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Marijuana Industry News December 6, 2013


New Family Networks Develop in Colorado…

Families from all over the United States are migrating to Colorado in order to treat their children with marijuana.  While controversial to some, many families feel they are without any other options.  The New York Times has recently published an article that examined some of the “marijuana refugees”.  The article describes a new network being created by these families.  The network is made up of people from varying political and ethnic backgrounds as seeking relief for an ailing child is a universal instinct.  Families are sharing recipes for marijuana edibles, baby sitting for each other and doing other activities together.  This development embodies much of the compassion that has fueled the medical marijuana movement.

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Proposed Law Would Permit Dispensaries and Edibles in Michigan

Earlier this week, Michigan’s House Committee debated a new medical marijuana bill.  Activists and patients believe  Michigan courts and authorities have placed too many restrictions on the voter approved medical marijuana laws.  Many are also concerned that safe access has been compromised.  Not every resident is adept at growing marijuana and there are certain dangers including pesticides and mold that can be an issue for novice growers.  Rep. Mike Callton, (R-Nashville) sponsored House Bill 4271 and believes individual communities should dictate what they want.  “Local control will allow cities, townships and villages to regulate the level they feel most comfortable with,” Callton said in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. “And for those communities who feel it is inappropriate, it allows them to opt out all together.”

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Need for Marijuana Lab Testing Highlighted This Week….

This week many news outlets were reporting on a University of New Haven study that showed marijuana can sometimes be contaminated with mold, mildew and insect parts.  Heather Miller Coyle, a forensic botanist and associate professor at UNH worked on the study and would like to see universal testing.  “If there’s no certification … it’s like saying we don’t check our meat for mad cow disease,” Coyle said. “That’s our goal as a private university, to develop the tools to address or mediate this issue.” We at have been advocating for lab testing for several years.  Medicine is not effective and even dangerous without the proper safety regulations.  Labs such as The Werc Shop have excellent track records in testing and can ensure safety.


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Colorado Study Shows Need For Regulation and Marijuana Testing

marijuana mold spores

As the election season continues we are pretty much ensured that the political conversation will remain within the narrow scope of only a handful of issues being discussed until January.  While healthcare will be part of the next two months, it will only likely find its way in the campaign through the lens of Obamacare vs. Romneycare.

For many patients who only find relief with marijuana, this will be yet another election where their concerns will not be addressed.  Ignoring and tolerating medical marijuana to some extent is no longer going to be acceptable.  Medication needs to be safe and with a far less rate of addiction and side effects in comparison to opiates and other medication, cannabis already satisfies much of the criteria for useful medicine.  However, with it’s legal status constantly in limbo, cannabis has suffered from a lack of regulation and required testing as many elected officials hope that 75% of the country soon changes its mind and stops supporting medical marijuana.  That seems highly unlikely and our elected officials have chosen to ignore the safety of Americans in favor of outdated talking points and rhetoric.  Simply put, marijuana is here to stay, and providing safe medicine must be a concern.

Shedding more light on the problem is a recent study conducted in Colorado.  Dr. John Martyny of the National Jewish Health studied the findings from 30 grow operations in the Larimer and Denver areas.  The research indicated that certain grows had mold levels about 100 times higher than what is considered safe.  In some growing operations, the mold levels were too high to for their instruments to properly measure.  Dr. Martyny said “These are extremely high levels that we would consider dangerous.”  Fortunately, none of the growing operations studied were legal, giving at least some hope that Colorado medical marijuana patients are not breathing in high levels of mold.

However, there is evidence that even legal growers are not taking the proper precautions in preventing high levels of mold.  The Werc Shop also finds similar problems when conducting laboratory analysis, but unlike Dr. Martyny they DO test cannabis from legal dispensaries.  In a recent conversation with, Dr. Jeffrey C. Raber of the Los Angeles area lab said “We have had numerous secret shoppers find instances of mold and bacteria present at unacceptable, sometimes alarmingly high levels.”  The Werc Shop is one of the most well regarded testing laboratories and was responsible for much of the screening for the 2012 High Times Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.

