergoing critical development, may have neurotoxic effects.”  The study also concluded that IQ reduction seemed limited to teens.  Those who started smoking marijuana as adults showed no change in IQ levels.

The news did not take long to excite those who have been salivating for their chance to condescend toward cannabis.  OC Weekly quickly published an article titled “Smoking Pot Makes Teens Stupid, Study Says”.  Of course the study actually said it lowers IQ by up to 8 points.  Absent from many of the knee jerk responses is the fact that most drugs that are illegal for teens to use can have a negative impact on their still developing brains.  According to many authorities, including the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors teenage alcohol use can lead to litany of developmental disorders including the damaging of brain tissue and memory loss.  Many other studies on teen alcohol use have been conducted that also do not offer an optimistic picture those who start drinking earlier in life.  With prescription pill abuse skyrocketing and far more accessible for teens, do we really think it has no impact on the developing adolescent mind?

While marijuana will receive the venom by virtue of the fact that it is illegal we have to stop and think how this continues to make opponents call for no regulation.  Alcohol is legal but requires proper identification to purchase it.  We know that alcohol can harm our teens, so in turn we do not ignore the issue and hope beyond hope that it simply disappears.  In fact, Colorado’s Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol often features concerned parents in their ads.  These parents are not pushing for regulation because they want their children to smoke marijuana.  To the contrary they are seeking legalization and regulation to keep it out of teens hands.  While opponents may be pleased to read about bullet points that satisfy their intellect, would they not be more satisfied to provide answers?  The bottom line is that we have to pay attention to what is going on and as the conventions unfold and the election season progresses, will we hear anything about how to deal with the issue of teenage drug abuse?  Not likely, but concerned citizens already have concluded that the situation falls into the hands of the people.

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FSU Star Greg Reid’s Dismissal Highlights Huge Contradiction

greg reid

Evidence of organized athletics outdated views on marijuana have been mounting.  Recently, published an article that described several American athletes being banned from the Olympic games for testing positive on marijuana tests, even as marijuana is not considered a performance enhancer.  Even Michael Phelps was suspended from competition (previous to the London Games) for being photographed smoking marijuana and never officially failing a drug test.  As marijuana has gained acceptance, most sports organizations have not done their homework or acknowledged the generational differences.

We no longer live in an “alcohol only” society.  Marijuana is quickly becoming the new generations choice when it comes to social substance use.  Marijuana is not known to produce the common “hang over” side effects of alcohol.  Additionally, research is showing that it does not seem to have the long term health implications found with alcohol or substance use.  Unfortunately, the approach by most sports organizations is as archaic as ever.  Another star joining the list of those suffering extreme consequences due to marijuana use is former Florida State corner back Greg Reid.  Reid was pulled over recently and was charged with a misdemeanor after an officer discovered a small amount of marijuana in the car.  As a result, the talented Greg Reid, both a media and fan favorite has been dismissed by Florida State University.  As Orlando Sentinel reporter Mike Bianchi said in a recent article, “if Reid had been arrested for DUI with an open bottle of Jack Daniels in the front seat, he’d probably still be on the team.”

It is understandable that will only naturally be a generational gap when accessing the dangers of marijuana.  Previous generations endured pseudo science and decades of anti marijuana propaganda.  Newer generations have grown up in a world where shared experiences are accessible on their cell phones with information on marijuana being readily available.  Teens are smoking marijuana at higher rates the propaganda ultimately may have had the opposite effect than its initial intention, as distrust in the government’s approach toward cannabis has increased.  However, even for those who may not support marijuana, it still is abundantly clear that cannabis is here and needs to be dealt with.

Florida State’s coach, Jimbo Fisher is not exactly a supporter of marijuana use.  He sees it as a drug with its use reaching “epidemic” levels.  However, he seems to accept that cannabis is here and does not want to turn his back on the issue.  At a recent press conference he said “We look at alcohol like it’s not a problem.  “Alcohol isn’t illegal, and I understand that, but I’ll tell you what, it causes as many deaths and bad circumstances as any other drug. But alcohol is accepted.”  He then went on to say “What if somebody told everybody in this room that you can’t drink a beer again or you’re going to get fired?”  Coach Fisher feels it is our duty to help and also told reporters “There’s more drug and alcohol abuse in this country than there’s ever been. We can stick our head in the sand and act like it’s not there, but it is. It doesn’t make them bad kids; it’s our job to help fix it.”

Even if many of us do not totally agree and view marijuana as dangerous as alcohol, we at were pleased to see a high profile coach engage the issue instead of pretending it does not exist.  For those who oppose marijuana, we challenge you to explain why the approach of sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling loudly had been an acceptable solution for what you consider such a destructive substance?

