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Grow Guide: Choosing the Best Lights

Looking to upgrade your indoor grow to the next level? Or starting your first grow and overwhelmed with the amount of customizable options? Today, I’m going to walk you through the illuminating world of grow lights. If you’re starting from scratch, check out our Guide to Starting Your Own Grow for all your equipment needs. Light […]

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History of the Cups

Denver Cannabis CUp

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It is finally time for the Denver Medical Cannabis cup.  If you are in Denver this weekend, please come and visit us as we will be one of the sponsors of the event!  We are sure patients will gather for another safe event as they have in the past.  But first, a quick look on how we got here…

The first Cannabis cup was organized by Steven Hager, of High Times Magazine.  In 1987 Amsterdam was the most famous of cities for legalized consumption of marijuana. So it was held there, in a great smoke-off to find the finest marijuana that a person could smoke.  In 25 years the contest has matured; there are multiple categories, seeking the best strains, hybrids, consumables, seeds and so forth.  It has also developed into a massive trade show, where builders of bongs can showcase their latest pipes, vaporizers, and novelty papers.  Vendors also bring in t-shirts and other apparel and all other kinds of accessories.  As the Cup has grown, it has incorporated other elements that have accompanied marijuana use.  It has embraced spirituality and the counterculture ideas of the late 60’s and 70’s.  Also, as politics have shifted across the world, so have the ideas espoused by the Cup’s sponsors and attendees.


Today, the United States is host to four of High Times’s Medical Marijuana Cups.  In Detroit, Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  The First one was the San Francisco Cup in 2010.  Last year saw the inaugural events for Denver and Los Angeles also.  These are not just pothead toke-fests as conservative demagogues would paint them; they’re not dens of sin, iniquity and crime, or doorways to destruction.  These are modern affairs, full of people with honorable agendas seeking to help people who are suffering from various ailments. For many of these patients, cannabis holds the best treatments they can hope to receive.  New categories include judging for high CBD (cannabidiol) strains, which the medical community now agrees hold the key to treating many neuromuscular disorders.  One of the largest growing segments of the Cup community is for political activism.  Most major events now have devoted sections to increasing political awareness.  On a national stage most politicians won’t touch the topic of marijuana; there are few candidates, like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, who are willing to discuss it.  But on state and local levels, many politicians are eagerly discussing with their constituents.  Also, there are many active groups like NORML, LEAP and ASA who attend these gatherings and try to increase awareness and activism.  For years the pro-marijuana lobby was small and quietly ignored.  Now attitudes are turning from universal recreational use (like alcohol and tobacco)  to a focus more on compassionate care and medical use, at least in enough cases now to be taken more seriously.    Also, by highlighting the many failures of the 40 year-old “War on Drugs” people have realized that change, on a federal level, is necessary for the health of the Union and its people.  All of this has helped the Cups to grow from crowds of hundreds to tens of thousands of supporters.

The Seattle HempFest is another event that has grown from very humble roots.  The first one was held in Seattle in 1991, with only 500 people in attendance; last year’s event estimated close to 300,000 attendees!  At each of these events people have gathered peacefully for several days.  Recently, Cannabis use, in public, has been tolerated with no ill effects.  Alcohol sales are banned at Hemp Fest, too.  And in that wake, there have been no riots, no fights, no dangerous crimes committed.  This is a far cry from the mighty fears that Henry J Anslinger stirred up when he pushed to have marijuana made illegal in the 1930’s.  In 1991, there were no laws anywhere for compassionate use.  Then, in 1998 Washington State passed their medical marijuana legislation.  In 2003, Seattle made marijuana its lowest police priority and in 2008 the city stated it “would no longer prosecute simple possession cases.”  This year, the state legislation approved patient cannabis gardens and an ordinance for cannabis collectives.  With perseverance and patience, even the smallest of groups can hope to accomplish great deeds.

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High Occasions Medical Cannabis Cup locked in La over the past weekend


As The Netherlands might be most carefully connected using the Cannabis Cup, La may rapidly establish its competition like a “Can’t Miss” event.  Despite the Grammy Honours within the backdrop, the 2012 High Occasions Medical Cannabis Cup saw 1000’s locally taking pleasure in the weekend lengthy festival.  The 2 occasions were running concurrently last evening but that did little to decrease the spirit of a lot of who attended.

The Cup introduced together a lot of people all finishes of marijuana’s diverse community.  Educational groups for example LA Jemm, RMLW, NORML and Maps were well symbolized.  Culture Magazine and LA Weekly were available to pay for the cup.  Yak Food items and Cheeba Chews displayed their popular food items.  People of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign were setup and providing information.  California Lightworks and Mama P’s Wholesome Mills were among companies addressing grower’s needs.  The Werc Shop, a lab trying to ensure safe medicine is available, assisted test most of the strains that were utilized in the Cannabis Cup.

The big event was peaceful and that we at marijuana.internet didn’t notice any major occurrences between police force and participants.  Our community understands how to hold large events and it is no wonder the Cannabis Cup went over very well.  The memorial upstairs in the primary building offered a soothing atmosphere because of so many gifted artists focus on display.  There have been also discussion sections within the event’s auditorium.  These sections talked about the most recent around the legal and medicinal world.

The Cannabis Cup also held its traditional competition where idol judges cast their ballots to choose the award those who win.  One of the large those who win were Therapeutic Healing Center, Somoma Coma, and Master Yoda.   Listed here are additional those who win.  Throughout the award ceremony a sincere tribute was proven explaining Jack Herer and the tremendous effect on marijuana culture.  Dennis Peron also spoke  Return soon for further coverage from the 2012 Cannabis Cup.

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High Occasions Medical Cannabis Cup 2012 La Those who win:


Best Hybrid-first-  Master Yoda

second- Starberry Cough by Buds and Roses Collective

3rd- Platinum OG by Vivid Research Cooperative Corporation.

Best Sativa– first-  Sonoma Coma by Happy Lil’ Trees

second- Organic Blue Dream Haze by American Organic

3rd-  Nederlander Treat #5 by Buds and Roses Collective

Best Indica-first- Doc’s Cut through the Therapeutic Healing Center

second-Kosher Kush by Buds and Roses Collective

3rd- Kosher Kush by Magnolia Wellness


Best BoothIncredibowl


Appropiate Product– Mama P’s Wholesome Grinding Company


Best Medible– Bhang


Best Concentrate– F’in Absurd

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