Research shows that we may only be hitting the tip of the iceberg in regards to just how much potential medical marijuana holds.  However, as with any consumable product, improper testing and screening invites devastating side effects.  The high levels of mold found by both Dr. Martyny and Dr. Raber only highlight the need for regulation and testing.  The products created by large Pharmaceutical companies have to abide by FDA standards and a lack of regulation would not be accepted even for over the counter medicines.  As the national campaigns ignores this problem, it is up to patients and activists to demand for regulation, testing, and safety.

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Marijuana Name Game Still Hazy

hazy sky

Last year published an article titled “The Marijuana Name Game.”  While the article takes on a light tone in the beginning, it does highlight some big problems with medical marijuana.  The article cites a quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (The Balcony Scene Act 2-Scene 2) where Juliet says “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Although we are proud of our own efforts of The Werc Shop and in trying to make sense of the name game, there still is so much work to be done.  Marijuana is fun, but popular culture typically only focuses on “stoner” humor, forgetting that cannabis is a wonderful medicine providing relief to so many in need.  Without a true labeling and classification system set in place by state governments, it can be difficult for patients to know exactly what medicine is ideal for them, especially based on the names alone.  What exactly does OG Kush mean to someone with chronic pain.  Green Crack actually sounds like it may be more harmful than helpful.

We recently learned that a strain named Elephant Crush was recently created but was initially based on a fictional strain included in the novel “Baked,” by Mark Haskell Smith.  In the book, the fictional character Miro Basinas, a botanist creates elephant crush and wins the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.  The character has grown tired of supposed tasteless hybrids and creates Elephant Crush to have a sweet mango taste.  Waterfall Wellness now actually is carrying a strain named Elephant Crush and it is said to be based on the strain from “Baked”.  Columnist David Downs recently wrote an article titled “Smell the Truth” which describes his trip to Waterfall Wellness.  Downs inquires about the genetics of Elephant Crush, but the budtender has no answers and says the genetics are a mystery.  We have to ask, would a shrug of the shoulders be considered an acceptable explanation for what is included in conventional medicines?

This is not the first time we have seen strains take on names from fictional works.  Pineapple Express is one of the most famous examples of this as the strain did not exist before the Seth Rogen and James Franco movie was released.  There is nothing wrong with having some fun with medical marijuana but the focus needs to be on genetics and science.  With a proper labeling system, silly and fun names could continue to be the norm if the necessary genetic information was included.

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Kush ExpoAs always we are very excited to be attending another gathering with members of our supportive community.  It is always a memorable time to meet new people and learn about the newest developments in the industry.  This weekend, for those in the Anaheim area, we encourage you to come out for the Kush Expo, located …continue reading

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sf cannabis cup

Over the weekend, was proud to attend the 2012 High Times San Francisco Cannabis Cup.  The event took place next to the incredible waterfront view at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA.

The Cannabis Cup was not only about great views of the Bay Area.  Our community can always be relied upon to partake in a peaceful and fun event.  As we have come to expect from these gatherings, we did not notice any major incidents with security personnel.  Attendees were happy to come and have fun, socialize and learn about the newest developments in the medical marijuana industry.  The weekend’s finale saw the famous Cannabis Cup trophies being issued.  Many quality dispensaries such as San Jose Patients Group and Kush Connection brought along their impressive strains.  Mama P’s Grinders won their 4th consecutive Cannabis Cup for their innovative grinders.  Click here for the entire list of the winners.

Throughout the weekend guest speakers took the stage and spoke with the audience about the newest developments and legalities regarding marijuana.  David Bienstock of High Times moderated a legal panel which also included criminal defense attorney Michael Stepanian in addition to NORML members Liana Held and Paul Armentano.  Attendees were also treated to an edible panel, an activism Q&A, and of course a fun party held Saturday night.  While we are fans of The Werc Shop, we were fortunate enough to be located next another quality laboratory, CW Analytical.  The future of a safe and patient oriented industry will rely heavily on quality lab testing so it was great to speak with another proficient laboratory.

