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Legal marijuana industry had banner year in 2018

The last year was a 12-month champagne toast for the legal marijuana industry as the global market exploded and cannabis pushed its way further into the financial and cultural mainstream.

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Fearing feds, Iowa AG halts medical marijuana import plan

Iowa’s attempt to work with another state to bring medical marijuana oil across state lines is on hold amid legal concerns it could invite federal scrutiny.

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Iowa: Some Republicans Announce Support for Medical Marijuana Bill

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Some Republican House lawmakers are supporting legislation that would create a system for manufacturing, distributing and possessing some forms of medical marijuana in Iowa, though it’s unclear what type of support the bill will get from party leaders. The bill would expand the state’s current law on medical marijuana, which […]

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Medical Marijuana Industry News March 1, 2013

marijuana cannon

Police Confiscate Cannon used to Fire Marijuana Across Border Fence…

Many of us have fired a potato cannon at some point in our lives.  Watching a potato fly across a field is one thing, but drug traffickers have taken the idea a bit further.  Recently a homemade cannon had been used to fire bags of marijuana over fences dividing the United States and Mexico.  The cannons have been modified and seem to be a significant improvement over traditional potato cannons. Bags with as much as 30 pounds of marijuana have been travelling up to 500 feet.  This is not the first time cannons have been used.  Mexican authorities claimed to have recovered similar devices over the years.  Authorities have their hands full as this is another example of difficult it has been to try and stop drug smuggling.


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Medical Marijuana Support Taking Hold in More States…

The acceptance of medical marijuana seems to be spreading at an accelerated rate.  Even in the deep south, a change in attitude toward medical marijuana seems to be taking place.  In Iowa, a recent poll conducted by The Des Moines Register showed that 58% of residents supported medical marijuana.  In Florida, the support runs even higher.  About 70% of Florida residents support a state constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana.  The support numbers are so high that many political analysts believe the issue may impact the state’s governor race.  Florida has a high number of elderly residents who may need pain relief.  Additionally, Florida is also known for illegal indoor grows, and is considered to have the most in the United States.


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Majority of California Residents Support Legalization of Recreational Marijuana…

While many around the country think the title of this section is a no brainer, overall support to legalize recreational marijuana has a rocky history in the state.  Past efforts have failed to gain enough support.  Like many states, there is a difference in attitude in rural areas vs. urban areas.  However, as the entire country starts to accept marijuana, the state where the modern movement started may also be on board.  The Field Research Corporation conducted the poll which found that 54% of California voters support legalizing recreational marijuana.  In 2010, a similar poll found that 50% supported the idea.  Support for the continued federal efforts to raid medical marijuana dispensaries received support from only 27% of residents.


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Two Marijuana Bills Introduced in Iowa Show Post Election Momentum

iowa rally

Over the course of the past year, there have been polls conducted on a daily basis in order to gauge the mindset of the American public.  Most of these polls ended up being accurate but only the actual vote of the people provides the final word.  The victories in Washington, Colorado, Michigan, and Massachusetts show a changing electorate, an electorate that no longer wants to continue our failed marijuana policy.

In Iowa, we are seeing the momentum from the election spill over.  Iowa is known for its impact on presidential elections, as it is the first event to kick off the campaigns.  President Obama credits Iowa as a main reason for his initial 2008 election, as she shocked the political world at the time and defeated Hilary Clinton.  Even this year, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama fought very hard for its 6 swing electoral votes and the president made it his final campaign stop.

Lawmakers have now introduced two bills that would drastically reform Iowa’s marijuana laws.  Iowa state Rep. Bruce Hunter plans to introduce a bill that would decriminalize marijuana possession for personal use.  The law would not protect those selling cannabis.  Additionally, Rep. Hunter also plans to bring back a medical marijuana bill that has not previously been passed.  Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has threatened to veto any bill that would legalize marijuana in any capacity.  It is unclear if decriminalization or a compromise on that front would be something the governor would consider.

Even as Governor Branstad displays his reluctance to adjust with the times, momentum around the country has clearly shifted.  Steve Morrow, president of Iowa’s NORML chapter agrees.  He said the recent votes in Colorado and Washington “helped the cause”.   Iowa may be small state from population standpoint, but it has a tremendous impact on American politics.  Even if Iowa does not pass new legislation now, change certainly appears to be on the horizon.  Presidential politics now encompass the almost entire four year period between elections, and if Iowa changes, those seeking the White House will also have to change.

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