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Dr. David Sack and Modern Marijuana Propaganda

propaganda dr sackAs scientists provide more solid evidence and a generation of lies is being exposed, a vast majority of Americans now support medical cannabis.  Since the science and the hearts of the people are now on the side of advocates, the propaganda machine has been forced to utilize more subtle but equally misleading tactics. Today’s modern …continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Industry News July 13, 2012

weed wars

Harborside Health Center the Target of Recent Federal Raid…

Harborside Health Center is one of the most widely known marijuana dispensaries in the world.  It serves as the setting for the Discovery Channel’s popular series “Weed Wars”.  The charismatic Steve DeAngelo runs the facility and has learned from U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag that she is threatening to shut down Harborside and its affiliated dispensary in San Jose.  Analysts have questioned the government’s stated reasons for the recent wave of federal raids.  Federal officials claim they are not targeting anyone who abides by state law.  Many feel that shops abiding by California law have been targeted regardless.  Ms. Haag stated “The larger the operation, the greater the likelihood that there will be abuse of the state’s medical marijuana laws, and marijuana in the hands of individuals who do not have a demonstrated medical need.”  Though she did not outright accuse Harborside of any illegal (on state level) activity.  The federal government appears to be trying to make a statement by going after the most well known facilitites.  Earlier this year, raids on the famous Oaksterdam University were carried out by federal officials.


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Alcohol is more of a gateway than marijuana according to Study…

For decades marijuana has often been accused as a gateway drug even as no empirical data has been present to support such claims.  Alcohol, with its physically addictive properties seems to elusively sidestep these conversations because its status as “legal” seems to pacify many.  New research shows that alcohol is more likely to be a “gateway drug” than marijuana.  A study that will appear in August issue of the Journal of School Health shows that teens are exposed to alcohol more frequently and earlier in life.  The study found that the percentage of high school seniors who at least tried alcohol once.  Of the 14,577 students questioned, 72.2% had tried alcohol at least once while 45% tried tobacco products and 43.3% had smoked marijuana.  Researchers concluded that alcohol is much easier for teens to access.  One researcher from The Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan where the study was conducted said “By recognizing the important predictive role of alcohol and delaying initiation of alcohol use, school officials and public health leaders can positively impact the progression of substance use.”  He went to also say “I am confident in our findings and the clear implications they have for school-based prevention programs. By delaying and/or preventing the use of alcohol, these programs can indirectly reduce the rate of use of other substances.


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Backers of Second Legalization Ballot Initiative in Oregon File Lawsuit…

Earlier this week reported that Oregon voters may get their chance to legalize marijuana this November.  The ballot initiative is called “The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act” and would create a government regulatory system that would see marijuana regulated like alcohol.  The issue has a great deal of support in the state as another ballot initiative also collected many signatures.  However, Robert Wolfe has filed a lawsuit against Oregon’s Secretary of State, Kate Brown, on the grounds that she illegally invalidated many of the submitted signatures.  Mr. Wolfe and his group submitted approximately 170,000 signatures which is over 50,000 more than required.  Currently there are not enough signatures for the issue to make the ballot and Mr. Wolfe will have to be successful in court in order to get his efforts to the voters.  However, it still appears Oregon voters will have the chance to at least vote on one legalization measure.


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Marijuana Becomes Most Popular “Drug” Used Around the World


With no proven physically addictive properties, marijuana seems no more a “drug” than other pain relievers, though it does offer psychedelic effects.  However, many still classify marijuana as a drug even as alcohol escapes this dubious distinction.  Alcohol can result in a physical addiction, which is why many face difficult times when trying to quit drinking.  Whatever the case is, it is now generally accepted that marijuana is far less harmful than consuming alcohol and new reports show the entire world agrees.

Several days ago Time Magazine published an article online entitled “Marijuana Now the Most Popular Drug in the World”.  The article cites a U.N. report that shows as many as 224 million adults worldwide smoke marijuana.  These staggering numbers do not even include those under the age of 18 who use cannabis.  We have learned lately that teen use in the United States is climbing and it would not be a stretch to assume this is the case worldwide.  Including teens would drastically inflate the U.N. statistics.  Though the numbers are not rising as much in the North America, marijuana use is climbing steadily in Africa and Asia.

As we have been reporting, the international movement for marijuana reform is outpacing the United States.  In a recent article, we reported on Uruguay making a historic move to legalize marijuana and how Colombia decriminalized marijuana days later.  The momentum around the world is clearly picking up as we now know from the U.N. data that the two largest continents are also seeing an increase in marijuana acceptance.  Israel is several steps ahead of America in their medical marijuana industry and has recently developed strains that have high levels of CBD (one of the 50 plus cannabinoids in marijuana) as opposed to the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.  These medically friendly strains will not produce the well known psychedelic “high” most commonly associated with marijuana use.

Though the Time article omits any mention of alcohol, it does not seem to include alcohol in the “drug” category.  With growing social and medical acceptance marijuana may be able to shed the “drug” classification in years to come especially as it has demonstrated far less addictive qualities and does not induce vomiting.  There may yet still be some setbacks for patients and marijuana advocates but the worldwide trend seems to indicate that marijuana is here to stay.

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