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Mold Resistant Strains of Marijuana

Mold Resistant Strains of Marijuana What causes black-blue bud mold on cannabis? Black-blue mold that grows on marijuana buds is called botrytis. Also known sometimes as bud rot or bud mold. This fungi feeds on the succulent ripe flowers of budding cannabis plants, and spreads through the entire plant rapidy. An unfortunate reality for many […]

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Colorado Study Shows Need For Regulation and Marijuana Testing

marijuana mold spores

As the election season continues we are pretty much ensured that the political conversation will remain within the narrow scope of only a handful of issues being discussed until January.  While healthcare will be part of the next two months, it will only likely find its way in the campaign through the lens of Obamacare vs. Romneycare.

For many patients who only find relief with marijuana, this will be yet another election where their concerns will not be addressed.  Ignoring and tolerating medical marijuana to some extent is no longer going to be acceptable.  Medication needs to be safe and with a far less rate of addiction and side effects in comparison to opiates and other medication, cannabis already satisfies much of the criteria for useful medicine.  However, with it’s legal status constantly in limbo, cannabis has suffered from a lack of regulation and required testing as many elected officials hope that 75% of the country soon changes its mind and stops supporting medical marijuana.  That seems highly unlikely and our elected officials have chosen to ignore the safety of Americans in favor of outdated talking points and rhetoric.  Simply put, marijuana is here to stay, and providing safe medicine must be a concern.

Shedding more light on the problem is a recent study conducted in Colorado.  Dr. John Martyny of the National Jewish Health studied the findings from 30 grow operations in the Larimer and Denver areas.  The research indicated that certain grows had mold levels about 100 times higher than what is considered safe.  In some growing operations, the mold levels were too high to for their instruments to properly measure.  Dr. Martyny said “These are extremely high levels that we would consider dangerous.”  Fortunately, none of the growing operations studied were legal, giving at least some hope that Colorado medical marijuana patients are not breathing in high levels of mold.

However, there is evidence that even legal growers are not taking the proper precautions in preventing high levels of mold.  The Werc Shop also finds similar problems when conducting laboratory analysis, but unlike Dr. Martyny they DO test cannabis from legal dispensaries.  In a recent conversation with, Dr. Jeffrey C. Raber of the Los Angeles area lab said “We have had numerous secret shoppers find instances of mold and bacteria present at unacceptable, sometimes alarmingly high levels.”  The Werc Shop is one of the most well regarded testing laboratories and was responsible for much of the screening for the 2012 High Times Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.

Research shows that we may only be hitting the tip of the iceberg in regards to just how much potential medical marijuana holds.  However, as with any consumable product, improper testing and screening invites devastating side effects.  The high levels of mold found by both Dr. Martyny and Dr. Raber only highlight the need for regulation and testing.  The products created by large Pharmaceutical companies have to abide by FDA standards and a lack of regulation would not be accepted even for over the counter medicines.  As the national campaigns ignores this problem, it is up to patients and activists to demand for regulation, testing, and safety.

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Keep it Clean

impurities in pot

Purity of product is one of the most essential requirements of any medication.  To date, it is not something that has been overly emphasized for medical marijuana.  It’s a naturally occurring plant that grows in the ground; what could be wrong with it?  Well, usually nothing.  But that is no reason to assume that any crop is 100% pure cannabis.  So, what can go wrong with marijuana?  There are some naturally occurring problems that plague growers, like molds, fungus, and pests.  These strike during the growing process and can damage yields and potency of crops, but have minimal effects on users.  The other, more dangerous problems are those that are man-made.  The nefarious and artificial treatment of marijuana can be very dangerous and is popularly known as “laced weed.”  Both of these problems can be addressed through regulation and proper laboratory testing of marijuana.

The diseases that strike cannabis crops are usually detectable by the vigilant grower.  All diseases have symptoms, and the primary caretaker should know how to spot them.  Proper climate control is the key to maintaining crop growth.  Sometimes the plant’s environment will have a pH (acidity) imbalance and that can effect calcium intake, which severely impairs a plant’s life processes.  Calcium is key for proper osmosis within the plant’s cells, which is how plants take in energy and remove waste on a cellular level.  Growers will observe plants with yellow leaves or brown stalks, and these are indicators of imbalances in pH or nitrogen shortages.  Molds and fungus also strike at cannabis and must be treated immediately or else the crop will be lost.  Pythium is one such mold that leads to rot in the roots and stem.  Mold and fungus can be controlled with proper humidity.  And if a mold or fungus attack is spotted early enough, the effected plants can be removed or sometimes treated with fungicides.  However, be wary of treating plants with chemicals. They must be removed, or catalyzed before people can enjoy a safe product.

Pests can also be a big problem for growers, especially as grow operations continue to grow in size and complexity.  An unnoticed invader can easily spread and damage a whole operation.  One of problems with cloning operations is that all the plants in a crop will be identical. So, if one plant is susceptible to a pest or disease then all of them will be.  That makes it very easy for plagues to multiply across a garden in very short time.  Some pests that have been striking California growers include spider mites, white flies, and lice.  These bugs are small but they pack a punch.  But why do they attack our plants? For the sweet sweet sap, the plant’s life-blood.  The majority of these pests hide from the eye, underneath leaves but you will notice their presence.  They chew into the plant’s veins and suck out the sap.  This leaves white spots on leaves, buds and any affected area.  But there is good news for growers.  There are natural remedies for some of these killers.  Spider mites, identifiable by the webs they spin (and the fact they are spiders and not insects), are the favored snack of Phytoseiulus persimilis (Predator Mite). So, get a batch of those guys and a magnifying glass then you can watch as your enemies are eaten and destroyed!  White flies and lice can be treated with Assassinator wasps (awesome name) and Amblyseius cucumeris.  However, the most effective way to protect a crop is through proper climate control and sterile surfaces.  This prevents plagues and pests from finding their way to the plants in the first place.