As the academic discussions took place patients and others in attendance had so much to do including stopping by the popular booth.  As always we found an engaging audience happy to enter our raffle, talk with our strain expert to find their perfect strain and to hear about the newest developments described in our news and articles.  Many visited our both including the internationally known Mila Jansen who showed off her “Pollinator”.  Representatives from Xternal Topical Spray were nice enough to give us free samples of their product (very popular with MMA fighters) which is great for all pain including joint, back, and headaches.  Signing our “I Medicate Because” banner was popular as patients are eager to share their reasons for choosing medical marijuana.

Reflecting San Francisco’s progressive culinary culture, we also were impressed with the city’s incredible and healthy edibles.  There were so many different tasty treats that stood out including Eleve Gourmet Organic Truffles  (organic, soy Free, vegan friendly, gluten Free, and dairy Free), and the Treescake Factory.  There was also Cousin Mary Jane (with delicious and healthy toasted hemp seeds) and Chronic Ice Tea (who also had great ice cream sandwiches).

We feel fortunate any time we get to meet with fellow members of the medical marijuana community.  For those in the Los Angeles/Anaheim area, you can check out at The Werc Shop’s booth for next month’s Kush Expo.  Check back soon for more detail on that event.

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From The Lab: How We Test Marijuana

werc shop video

“From The Lab: How We Test Marijuana”

Research and patient testimonials have been building marijuana’s incredible medical portfolio for some time now.  Taking the science of marijuana even further is The Werc Shop, a leading cannabis laboratory that utilizes cutting edge science to analyze medicine. is proud to present  “From The Lab: How We Test Marijuana”.  The video features Jeffrey C. Raber, Ph.D. and Sytze Elzinga, M.Sc. of The Werc Shop describing the methods they use in testing cannabis as well as many of the common misconceptions about cannabis and problems other laboratories often encounter.  One of the first issues they speak about is THCA (THC Acid).  Despite what some may believe, cannabis does not contain THC naturally.  Rather, it has THCA and upon heating the acid will be converted into THC.  THCA will not produce the psycho activity closely associated with THC though it may still yield medical benefits.

The video also highlights typical testing problems and limitations from other labs.  For instance, many dispensaries and laboratories are citing strains with THC levels as high as 35%.  Sytze points out why this is not possible.  In short, when THC acid is transformed into THC much of the weight is lost.  Some of the other laboratories are not taking this into consideration, and as a result their miscalculations (utilizing the original weight) can greatly inflate the actual THC levels.  As Sytze states, 35% THC would mean that over one third of the plant material would have to be resin.  Jeffrey then goes on to show us how THCA weighs more before being introduced to heat.  Once heated the carbon dioxide is eliminated and the lighter (in weight) THC is produced.

The video shows why The Werc Shop is a leader in the field of marijuana testing.  Viewers will quickly notice the sophistication of their testing methods, including the use of liquid chromatography to quantify different cannabinoids.  Check back with us for future productions from

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New Study Confirms Benefits of Marijuana in Treating MS Symptoms

ms patients

Thousands, if not millions have been able to confirm that cannabis has helped provide them relief in a world where top medical care is often reserved for those with the right job or bank account.  Conveniently lawmakers now often say “there is not enough research” to support the idea that marijuana is an effective pain and psychological substance, though they rail against any research being performed in the area.  Like any controversial issue, the opinion of the people is discarded or minimized in favor of men in white coats and links to the pharmaceutical industry.  Many refuse to listen to our friends, family, and countless others who can only provide their honest and truthful experiences with marijuana.  Of course our lawmakers condescend them and say their testimonies on their own bodies is insufficient and unqualified.  Who is better suited to speak on matters of their body than the individual?

