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British Discovery May Explain Why Boy With Epilepsy Benefits From Marijuana

epilepsy in the brain

Earlier this week we at were pleased to report findings on the newest marijuana initiative polls.  The polls have been mostly favorable and show the public is ready to drastically change America’s approach to marijuana law.  However, for those tired of numbers, the election, and Mitt Romney’s view on moochers and 47% of the country, we have some exciting news on a medical cannabis breakthrough.

Patient testimonials have shown for some time that marijuana can be an effective remedy for epileptic seizures.  A recent L.A. Times article describes the findings researchers at Britain’s University of Reading.  They found that a cannabinoid named cannabidivarin (CBDV) “strongly suppressed seizures” without causing the commonly associated side effects such as uncontrollable shaking during a test on lab rats.  Dr. Ben Whalley, who was the lead researcher of the study was pleased to find a potential new path to combating epilepsy.  He recently said “There is a pressing need for better treatments for epilepsy.  It’s a chronic condition with no cure and currently, in around one third of cases, the currently available treatments do not work, cause serious side-effects and increase fatalities.”

The research findings, published this week in British Journal of Pharmacology may shed light on why  California father, Jason David, has found that marijuana is the only effective treatment in trying to provide relief for his ailing son Jayden.  Think Progress has posted an article describing Jason’s moving words regarding his son’s situation.  In short, Jason stated that his son has uncontrollable seizures that so far were only treated with ineffective prescription drugs.  Jason asked his physician if medical marijuana would be worth trying, and his doctor informed him that anything would be worth a try as doing nothing would likely result in Jayden’s death.  The seizures were taking a toll on Jayden’s body and it became clear that something had to be done immediately, even if controversial.  Jason turned to marijuana, but instead of smoking Jayden actually is given a solution comprised of mostly cannabidiol (CBD).  Jayden’s condition was improved almost immediately.  Jason described what happened when they started the treatment by saying “That was the first day, thank god, Jayden ever went seizure-free in his life. The prescription drugs, I feel like they made my son a zombie. Every time I take off another pill, the better he gets.”

Both the findings at the University of Reading and the situation.  As authorities still try to assert that marijuana ‘has no acceptable medical uses” research is obliterating this outdated argument.  More research and regulation may even be able to provide Jayden with tailored medicine to combat his epilepsy with even greater results.  While Jason David is pleased to see his son doing better, he is now confronted with the possibility that his son’s medication may be compromised by federal authorities targeting the world’s largest marijuana dispensary, Harborside Health Center.  Poll numbers and politics have a habit of melting in the true faces that policy impacts.  Perhaps the feds should try to explain their platform on medical marijuana to young Jayden.

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LA Councilman Shows Marijuana Appeal Growing

bill rosendahl


The move to ban dispensaries in the City of Los Angeles devastated patients and advocates not only in the area, but across the nation.  Los Angeles has become the epicenter for the medical marijuana movement with sick patients moving their so they can pursue relief.  While this move stings, it is not even clear if it will stick.  The move by the Los Angeles City Council directly contradict a ruling by California’s 2nd District Court of Appeals, which stated weeks ago that municipalities do not have the right to ban marijuana dispensaries.

With that being said, we would like to look farther ahead than the day to day politics of marijuana, which in a frenzied election season are sure to change daily.  Last week posted a story that shows just how far the perception of marijuana has evolved.  Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl announced to the L.A. Times that he has been a medical marijuana patient himself for over ten years.  The councilman said he medicates with cannabis to help alleviate symptoms related to neuropathy.  Last week he revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer, explaining his absence from City Hall meetings and perhaps another reason he will medicate with cannabis.  Mr. Rosendahl said he would have had a tough time without medical cannabis and the neuropathy makes his feet “red hot with pain.”  Many politicians have admitted to previous marijuana use but usually chalk it up misguided decisions made in their youth.  Few elected officials admit to currently smoking marijuana.

President Bill Clinton famously admitted to smoking marijuana, but he carefully tiptoed the political line and said he did not inhale.  Under his administration many federal raids of marijuana dispensaries were carried out.  Our current president, Barack Obama, admitted to frequent marijuana use in his earlier years only to now direct his agents toward the largest crackdown in medical marijuana’s 16 years.  Although Bill Rosendahl is not the president, he may represent the next phase of balancing marijuana and politics.  Is it crazy to think that one day a sitting president of the United States will also hold a medical marijuana card?

That day may yet be a ways off but Bill Rosendahl is showing that America is ready for the truth.  With approximately 75% of the nation supporting a doctor’s right to prescribe cannabis, the game has changed.  The future looks bright and we were glad to see that people came out in support of Mr. Rosendahl.  His admission lets patients know they are not on their own, and that one of their own represents them.  We at look forward to Bill Rosendahl’s return to the Los Angeles City Council, and his continued pursuit of providing compassion and relief.

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Marijuana Advocate and L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl is Receiving Treatment for Cancer


Last week the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban marijuana dispensaries.  As they say, “You’ll never understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes.”  Cannabis patients are judged harshly by our elected officials.  Perspective often changes when a problem hits home.

Earlier in the week, Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl announced to the Los Angeles Times that he has been a medical marijuana patient himself for over ten years.  The councilman said he medicates with cannabis to help alleviate symptoms related to neuropathy.  Mr. Rosendahl said the neuropathy makes his feet “red hot with pain.”  Yesterday we found out that he may have another reason to continue medicating with cannabis.  In a letter titled “I’m Going To Beat This,” the councilman revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer in his pelvic area.  In the letter he said “My doctors feel there is abundant reason for optimism.  The cancer is slow moving, has not spread to any vital organs and does not affect my digestive system.” He then went on to say “I am going to beat this cancer and return to work soon. I am going to seek, win and complete a third term.”

The popular city councilman has been a longtime supporter of legalizing marijuana nationwide.  He recently told the LA Times that “it’s been clear for 20 to 30 years where I stand on this issue.  I think the war on drugs is destroying this great nation.”  Councilman Rosendahl was unable to to attend last week’s City Council session where marijuana dispensaries were outlawed by a vote of 14-0.  The councilman who did attend apparently did not share Mr. Rosendahl’s sentiments on failed marijuana laws.  Taking away dispensaries could seriously jeopardize the ability for patient’s health and may lead to increases in illegal street sales.

With his recent admission, it may force the rest of the council members to acknowledge a marijuana patient up close and personal.  Before the planned dispensary ban even begins fellow council members will witness the impact of their decision firsthand.  They will have to look their colleague and peer in the eye and state exactly why they are against safe access.   This seems significantly more difficult than occasionally hearing patient stories at public meetings in City Hall.  We at are hoping for Bill Rosendahl to make a speedy recovery.  Patients desperately need his compassion and leadership and we eagerly await his return to the City Council.

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Dr. David Sack and Modern Marijuana Propaganda

propaganda dr sackAs scientists provide more solid evidence and a generation of lies is being exposed, a vast majority of Americans now support medical cannabis.  Since the science and the hearts of the people are now on the side of advocates, the propaganda machine has been forced to utilize more subtle but equally misleading tactics. Today’s modern …continue reading

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