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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Supplies

DISPENSARY SUPPLIES Cloud Chasers provides compliant packaging and supplies for cannabis products. Cloud Chasers focuses on creating the best supply chain for customers, and providing amazing customer service. Cloud Chasers dispensary supplies provides private label, and co-branded, dispensary supplies. Cloud Chasers carryies all types of marijuana dispensary supplies and resources. We provide curated products. The products […]

Rate and Review your Favorite Weed Shops and Weed Strains on

Do you buy weed at Dispensaries? Let them know how their doing? Rate and Review your Favorite Weed Shops and Weed Strains on and is a mobile app platform and website service. It allows consumers to connect with providers based on their GPS positioning. Similar to a Google business page listings provide […]

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The Euflora Cannabis Company in Colorado

Euflora is Colorado’s only dispensary located right on 16th St Mall. They welcome anybody over the age of 21 years old not only from Colorado but from around the world. The 6,000 sq ft retail location is centrally located on the 16 St Mall near many Downtown Denver Hotels, the Convention Center, the Pavilions Mall and […]

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420 Software Designed By Dispensary Owners For Dispensary Owners

Finally a marijuana dispensary software solution that makes your mmj inventory management easier, optimizes your cannabusiness, increases profits, boosts organizational and customer service capabilities. An all-in- one dispensary management system for dispensary owners, built by dispensary owners. 420 Software – Everything You Need Finally a solution that makes your life as a marijuana dispensary owner […]

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Los Angeles: Crime on the Rise with Closing of Dispensaries


Many critics were fearful when the first U.S. marijuana dispensaries opened during the 1990s. Concerns of out of control cannabis use and street crimes were expected with the legalization of medical marijuana. These critics were correct in their concerns, if they were referring to what would occur after dispensaries were forced to close their doors.

A recent study conducted by the Rand Corporation, actually showed that crime has gone up in certain areas where marijuana caregivers and dispensaries were previously open. On streets with closed dispensaries, the study indicated that crime went up as much as 60% when compared to streets with still operating dispensaries. LAPD detective, Robert Holcomb, disputes these findings and the research methods used. He feels the link makes no sense.

This article will not attack his claim or verify why Rand Corporation found these results. The numbers do not lie, even if the reason for the findings is not yet 100 percent clear. The larger issue is our approach to law enforcement. In many cases, when a product in demand becomes unavailable, crime often ensues. Medication (which is how many view cannabis), food, and other necessities can result in crimes when people are desperately seeking them. There is one fact that has been unchanged since recorded human history. The competition for resources will always produce undesirable side effects.

The United States spends a large portion of its tax revenue on law enforcement. Feeding this machine no longer seems sustainable. A new and progressive approach to law enforcement is needed. Taking away products in demand that people are seeking has not served us well historically. | Los Angeles | LAPD Veteran Study Linking Closed Pot Shops Violence Makes No Sense

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