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Grow Guide: Welcome to the World of Veganics

In this Grow Guide, we’re going vegan! If you’re ready to go a step beyond organic cannabis cultivation, let me introduce you to the veganic movement. What is Veganics? Veganics is exactly what it sounds like — the vegan version of organic farming. Veganics is a method of growing cannabis with organic inputs not derived […] Thanks to

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Meditation and Cannabis: A Marriage Made for Mankind

The History of Marijuana and Mindfulness Cannabis is named as one of five sacred plants in the 3,000-year-old Hindu scripture known as Atharva Veda, a Vedic Sanskrit text that roughly translates to “knowledge for everyday life.” Revelations revealed in these texts came as a result of intense meditation by ancient sages who passed their knowledge throughout the Indian […] Thanks to


Grow Guide: Stimulate Your Garden with Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle is often seen as a stand-offish plant because, well, it stings like hell. Lovingly called devil leaf, stinging nettle has an exceptional variety of benefits for you and your garden. In the past few decades, nettle has been viewed as a nuisance, commonly overlooked as an irritating weed — but this herbaceous flowering […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: Enhancing Your Garden With Comfrey

Walk onto any permaculturist’s land and you’ll be sure to come across large comfrey bushes scattered in plant guilds around their food forest. Comfrey is a staple in permaculture gardens because of its nourishing and medicinal qualities. This ancient healing herb develops large leaves filled with elements that both plants and humans crave. This Grow […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: Sprouting Cannabis Seeds

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast there is nothing more satisfying than growing your own stash of the magical herb. Worried you don’t have a green thumb? Don’t fret! We, at, are here to walk alongside you during this journey. If you are starting fresh, check out our guide to Start Your Own Grow to […] Thanks to

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America’s Petri Dish: The Pros and Cons of Legalization In the U.S.

Now Legal in Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon – the 10th Amendment and marijuana legalization have kept the petri dish of American democracy alive and well in the 21st century. Pleasing the majority while confusing the minority, constituents in each state voted their conscience and have now realized the freedom that is legalized recreational marijuana. […] Thanks to

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August: Outdoor Grow Guide

The month of flowering is finally upon us! August is a month of explosive growth, and plants can double or even triple in size during the first few weeks of flower. We, at, are here to hold your hand through some simple preparations for a stellar outdoor season. Support your ladies! Now that flower […] Thanks to

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How To: Cure and Store Marijuana

Curing and storing your marijuana properly not only preserves the flavor and consistency but also saves you money by extending the life of your flower. Lesson #1 in 420 Budgeting: Purchasing cannabis in bulk is the most economical way to keep a constant supply around. Buying an ounce in bulk over the 28 individual grams ends […] Thanks to

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How To: Make Full Melt Bubble Hash

In this How To, we’ll be showing you how to make bubble hash at home with a specialty “washing machine.” These machines allow a high volume of production while reducing the amount of labor. For less than $300, you can turn the arduous hash-making process into a relatively hands-free and enjoyable procedure. However, if you’d […] Thanks to

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Cookies and Cream Stuffed with Cannabis

Hi! I’m Keira with Weedmaps here with another tasty cannabis infused treat: Oreos! I learned this recipe in elementary school when my childhood friend Meghan and I wanted double stuffed Oreos. We went to our local grocery store only to find out they were all out! When Meghan’s grandmother saw our adorably disappointed faces, she […] Thanks to

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