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Legal marijuana industry had banner year in 2018

The last year was a 12-month champagne toast for the legal marijuana industry as the global market exploded and cannabis pushed its way further into the financial and cultural mainstream.

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Denver, Thornton mayors join with other U.S. city leaders to call for federal marijuana policy reforms

The Denver and Thornton mayors have joined a new coalition of U.S. city leaders that will lobby Congress and the Trump administration to increase local control over marijuana policy.

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Marijuana Industry News May, 31 2013

brain scan

Study: Medicinal Marijuana Prevents Brain Damage…

Medicinal marijuana had certainly made the situation by itself like a great discomfort, anxiety,  and stress reliever.  Preventing brain damage can also be put into the constantly growing listing of conditions medicinal marijuana  can help with.  In research on rodents, marijuana was proven to safeguard the mind from damage connected with seizures, toxic drug exposure, and deficiencies in oxygen.  Josef Sarne, of Tel Aviv College, made the findings.  Many are looking forward to the potential for these studies.  It may even become for marijuana to become given before dangerous surgical procedures in an effort to offer greater protection for that brain.  Mr.  Sarne also feels marijuana is an efficient tool in testing epileptic seizures.

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Activists Pushing for Legal Marijuana in Tigard Maine…

There already have been substantial conversations regarding legal and controlled marijuana within the condition of Maine.  Portland citizens might not wait for a condition to come to a decision and it is thinking about legalizing small quantities of marijuana.  The activist group,  People for any Safer Tigard,  are leading the charge to gather enough signatures to obtain the problem towards the ballot.  Over 3,200 signatures happen to be posted while 1,500 are essential.  Assuming the condition validates an adequate amount of the signatures, voters will ultimately determine if marijuana becomes legal.  Tom Macmillan belongs to the coalition and lately stated “The citizens of Maine’s biggest city strongly offer the finish of marijuana prohibition for grown ups, just like alcohol prohibition ended decades ago.”

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NY Congress Approve Law to repair Stop and Frisk and Truly Decriminalize…

New York’s lengthy running Stop and Frisk cleaning soap opera might be visiting and finish.  The condition set up has approved legislation,  by a margin of 80-59, that will close the plain sight loophole frequently utilized by cops.  Only hidden marijuana is decriminalized in New You are able to Condition.  Officers frequently demand that people (who’re extremely Black and Hispanic) empty their pockets simply to arrest them marijuana in public places view.  The bill will go prior to the condition senate.  That might be probably the most challenging political hurdle as New You are able to Governor,  Andrew Cuomo, has openly supported closing the loophole.

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Gourmet Medibles

marijuana cooking

Hungry, craving good food to enrich your day and help you stay medicated?  Well, for patients living in Oregon there are a few choices available to them.  The first cannabis serving eatery in the United States opened in Portland, Oregon over two years ago.  The Cannabis Cafe was a smashing success when it debuted.  Following most recently on its heels is the new Earth Dragon Edibles, in Ashland, Oregon.  Now the state has coverage in both the North and South sides.  Although the two restaurants are very different in look and feel, they both cater to the growing medical marijuana community.

The Cannabis Cafe is on its second iteration. Originally it opened at 4:20PM on November 13, 2009 in the Woodlawn section of North Portland.  Madeline Martinez of Oregon NORML fame opened the establishment in concert with the building’s lessor Eric Solomon.  The cafe itself was similar to those found in Amsterdam, a coffeeshop with accommodations for medicating.  They offered baked goods, coffee, drinks and snacks.  They had a few pool tables, HDTV, and Wifi access for patients to enjoy as they dosed.  It was a nice, relaxing setting in a laid-back area of town.  However, due to differences between NORML and the lease-holder, the Cafe shut down after six months.  Luckily, Ms Martinez sorted things out and the Cannabis Cafe was reopened, albeit in a new location. Now it resides at 322 SE 82nd Ave, in the Montavilla section of Portland and business continues to do well, despite having an exclusive clientele.  Visitors of the Cannabis Cafe must be card-carrying members of Oregon’s NORML chapter and must also have Oregon medical marijuana program (OMMP) cards. The cafe also has its own membership dues, $5 per visit in addition to the NORML dues. Also, no medical is sold on the premises. Patients may bring their own to the cafe. Cannabis Cafe keeps marijuana on hand for patients, and thanks local growers and dispensers for the donations.

Earth Dragon Edibles Restaurant and Lounge is an establishment of a different flavor.  It is a full-fledged restaurant that has marijuana-infused items available on the menu.  Located at 1662 Siskiyou Blvd in Ashland, Earth Dragon is a Mongolian barbecue joint that decided to spice things up a little differently than their competitors.  They offer both regular and medicated items on their menu, with three levels of intensity to their hashish-infused grapeseed oil.  They also have a desert menu for after dinner medicating.  Patients must show proof of OMMP membership, though NORML membership is not necessary.  Furthermore, they skirt marijuana sales laws by requesting donations for their dishes.  The restaurant also contains a hash bar where patients may medicate while they wait, choosing from hash or herbs, vaporizers, pipes or bongs.  However, in accordance with Oregon state laws, there is no smoking in the restaurant section.  And, the medication at the bar is also free, though “donations suggested.”  Earth Dragon has been doing well despite a legal challenge.  They operate without a city-required business license, because they are in violation of Federal statutes.  Local police chief Terry Holderness said that Earth Dragon is not a priority they are pursuing, “Nobody’s life is at risk here…We will prioritize this appropriately. But ultimately, if they are in violation of the law, they will be shut down.”  Ashland authorities appear to be lenient for now, perhaps waiting for further marijuana law resolution from higher levels of government.

We’ve had plenty of exciting news from Oregon.  Hopefully marijuana patients can see more growth like this in other states. Colorado is jumping on the bandwagon too. Maybe California and Washington will follow soon.  Perhaps this phenomenon will find its way to the East Coast.  New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Washington DC patients should keep their eyes open for opportunities.  For those in Oregon, with the proper credentials, Bon Appetit!

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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News December 30, 2011


Marijuana Dispensary in Maine to incorporate Social Shops


Wellness Connection in Tigard, Maine is placed to attract patients social side.  The dispensary intends to incorporate a vapor lounge, acupuncture treatment centers, organizations, counseling along with a free tea and coffee bar.  Based on the Wellness Connection website “People are always thanks for visiting relax and socialize near our fire place, or have a free bag having a friend within our coffee shop space.”  John Thiele, of Maine’s Department of Health insurance and Human Services feels Wellness Connection’s plans aren’t consistent with condition law.  Thiele also thinks that marketing a dispensary like a social hub may motivate patients to presenting greater levels of medicinal marijuana than is essential.


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Party Shows a far more Mature Side of the profession


Unlike the shops which have been raided or even the 2011 High Occasions Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, you will find industry occasions which go off without an indication of trouble.  Reps from marijuana.internet were very happy to join People in america For Safe Access and GLACA (Greater La Collective Alliance) in their annual holiday fundraising event.  We  loved music and great conversation with other people who share our desire for the individual and caregiving.  Marijuana.internet supports occasions similar to this where everybody is urged to obtain together inside a peaceful and socially constructive way.  All attending appeared to contain holiday spirit, which we have started to expect from individuals inside our community.

Marijuana.internet will give you info for future occasions which help bring patients and care providers together.

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