This is not to the ignore the science at all as it is crucial to understanding why patients are feeling better.  Personal stories regarding multiple sclerosis relief have been around for some time but now there is official scientific data to back it up.  Many news outlets including are reporting on study that was published in Canadian Medical Association Journal and performed at Multiple Sclerosis Center at the University of California, San Diego. The study showed marijuana reducing MS symptoms including pain and spasticity.  Marijuana was shown to combat pain that was resistant to conventional MS treatments.  The study involved 30 individuals with over half of the participants requiring walking aids.  One drawback, according to researchers, was that cognitive ability was reduced after patients smoked marijuana and some patients complained of feeling “too high.”

THC is only one of many cannabinoids and is typically associated with the “high” feeling.  Research into cannabinoids is showing so much promise and while opponents will jump all over the fact that some participants in the study were uncomfortable, the larger picture is so bright.  Pain and spasticity was reduced and future marijuana strains have the potential to reduce pain without making patients feel overwhelmed or “stoned.”  Another cannabinoid, CBD, has shown great promise in this area.

The marijuana reform movement has been seeking to highlight the science behind what advocates claim.  The breakthrough on MS is significant and will require further examination and hopefully other conditions will receive the necessary funding to be properly evaluated.  While the science of marijuana is fascinating it is not always accessible to everyone.  With the help of labs such as The Werc Shop, a sophisticated but approachable label system could change this in the future.  However, for now, we need to stop ignoring our peers.  For the unrefined scientific mind, personal experience is what we are able to recognize and serves as the greatest evidence.

We may not understand how to identify cannabinoids under a microscope (though we are extremely appreciative of those who do) but we do notice when a person feels better and when their quality of life improves.  Lawmakers have created a scenario where we ignore these people and say no other evidence is available, however their mistake lies in the fact that WE ARE compassionate and see mounting evidence piling up one patient testimony at a time.  With personal stories and science now supporting marijuana’s varied benefits, where will opponents turn to next?

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Colorado Shows Medical Marijuana can be a Thriving Industry

colorado businesses

We are still only a few days removed from the tremendously successful 420 weekend.  Celebrations occurred around the world and was fortunate enough to attend the 2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup.  As always patient access and safety are the most important issues, but the Cup also provides a forum for other interesting aspects of the industry.

The cup gives a unique chance to compare top strains and while the award ceremony may be the biggest attraction (click here for the winners), attendees were treated to a convention that highlighted the many and varied businesses in the medical marijuana industry.  In any tough economic times, job creation and tax revenue are popular issues.  Fortunately medical marijuana can do so much to create better economic conditions while providing safe and affordable relief.  Unfortunately, lobbyists and stubborn politicians have not allowed this industry to reach its full potential.  The Cannabis Cup in Denver demonstrated the tip of the iceberg.

We at would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the quality businesses that were present at the Cup. was located right next to, Judge Jars, which was providing high quality jars and storage options.  Education groups were also a big part of the event.  The group Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol let their presence be felt.  This group has been instrumental in collecting the required signatures to get a legalization vote to the people this November.  Sensible Colorado was also at the event fighting to stop federal raids of dispensaries.  Another group providing education was the Cannabis Business Alliance.  They are advocates for patients, small businesses owners and employees of the medical marijuana industry.  There were so many great dispensaries also at the event such as Green Man Cannabis, AMA, and Mahatma.  We were also very impressed with Essential Extracts victory for their solvent-less wax.  As they did at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, Mama P’s won for the best product with their popular grinders.  Good Chemistry had an amazing lounge set up in the patient room.  As always we support laboratories that promote safe medicine.  We can always rely on our friends, The Werc Shop to help spread knowledge to patients about their medicine and the latest testing methods.   Lets not forget the Mad Hatter Smoke Shop and Dope Ass Glass.  As in any quality cultural gathering, art is an important element.  We were happy to meet the talented artist Marie, with Kushed Out Fashions.  There were so many other quality businesses so please forgive us if they were not mentioned here.

