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Marijuana banking bill gets pushback from Colorado’s Buck, Lamborn

Twelve members of the U.S. House of Representatives, including two from Colorado, are publicly pushing back against a federal bill that would give legal cannabis businesses access to banking services.

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Turning point for legal marijuana in Colorado: Big changes in the works as state plays catchup

Colorado’s status as the frontier for legal marijuana is fading fast as larger states get in the game, spurring lawmakers this spring to consider big changes that would reverberate for years to come.

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Marijuana industry would no longer be cash-only if this bill passes. And this time, it has a better chance.

U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter has again introduced legislation allowing marijuana businesses to use banks, removing a hindrance that has plagued Colorado businesses in the five years since legalization.

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Legal marijuana industry had banner year in 2018

The last year was a 12-month champagne toast for the legal marijuana industry as the global market exploded and cannabis pushed its way further into the financial and cultural mainstream.

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Washington State: GOP Chairwoman Claims Increase in Black Market Since Legalization

In an interview with Roll Call, a new Power Brokers news series, House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers expresses her opinion on a variety of topics – one being marijuana legalization in WA State. The Chairwoman’s home state, Washington, legalized marijuana for adult consumption in 2012. The interviewer, Melinda Henneberger, asked Chairwoman McMorris Rodgers […]

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Medical Marijuana Industry News August 10, 2012


Ten Dispensaries in Colorado Warned to Shut Down by Federal Government….

U.S. Attorney John Walsh has issued a new round of threatening letters to marijuana dispensaries.  This time the letters are targeted at 10 collectives in Colorado.  The ten dispensaries targeted by Walsh are in violation of state law with many being closer than 1,000 feet to a school.  The collectives have 45 days from when they received the letters to either close or move their business.  California dispensaries have dealt with a crackdown on their medical marijuana industry as well, however, since Colorado has more defined laws there have been far fewer closures.  In November Colorado residents will have the opportunity to legalize medical marijuana due in large part to the efforts of Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.

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North Dakota Residents May Get to Vote on Medical Marijuana

Much of the success of the marijuana reform movement is linked to ballot initiatives votes by the people.  North Dakota may also see its people vote on legalizing medical marijuana this November.  The group North Dakotans for Compassionate Care helped collect the required 20,000 signatures.  The signatures were recently submitted to North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s office.  Only 13,500 signatures were required, however the signatures will be reviewed to determine if they are valid.  If the signatures are valid voters in North Dakota will have the chance to legalize medical marijuana.  If voters pass the proposed measure then patients will be able to possess up to 2½ ounces of pot for medical reasons and grow their own supply.


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Governor of Vermont Seeks Help From NORML in Re-Election Effort

It used to be that groups such as NORML struggled to acquire funding.   Apparently the tables turned with politicians seeking help from marijuana activists.  Recently, Governor Shumlin of Vermont decided to contact NORML’s executive director Allen St. Pierre.  He pledged his support for NORML’s cause be a national spokesperson for the national marijuana reform movement.  Of course no political favor comes without a price tag and the governor asked for a contribution toward his re-election campaign.   This shows cannabis reform has reached the highest level of politics.  Governor Shumlin vowed to push for a decriminalization law if Allen St. Pierre and NORML donate the money.  Shumlin is known to support a new approach toward cannabis law and the election for Vermont’s Governorship should interesting as Shumlin’s Republican opponent, Randy Brock said he was against any decriminalization message and was worried about the message it sends to children.


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Gary Manley Excluded from GOP Debates

Gary Johnson

Whenever a prominent person in the GOP scores well with independent as well as democratic voters, his inclusion within the Republican primary debates is anticipated to become a formality.   Gary Johnson’s scenario is truly baffling.  He is among the most widely used ex governors (two terms in Boise State Broncos) and would supply a high challenge for that Democratic party the coming year.  However, he is not incorporated within the GOP primary debates.

While Manley themself wished it wasn’t the situation, many experts believe his social sights don’t sit well using the Republican establishment.  Manley is recognized as an expense conscious politician with libertarian social sights.  He’s been famous for his focus on New Mexico’s deficit and was recognized to veto investing bills he didn’t accept from both Republicans and Dems.  Johnson’s debate inside the GOP originates from social issues, including his sights on marijuana.  Manley is a very long time medicinal marijuana supporter.  Also, he mentioned publically he would consider pardons for those non violent marijuana culprits.  Johnson’s financially conservative method of regulating is visible clearly in the need to reduce investment property on marijuana police force.

For any party that claims fiscal responsibility and small government, Manley would appear just like a handpicked candidate for that national stage.  With the opportunity of billions each year to become saved on marijuana reform, America can use the additional dollars to release our very tight devices.  World war 2 on drugs has cost the U . s . States more than one trillion dollars since its beginning.  From the political perspective, the GOP appears to become missing a chance to take advantage of taking a greater youth election in addition to independents and fiscal conservatives.  Furthermore, this might also function as their chance to repair our medical system, an problem they attempted to operate with for quite some time.

Evidently this gets in front of ourselves once we are merely asking why his ideas aren’t incorporated within the debates.

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