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Washington State: GOP Chairwoman Claims Increase in Black Market Since Legalization

In an interview with Roll Call, a new Power Brokers news series, House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers expresses her opinion on a variety of topics – one being marijuana legalization in WA State. The Chairwoman’s home state, Washington, legalized marijuana for adult consumption in 2012. The interviewer, Melinda Henneberger, asked Chairwoman McMorris Rodgers […]

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Marijuana Industry News October 4, 2013


Legalizing marijuana would finish underground community states Israeli Study…

Prohibition continues to be associated with stimulating organized crime on several occasion.  Our neighbors towards the south, Mexico have observed an excessive amount of top notch bloodshed as cartel energy continues to be in a position to flourish.  The calls to legalize and reduce cartel influence haven’t been more powerful.  Israel, such as the relaxation around the globe is attempting to develop a plans for additional revenue and fewer violence.  A recent study there came to the conclusion they might accomplish both through marijuana legalisation.  “Realizing the large financial gains that will originate from legalisation demands the government take serious consideration in the proposal to legalize cannabis use under specific recommendations,” stated Yarden Gazit, who co-written the research in Israel.

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Washington and Colorado with changes to marijuana banking…

As continues to be recommended formerly by marijuana.internet and lots of other sources, the greatest hurdles within the legal marijuana industry relates to banking.  Federal government bodies have compelled the banking institutions to prevent letting shops operate business accounts.  The outcome is marijuana, cash, with no recorded paper trail. Individuals in the market happen to be lobbying to alter this.  With Colorado and Washington continuing to move forward using their recently legalized leisure market, the requirement for modern banking us essential.  Washington Condition Gov. Jay Inslee and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper wrote instructions to federal government bodies, including Secretary of Treasury, Ben Bernanke.  In it they condition that banking is  a necessary aspect of ensure a correctly controlled system.

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Marijuana Policy Project’s effective advertising campaign strikes again…

Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has already established a string of much talked about and effective advertisements launched lately.  They have specific the National football league and Dale earnhardt jr ., getting contradictions to light how alcohol is treated versus. marijuana.  Sticking with similar theme, MPP has become setting up advertisements at bus animal shelters in Tigard Maine.  “I prefer marijuana over alcohol since it doesn’t cause me to feel rowdy or reckless,” among the advertisements reads. “Why must i be punished?”  On Election Day in November, citizens in Tigard they would like to legalize small quantities of leisure marijuana for grown ups.  Metro, Portland’s public bus service has gotten some complaints concerning the advertisements but stated the advertisements were considered political advertising, and turn into inside their advertising recommendations.


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Doctor believes that symptoms of Synthetic Cannabis Use not always Recognized

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Prohibition paves a golden road to the black market.  The mafia flourished during America’s alcohol prohibition and has recently covered many stories that highlight the Mexican Cartel’s profits during the current war on cannabis.  The alternate and unregulated drug market has witnessed new products that are striking fear in parents and health care workers.

Complications from synthetic marijuana are being reported regularly these days.  The problem seems much more pronounced in teenagers, with emergency room visits on the rise.  Most of the news outlets refer to all synthetic marijuana, ingredients, and effects as if they fit into one category.  A recent article entitled “Side effects of synthetic pot-aka Spice- may be missed by ER Docs” has appeared on MSNBC’s website.  This article mentions major problems in diagnosing and treating teens who suffer from side effects of synthetics.

Dr. Joanna Cohen is a pediatric emergency physician and told MSNBC that “These drugs are unregulated…symptoms can be unpredictable because the drug is mixed with other types of chemicals and substances.” The problem is also complicated by the fact that there is no standard in the synthetic marijuana market.  With 39 states and a federal ban on JWH-018, synthetic creators have used many other compounds.  This can make detection of use by teens difficult as there is not necessarily consistency to the side effects.  The article also specifically describes several cases where teens were unable to speak, move, or respond to touch after being rushed to the emergency room after use of synthetic cannabinoids.  The side effects are different, unpredictable, and impossible to determine as many unknown chemicals can be found in the products used by teens.

While rogue chemists may have replaced the iconic prohibition kings such as Al Capone, the situation remains similar.  The black market in 2012 may not have the identifiable faces that made bootleggers so famous, but the effects of this market may be far worse.  Synthetic products such as “K2” and “Spice” can be purchased at convenience stores and will likely just appear in different packaging if outlawed.  These stories only highlight the need for a regulated and safe marijuana market, where the demand for products that can result in emergency room visits will fade away.

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Synthetic Marijuana Linked To Teen Cardiac Arrest


The drug policy within the U . s . States has the feel of an adaptable gymnast attempting to win a powerful bet on twister.  You are able to only cover a lot of spots in the light of day.  Eventually you will see some strain on our bodies.

Three separate teens in Texas experienced cardiac arrest that appear to become associated with smoking a synthetic type of cannabis.  The boys accepted to presenting a known synthetic product named K2 within times of their attacks.  Based on the boys, soon after they smoked K2, they believed discomfort within their chest.  The 3 from the boys are 16 years of age and also have no previous good reputation for cardiovascular issues.  This is really not the very first story which has introduced the security of synthetic cannabinoids into question.

A few of the collateral damage triggered through the U . s . States fight against drugs isn’t necessarily apparent.  The archaic approach of the us government toward marijuana accounts for the increasing of the synthetic-cannabis underground community.  True marijuana reform previously might have reduced the interest in a underground community of synthetic cannabinoids.  Components for example jwh-018 happen to be banned however the floodgates may happen to be opened up.  Labs have produced additional synthetics and presently turn to have the ability to stay a measure in front of the law.  Suspending these compounds might be like attempting to fix a number of leaks within the Hoover Dam with a bit of scotch tape along with a stick of gum.  New leaks will form and also the problem certainly doesn’t disappear. We’re knowledgeable the fight against drugs has led to many sufferers in other nations, however these teens might be domestic sufferers.

Beside legislative change it could also be time to employ a more upfront approach in marijuana education.  Reviews of synthetic marijuana’s safety concerns aren’t new, but includes a more youthful generation updated out individuals concerns?  A lot of us heard the ultimate alerts and propaganda of marijuana that didn’t arrived at fruition.  It’s time to rebuild trust and set an finish for this reefer madness.

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