While was in Denver over the weekend there were many other 420 events that we could not attend.  We are encouraging viewers to describe their weekend in the comment section of this article.  Tell us about an event you attended or future events celebrating our wonderful community and the potential to bring physical and economic relief to Americans.

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High Occasions Medical Cannabis Cup locked in La over the past weekend


As The Netherlands might be most carefully connected using the Cannabis Cup, La may rapidly establish its competition like a “Can’t Miss” event.  Despite the Grammy Honours within the backdrop, the 2012 High Occasions Medical Cannabis Cup saw 1000’s locally taking pleasure in the weekend lengthy festival.  The 2 occasions were running concurrently last evening but that did little to decrease the spirit of a lot of who attended.

The Cup introduced together a lot of people all finishes of marijuana’s diverse community.  Educational groups for example LA Jemm, RMLW, NORML and Maps were well symbolized.  Culture Magazine and LA Weekly were available to pay for the cup.  Yak Food items and Cheeba Chews displayed their popular food items.  People of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign were setup and providing information.  California Lightworks and Mama P’s Wholesome Mills were among companies addressing grower’s needs.  The Werc Shop, a lab trying to ensure safe medicine is available, assisted test most of the strains that were utilized in the Cannabis Cup.

The big event was peaceful and that we at marijuana.internet didn’t notice any major occurrences between police force and participants.  Our community understands how to hold large events and it is no wonder the Cannabis Cup went over very well.  The memorial upstairs in the primary building offered a soothing atmosphere because of so many gifted artists focus on display.  There have been also discussion sections within the event’s auditorium.  These sections talked about the most recent around the legal and medicinal world.

The Cannabis Cup also held its traditional competition where idol judges cast their ballots to choose the award those who win.  One of the large those who win were Therapeutic Healing Center, Somoma Coma, and Master Yoda.   Listed here are additional those who win.  Throughout the award ceremony a sincere tribute was proven explaining Jack Herer and the tremendous effect on marijuana culture.  Dennis Peron also spoke  Return soon for further coverage from the 2012 Cannabis Cup.

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Sexy Marijuana Advertisements at Odds With Medical Intent

sexy marijuana add

The majority of us understand probably the most excessively used cliché in marketing, the attractive lady putting on her bathing suit even when no lake is at miles.  Does she really result in the beer taste better?  Basically crack open a chilly you do a bus filled with her buddies appear to my otherwise lame bbq?  Customers ought to be cautious about firms that market the beautiful lady within the tangible product.

The medicinal marijuana market is going through this same problem presently departing advocates itching their heads.  Among benefits, medical cannabis offers discomfort relief, depression/ anxiety relief, and may open creative shops.  It definitely is not really a watered lower product that should constantly reinforce how cold or “Rocky Mountain Fresh” it’s.   Medicinal marijuana patients have sadly observed a lot of the main focus change toward social gratification becasue it is beginning.

If recent raids carried out by the us government are any suggestion, then your legal fight for medicinal marijuana is not even close to over.  The must operate legitimately to be able to show the patient’s needs are thought first.  A medicinal marijuana program is made to provide relief to patients who’re in need of assistance, to not glorify frat boy antics or to develop a quick profit.  While a lot of research signifies that medicinal marijuana is advantageous in lots of areas, a tainted product undermines it’s medicinal value.  The scantily clad lady who signifies much of the present marketing in the market may have the ability to lead towards the medical area by dealing with erection dysfunction, but it’s doing harm to medicinal marijuana if she’s directing the interest from more severe concerns.  Rather the main focus must be on mold, pesticides, cbd/thc levels, additionally with other growing and cultivation issues.  Labs concentrating in marijuana analysis for example The Werc Shop, can further the industry’s authenticity much much more than the usual cute face.

While support for medical cannabis is reaching new levels, most People in america likely support a business where candidates are correctly tested and really have issues that may be relieved with legitimate marijuana use.  We all like quite a face, but one that will browse the small print and it has a love for helping patients is much more attractive.

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