By far the most notorious impurities in marijuana are those added to it by people, after it is harvested.  Manufactured drugs (cocaine, heroin, meth, crack) are routinely cut with impure chemicals to increase profit and decrease potency.  For years people have known that they can find sugar, baking powder, drano, other herbs, and even Crisco in their designer drugs (that’s if their drugs even have any of the real drug in it).  It doesn’t happen too often in the United States that laced marijuana makes it into the news.  Why would someone do that?  Sometimes a plant yields a weak potency (perhaps due to previously listed problems) or maybe a dealer wants to add weight to make it seem like a larger crop.  And sometimes, they’re looking to get users hooked on other drugs and use a sprinkle of coke or heroin to jump-start a smoker into a profit-bearing coke addict.  These are serious issues that can mean life or death for the unsuspecting cannabis user.  Marijuana effects people because the chemicals in it mimic those already in our bodies.  When foreign chemicals (pesticides, embalming fluids, meth) are inhaled the experience is much different and can be life-wrecking, even deadly.  The big problem for most people in this country, is that the majority of users must purchase their marijuana illegally from black market sources, and there is no accountability for purity from these suppliers.

The key to ensuring pure marijuana for patients is regulation and quality-control testing.  In states like California and Colorado where medical marijuana is legal, regulation is underway and patients have a communal voice that can call for enforceable standards.  In other states, patients have no way to ensure their products will be clean. All they can do is avoid known crop-adulterers and hope the next bag is clean.  The Werc Shop is one of the leading labs for cannabis control and testing.  They ensure that patients are getting 100% pure marijuana from their suppliers.  They test for anything that people should worry about. Their dedicated technicians spot spider mites, find fungi and fungicides, and sniff out poisons.  Also, they analyze and break down the chemical contents of the buds.  It helps patients figure out what to buy.  Some people want a higher CBD content for treating inflammation and pain.  Others want something with more THC to treat depression or anxiety.  And as research unfolds, letting us know which chemicals help treat which ailments, these “ingredients labels” will be a great aid for future treatments.

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Sexy Marijuana Advertisements at Odds With Medical Intent

sexy marijuana add

The majority of us understand probably the most excessively used cliché in marketing, the attractive lady putting on her bathing suit even when no lake is at miles.  Does she really result in the beer taste better?  Basically crack open a chilly you do a bus filled with her buddies appear to my otherwise lame bbq?  Customers ought to be cautious about firms that market the beautiful lady within the tangible product.

The medicinal marijuana market is going through this same problem presently departing advocates itching their heads.  Among benefits, medical cannabis offers discomfort relief, depression/ anxiety relief, and may open creative shops.  It definitely is not really a watered lower product that should constantly reinforce how cold or “Rocky Mountain Fresh” it’s.   Medicinal marijuana patients have sadly observed a lot of the main focus change toward social gratification becasue it is beginning.

If recent raids carried out by the us government are any suggestion, then your legal fight for medicinal marijuana is not even close to over.  The must operate legitimately to be able to show the patient’s needs are thought first.  A medicinal marijuana program is made to provide relief to patients who’re in need of assistance, to not glorify frat boy antics or to develop a quick profit.  While a lot of research signifies that medicinal marijuana is advantageous in lots of areas, a tainted product undermines it’s medicinal value.  The scantily clad lady who signifies much of the present marketing in the market may have the ability to lead towards the medical area by dealing with erection dysfunction, but it’s doing harm to medicinal marijuana if she’s directing the interest from more severe concerns.  Rather the main focus must be on mold, pesticides, cbd/thc levels, additionally with other growing and cultivation issues.  Labs concentrating in marijuana analysis for example The Werc Shop, can further the industry’s authenticity much much more than the usual cute face.

While support for medical cannabis is reaching new levels, most People in america likely support a business where candidates are correctly tested and really have issues that may be relieved with legitimate marijuana use.  We all like quite a face, but one that will browse the small print and it has a love for helping patients is much more attractive.

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The Importance of Medical Marijuana Testing Labs


We have grown accustomed to many safety nets in America. How many people really spend considerable thought about our food testing? The FDA regulates safety testing for food and drugs. Could we imagine food hitting the market without E.Coli screening? Without intense clinical trials, most Americans would feel very apprehensive about their pharmaceuticals.

With a new area of medication growing rapidly, the demand for lab testing in the medical marijuana industry will likely increase as well. Mold, pests, and insecticides are among the major safety concerns for medical cannabis cultivation. This is not the only function of the labs. While THC is a household name, many patients are concerned with another compound, CBD. This also is found in cannabis and has been known to bring relief for many medical ailments. Medical labs can test for this and help patients find strains that are tailored to their concerns.

While there have not been reports of widespread side effects from a lack of testing in dispensaries, it would only take one major incident to railroad the medical marijuana industry. Universal acceptance of medical marijuana will have to involve lab tests and safety assurance. Additionally, the increased lab presence in the industry could have a positive economic impact. The current labs would grow with new ones being needed to keep up with testing demands. Safety and affordability for meds is becoming vital as Americans continue to struggle financially. Lab tested medical marijuana could still satisfy both of these concerns.

The early stages of the food industry in the United States were not acceptable with few federal laws monitoring safety for food. States had some of their own laws, but the scrutiny needed to properly ensure food safety was simply not there. In 1906, due to food companies not creating the proper levels of quality control, President Theodore Roosevelt created the Food and Drug act. This, in turn, led to the eventual creation of the FDA. The medical marijuana industry should take note, and seek testing voluntarily (a number of the major dispensaries have already begun this) before a tragic event that devastates the industry.

For more information, see: | FDA History

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