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Grow Guide: Welcome to the World of Veganics

In this Grow Guide, we’re going vegan! If you’re ready to go a step beyond organic cannabis cultivation, let me introduce you to the veganic movement. What is Veganics? Veganics is exactly what it sounds like — the vegan version of organic farming. Veganics is a method of growing cannabis with organic inputs not derived […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: Enhancing Your Garden With Comfrey

Walk onto any permaculturist’s land and you’ll be sure to come across large comfrey bushes scattered in plant guilds around their food forest. Comfrey is a staple in permaculture gardens because of its nourishing and medicinal qualities. This ancient healing herb develops large leaves filled with elements that both plants and humans crave. This Grow […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: How to Build a Worm Farm

Vermicompost is the process of using earthworms to create worm castings — an extremely nutrient-rich, organic amendment. In this Grow Guide, I’m going to walk you through the process of building your very own worm farm from which you can produce a clean, earth-friendly fertilizer! Composting has increased in popularity over the last few years […] Thanks to

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August: Outdoor Grow Guide

The month of flowering is finally upon us! August is a month of explosive growth, and plants can double or even triple in size during the first few weeks of flower. We, at, are here to hold your hand through some simple preparations for a stellar outdoor season. Support your ladies! Now that flower […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: 4 Organic Pesticides You Can Make at Home

A balanced garden is a healthy garden. Not all bugs are bad, in fact, there are many good insects you want in your garden that will feast on the bad ones, helping to keep the destructive pests in check. Toxic pesticides cause an imbalance in your garden because they don’t discriminate between the beneficial insects […] Thanks to

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July: Outdoor Grow Guide

Summer is here and growing season is in full force! Flowering will begin in about a month, so July is all about getting your plants ready for flower. In this month-by-month guide, we at will walk you through the preparations needed to cultivate stellar outdoor plants. Manicure your plants – If you’ve been following […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: DIY Hoop House for Light Dep.

Creating a homemade greenhouse is the quick and easy way to double your harvest! The primary benefits of building a covered structure for your plants is protection from wind and rain. The clear plastic covering will also diffuse the sun into a light that is typically absorbed better to produce happy and vigorous plants. However, […] Thanks to

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Grow Guide: How to Clone Cannabis

In this Grow Guide, I’m going to be walking you through one of the most important things you’ll learn as a grower: cloning. Cloning is a quick and easy way to create new plants while preserving your genetics. Most growers prefer cloning to seeds because you are replicating the exact qualities of the plant. With […] Thanks to

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May: Outdoor Grow Guide

The sun is shining and the days are finally getting longer, all signs that the outdoor growing season is fast approaching. It’s right around this time of year that outdoor growers become giddy with anticipation as summer creeps into view. In this month-by-month guide, we at, will walk through the preparations needed for a […]

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Grow Guide: Choosing the Best Lights

Looking to upgrade your indoor grow to the next level? Or starting your first grow and overwhelmed with the amount of customizable options? Today, I’m going to walk you through the illuminating world of grow lights. If you’re starting from scratch, check out our Guide to Starting Your Own Grow for all your equipment needs. Light […]

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