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FSU Star Greg Reid’s Dismissal Highlights Huge Contradiction

greg reid

Evidence of organized athletics outdated views on marijuana have been mounting.  Recently, published an article that described several American athletes being banned from the Olympic games for testing positive on marijuana tests, even as marijuana is not considered a performance enhancer.  Even Michael Phelps was suspended from competition (previous to the London Games) for being photographed smoking marijuana and never officially failing a drug test.  As marijuana has gained acceptance, most sports organizations have not done their homework or acknowledged the generational differences.

We no longer live in an “alcohol only” society.  Marijuana is quickly becoming the new generations choice when it comes to social substance use.  Marijuana is not known to produce the common “hang over” side effects of alcohol.  Additionally, research is showing that it does not seem to have the long term health implications found with alcohol or substance use.  Unfortunately, the approach by most sports organizations is as archaic as ever.  Another star joining the list of those suffering extreme consequences due to marijuana use is former Florida State corner back Greg Reid.  Reid was pulled over recently and was charged with a misdemeanor after an officer discovered a small amount of marijuana in the car.  As a result, the talented Greg Reid, both a media and fan favorite has been dismissed by Florida State University.  As Orlando Sentinel reporter Mike Bianchi said in a recent article, “if Reid had been arrested for DUI with an open bottle of Jack Daniels in the front seat, he’d probably still be on the team.”

It is understandable that will only naturally be a generational gap when accessing the dangers of marijuana.  Previous generations endured pseudo science and decades of anti marijuana propaganda.  Newer generations have grown up in a world where shared experiences are accessible on their cell phones with information on marijuana being readily available.  Teens are smoking marijuana at higher rates the propaganda ultimately may have had the opposite effect than its initial intention, as distrust in the government’s approach toward cannabis has increased.  However, even for those who may not support marijuana, it still is abundantly clear that cannabis is here and needs to be dealt with.

Florida State’s coach, Jimbo Fisher is not exactly a supporter of marijuana use.  He sees it as a drug with its use reaching “epidemic” levels.  However, he seems to accept that cannabis is here and does not want to turn his back on the issue.  At a recent press conference he said “We look at alcohol like it’s not a problem.  “Alcohol isn’t illegal, and I understand that, but I’ll tell you what, it causes as many deaths and bad circumstances as any other drug. But alcohol is accepted.”  He then went on to say “What if somebody told everybody in this room that you can’t drink a beer again or you’re going to get fired?”  Coach Fisher feels it is our duty to help and also told reporters “There’s more drug and alcohol abuse in this country than there’s ever been. We can stick our head in the sand and act like it’s not there, but it is. It doesn’t make them bad kids; it’s our job to help fix it.”

Even if many of us do not totally agree and view marijuana as dangerous as alcohol, we at were pleased to see a high profile coach engage the issue instead of pretending it does not exist.  For those who oppose marijuana, we challenge you to explain why the approach of sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling loudly had been an acceptable solution for what you consider such a destructive substance?

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