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Colorado Shows Medical Marijuana can be a Thriving Industry

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We are still only a few days removed from the tremendously successful 420 weekend.  Celebrations occurred around the world and was fortunate enough to attend the 2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup.  As always patient access and safety are the most important issues, but the Cup also provides a forum for other interesting aspects of the industry.

The cup gives a unique chance to compare top strains and while the award ceremony may be the biggest attraction (click here for the winners), attendees were treated to a convention that highlighted the many and varied businesses in the medical marijuana industry.  In any tough economic times, job creation and tax revenue are popular issues.  Fortunately medical marijuana can do so much to create better economic conditions while providing safe and affordable relief.  Unfortunately, lobbyists and stubborn politicians have not allowed this industry to reach its full potential.  The Cannabis Cup in Denver demonstrated the tip of the iceberg.

We at would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the quality businesses that were present at the Cup. was located right next to, Judge Jars, which was providing high quality jars and storage options.  Education groups were also a big part of the event.  The group Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol let their presence be felt.  This group has been instrumental in collecting the required signatures to get a legalization vote to the people this November.  Sensible Colorado was also at the event fighting to stop federal raids of dispensaries.  Another group providing education was the Cannabis Business Alliance.  They are advocates for patients, small businesses owners and employees of the medical marijuana industry.  There were so many great dispensaries also at the event such as Green Man Cannabis, AMA, and Mahatma.  We were also very impressed with Essential Extracts victory for their solvent-less wax.  As they did at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, Mama P’s won for the best product with their popular grinders.  Good Chemistry had an amazing lounge set up in the patient room.  As always we support laboratories that promote safe medicine.  We can always rely on our friends, The Werc Shop to help spread knowledge to patients about their medicine and the latest testing methods.   Lets not forget the Mad Hatter Smoke Shop and Dope Ass Glass.  As in any quality cultural gathering, art is an important element.  We were happy to meet the talented artist Marie, with Kushed Out Fashions.  There were so many other quality businesses so please forgive us if they were not mentioned here.

While was in Denver over the weekend there were many other 420 events that we could not attend.  We are encouraging viewers to describe their weekend in the comment section of this article.  Tell us about an event you attended or future events celebrating our wonderful community and the potential to bring physical and economic relief to Americans.

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