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America’s Petri Dish: The Pros and Cons of Legalization In the U.S.

Now Legal in Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon – the 10th Amendment and marijuana legalization have kept the petri dish of American democracy alive and well in the 21st century. Pleasing the majority while confusing the minority, constituents in each state voted their conscience and have now realized the freedom that is legalized recreational marijuana. […] Thanks to

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Canada: The World’s Next Marijuana Marketplace

Australia does not exist at the forefront Canada’s collective mindset. For Canadians who haven’t traveled to the land down under, knowledge of this part of the world is limited to a few antiquated stereotypes like boxing kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee. What Canadians and the rest of the planet may not realize is that Australia is […] Thanks to

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Louisiana: Politicians Contemplate Legalizing Marijuana To Fill $850 Million Budget Deficit

Envious of Colorado’s newest source of legal tax revenue, politicians in Louisiana are now reportedly discussing whether or not to hop on board the marijuana legalization train as they look at raking in some much-needed green in the Bayou State. Currently staring down the barrel of an $850 million budget deficit, Democratic Gov. John Bill […]

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Copenhagen On Your Journey To Marijuana Legalisation


We’d list all the nations with legalized marijuana (not medical, not decriminalized) but in some way I do need to fill this site track of words.  Obviously, you will find many regions who don’t even enforce marijuana laws and regulations and also have been very active in decriminalization but so far as what the law states books are worried it seems 3 major nations permit marijuana possession (Uruguay, Peru) that’s not particularly for medical consumption.

Denmark might be joining this small list since it’s capital, Copenhagen , is exploring the thought of legalizing marijuana.  Inside a election 39-9, the town council approved a stride which will generate a committee to understand more about the proper way to implement a method where marijuana is taxed and controlled.   A safe industry appears to become the biggest concern from the Danish government.  Mikkel Warming, a councilman who manages the Social Matters Committee, mentioned “Who is it more beneficial our kids have to to purchase marijuana from? A medication pusher, who desires these to use more, who desires these to buy hard drugs, or perhaps a civil servant?.  This kind of approach continues to be lengthy preferred by advocates within the U . s . States.  Denmark is accepting exactly what is a reality.  People do look for marijuana and getting an agenda to handle the situation accordingly is vital, rather than beginning wars and pointing tax revenue toward incarceration.

The town of Copenhagen and Denmark in general is going to be under a powerful public microscope whenever they legalize marijuana.  Detractors points out any negative story connected with marijuana in Copenhagen and gone with it, while advocates will champion any positive news that arrives from the Denmark cannabis industry.  Individuals on any side from the problem may grow fed up with hearing every update from Copenhagen.  Even issues where there’s a consensus will discover disagreement.  Most would agree that Copenhagen stands to get quite the tourism boost when they follow-through with this particular proposal.  Many will view this as great economic news, while some might find a wide open invitation to a different “Sin City”.

The storyline from Copenhagen comes at any given time when many nations appear to become going for a new approach toward marijuana reform.  Israel has approved a medicinal marijuana program, Chile’s top court lately ruled in support of a medicinal marijuana company and momentum appears to become building in Canada.  Many of these nations have good relations using the U . s . States for it to be interesting to notice the way we react to these developments.  Regardless of the fallout is, the actual question to request is whether or not Denmark will eagerly run using the torch or unwillingly end up being the worldwide core marijuana discussion.

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Los Angeles: Crime on the Rise with Closing of Dispensaries


Many critics were fearful when the first U.S. marijuana dispensaries opened during the 1990s. Concerns of out of control cannabis use and street crimes were expected with the legalization of medical marijuana. These critics were correct in their concerns, if they were referring to what would occur after dispensaries were forced to close their doors.

A recent study conducted by the Rand Corporation, actually showed that crime has gone up in certain areas where marijuana caregivers and dispensaries were previously open. On streets with closed dispensaries, the study indicated that crime went up as much as 60% when compared to streets with still operating dispensaries. LAPD detective, Robert Holcomb, disputes these findings and the research methods used. He feels the link makes no sense.

This article will not attack his claim or verify why Rand Corporation found these results. The numbers do not lie, even if the reason for the findings is not yet 100 percent clear. The larger issue is our approach to law enforcement. In many cases, when a product in demand becomes unavailable, crime often ensues. Medication (which is how many view cannabis), food, and other necessities can result in crimes when people are desperately seeking them. There is one fact that has been unchanged since recorded human history. The competition for resources will always produce undesirable side effects.

The United States spends a large portion of its tax revenue on law enforcement. Feeding this machine no longer seems sustainable. A new and progressive approach to law enforcement is needed. Taking away products in demand that people are seeking has not served us well historically. | Los Angeles | LAPD Veteran Study Linking Closed Pot Shops Violence Makes No Sense

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