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Kush Connection at the San Francisco Cannabis Cup

sf cannabis cup

Over the weekend, was proud to attend the 2012 High Times San Francisco Cannabis Cup.  The event took place next to the incredible waterfront view at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA.

The Cannabis Cup was not only about great views of the Bay Area.  Our community can always be relied upon to partake in a peaceful and fun event.  As we have come to expect from these gatherings, we did not notice any major incidents with security personnel.  Attendees were happy to come and have fun, socialize and learn about the newest developments in the medical marijuana industry.  The weekend’s finale saw the famous Cannabis Cup trophies being issued.  Many quality dispensaries such as San Jose Patients Group and Kush Connection brought along their impressive strains.  Mama P’s Grinders won their 4th consecutive Cannabis Cup for their innovative grinders.  Click here for the entire list of the winners.

Throughout the weekend guest speakers took the stage and spoke with the audience about the newest developments and legalities regarding marijuana.  David Bienstock of High Times moderated a legal panel which also included criminal defense attorney Michael Stepanian in addition to NORML members Liana Held and Paul Armentano.  Attendees were also treated to an edible panel, an activism Q&A, and of course a fun party held Saturday night.  While we are fans of The Werc Shop, we were fortunate enough to be located next another quality laboratory, CW Analytical.  The future of a safe and patient oriented industry will rely heavily on quality lab testing so it was great to speak with another proficient laboratory.

As the academic discussions took place patients and others in attendance had so much to do including stopping by the popular booth.  As always we found an engaging audience happy to enter our raffle, talk with our strain expert to find their perfect strain and to hear about the newest developments described in our news and articles.  Many visited our both including the internationally known Mila Jansen who showed off her “Pollinator”.  Representatives from Xternal Topical Spray were nice enough to give us free samples of their product (very popular with MMA fighters) which is great for all pain including joint, back, and headaches.  Signing our “I Medicate Because” banner was popular as patients are eager to share their reasons for choosing medical marijuana.

Reflecting San Francisco’s progressive culinary culture, we also were impressed with the city’s incredible and healthy edibles.  There were so many different tasty treats that stood out including Eleve Gourmet Organic Truffles  (organic, soy Free, vegan friendly, gluten Free, and dairy Free), and the Treescake Factory.  There was also Cousin Mary Jane (with delicious and healthy toasted hemp seeds) and Chronic Ice Tea (who also had great ice cream sandwiches).

We feel fortunate any time we get to meet with fellow members of the medical marijuana community.  For those in the Los Angeles/Anaheim area, you can check out at The Werc Shop’s booth for next month’s Kush Expo.  Check back soon for more detail on that event.

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2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup San Francisco Winners

cannabis-cup-trophy is proud to be at the 2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup in San Francisco.  If you are in the bay area stop by and say hello to us.  The weekend’s events have treated us to so much including engaging speakers, top quality products and industry updates.   There were also some of the world’s highest quality medical strains on display.  The weekend was to be capped off by announcing the results of the highly anticipated awards show.  We updated the results live as they were announced.  Below you can check out the full list of Cannabis Cup winners, and be sure to see all the photos we took at the event:



Best Indica

1.  Cordero Kush Platinum from San Jose Patients Group

2.  Master Yoda Kush from Kush Connection

3.  Cherry Cola from Sonoma County Collective


Best Sativa

1.  Premium Jack Herer from Playbud Delivery Service

2.  Yogi Diesel from Elemental Wellness in San Jose

3.  XJ13 Cracker Jack from Santa Cruise Mountain Naturals


Best Hybrid

1.  Larry OG Kush from Cali Connection

2. Ken’s Phantom from Grand Daddy Purple Collective

3.  OG Sky from Buddies Cannabis


Best Concentrates

1.  Hardcore OG Butter from Superior Extracts for West Coast Cures

2.  OG Super Sexy Budder from L.A. Confidential

3.  Unfuckwitable OG Wax from Venice Medical Wax Center


Best Solventless Hash Concentrate

1.  Solventless Bamf Hash from Buds and Roses


Best Product

1.  Mama P’s Grinders

2.  Ko Nail

3. V Syndicate Grinder Card


Best Glass

1.  Hitman Glass

2.  Pulse Glass

3.  Dope Ass Glass


Best Booth

1.  Mama P’s

2.  Elemental Wellness

3.  Cali Connection


Best Edibles

1.  Organic Medicated Truffles from Hills Pharmacy

2.  Canna Chocolate from Tea House Collective

3.  Spicy Orange Drops from Greenway Compassion Relief Inc.


Best CBD Strain

1.  Master Control Unit ATF from Hills Pharmacy (MCU ATF)

2.  Lemon remedy from Harborside Health Center San Jose

3.  Harlequin from Buds and Roses


Dr. Lester Grinspoon Award For Lifetime Achievement

1.  Richard Lee, Activist and Founder of Oaksterdam University


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